Ad Tracking Possible Through Accelerometers, Researchers Claim

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Accelerometers are quite the engineering feat, allowing users to control various things on the software-end by simply moving around their handsets. However, researchers have found that accelerometers can also be used to track web usage in order to provide catered ads to users. Researchers at Stanford University have discovered a way to distinguish and track individual […]

Two U.S. Malls Now Tracking Shoppers Through Their Cell Phones


Two malls in the U.S., both operated by Forest City Commercial Management, have begun to track customers inside shops and stores effective Black Friday. The way the tracking works is through antennas placed around the mall where shoppers’ cell phones are then triangulated, providing retailers with anonymous geographic data. Tracking systems are already being implemented […]

Malls Plan to Track Black Friday Shoppers Via Cell Phones

Black Friday Mall Cell Phone Tracking

As you head to the mall on Black Friday, you may be surprised to see signs that the mall is tracking your movements throughout the stores. Malls in California and Virginia have posted signs throughout the mall, warning shoppers that their movements throughout the mall will be tracked on Black Friday. The two malls will […]

Females More Likely to Check Smartphones of Spouses and Kids

Smartphone snooping spouse

These days we keep all types of stuff on our phones, which has raised concerns about the government or hackers snooping on our calls, emails and travel history; but according to a new survey you should be looking at someone much, much closer. Retrevo found that your significant other is quite possibly checking your call history and […]

U.S. Government Conflicted on the Storage of Location Data on Smartphone


The recent Senate hearing related to user privacy and tracking information related to smartphones yielded more questions and shows a more confused American government where technology and civil rights are concerned than gave answers. The hearing, called by U.S. Senator Al Franken, was to discuss what cell phone users’ rights are and how that relates […]

iOS UDID ID Code Can Reveal Identity of iPhone, iPad Owners


By design, the UDID mechanism scheme that Apple employs for iOS hardware is a unique string of letters and numbers, much like a device’s unique serial number, that is used to anonymously identify iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. However, security researcher Aldo Cortesi discovered a flaw that can link an iOS device’s unique UDID back […]

State Farm iOS App Grades Your Driving Habits


Amidst all the hullabaloo about Apple tracking your location data comes word of an App from State Farm called Driver Feedback App that grades you on your driving habits using the GPS and accelerometer. State Farm swears up and down that it doesn’t collect any of the data. But the App does give you a […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 29th

Samsung Droid Charge

This week we saw a Verizon 4G LTE outage push back the Samsung Droid Charge, the release of new Dell Precision mobile workstations, release of the Droid Incredible 2 and much more. We also have a great roundup of Mother’s Day Tech Gifts that includes eReaders, smartphones and notebooks. This list includes Mother approved gifts […]

Apple Says They are Not Tracking You in Official Response

iPhone Tracking

Apple officially responded to the GPS tracking mess which received a lot of attention this week by saying they are not guilty and they will quit. Officially they say they are not tracking you in the Q&A posted on their press site. But since people are being creeped out they will quit. The first question […]

Tethering and Bottle Service: A Look at Entitlement & Data Plans

Bottle Service Tethering

Paying for a set quantity of something, say a bottle of Wine, and then being required to pay another fee to use it in a certain way, to drink it in the wine merchant’s tasting area, can be a bit annoying, but it’s a fact of life and you don’t see many people storming in […]

Predator Object Tracking Algorithm the Future of Computer Interface?

Predator Tracking Algorithm

I just saw a video demonstrating a new object tracking algorithm developed as part of a Ph.D project. Zdenek Kalal is a Czech student at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom. He demonstrated his amazingly accurate system which can track almost anything a camera sees once it is selected. It does some pretty […]

Proposed Law Requires Parental Permission Before Tracking Minors Online


While we had reported that the FTC had proposed a Do Not Track policy for Internet privacy, Demcratic representative Edward Markey from Massachusetts will be taking online privacy a step further with a proposal that’s targeted at minors. Markey, who used the analogy that “the Internet is like online oxygen” for many kids today, expresses […]