Intel and Nuance Bring Siri-like Voice Control to Ultrabooks


Users will soon be able to control Ultrabooks with a Siri-like voice control solution. Nuance, the makers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Dictate, powerful voice dictation applications for Windows and Mac, partnered with Intel to create a useful new tool that brings tightly integrated voice control to Ultrabooks, thanks to the Nuance voice recognition engine. While many people […]

Why the iPhone 4 Will Never Have Siri

Earsmart Siri iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S launched in October with the Apple A5 processor and Apple’s new digital assistant Siri. There was much speculation about why Apple didn’t include Siri on the iPhone 4, which was updated to iOS 5 at the same time. My original thought was Apple wanted to create price discrimination among the product line. […]

Nuance Offers Dragon Recorder for Voice Recognition Time Shifting

Dragon Recorder iOS App Icon

Nuance, the makers of the popular voice recognition software known as Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the Windows side, and MacSpeech Scribe and Dragon Dictate on the Mac side, have added a new app to their suite of voice recognition apps on the iOS platform called Dragon Recorder. This app, along with their others, could help those […]

Star Trek 45th Anniversary Technology Showdown

Star Trek Communicator

Today is the 45th anniversary of the day the first episode of Star Trek aired on CBS NBC. Over four decades later Star Trek and the movies and shows it spawned are some of the most loved science fiction media properties in America, and perhaps the world. Today several sites have pointed out how many […]

Apple May or May Not Be Buying/Partnering with Nuance for iOS


Speech recognition. Some think it is the holy grail of mobile computing. It just makes sense doesn’t it? You’ve got a device that you talk into for phone calls and you should be able to just talk to it and make it do what you want, right? But anyone who has ever looked seriously at […]

Google Gets Personal with Android Voice Search


A recent update to Google Voice Search on the company’s Android mobile platform brings some improvements to voice recognition. The update, now available as a free update or download on Android Market, will now allow users who opt in the opportunity for Google to learn their speech patterns, which will help with better voice recognition […]

Voice Actions for Google Android Introduced


Google’s introducing a new feature for Android devices called Voice Actions. With the press of a single button and a few spoken words, Android users can send messages, play songs, call contacts, send email, visit websites, create notes or navigate to a destination. The video demo below is pretty impressive, but your mileage will vary […]

Voice2Note for Evernote: Live Evaluation


Of the various note formats Evernote accepts, the one I use least is voice notes. They’re easy enough to create, but you just can’t skim through audio notes like text or images. Examining an audio note requires listening to at least part of it. One way around that problem is transcription, and that’s where Voice2Note […]

Dragon Dictation Comes to the iPhone


Dragon Naturally Speaking is one of the best speech solutions available for computing according to many. Nuance, the company behind Dragon Naturally Speaking, has now released Dragon Dictation for the iPhone, and several folks who have been in on the testing of it think it is a winner of a speech product for that mobile […]

Day 2 With Ford Escape Hybrid – Voice Recognition

My day 2 adventures with the Ford Escape Hybrid and SYNC found me experimenting with the voice recognition features — launching music, calling people, etc. I was quite pleased to learn that I didn’t have to set up any voice tags for my phone book because that would have been a big pain. Voice tags […]

Quick Update On Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Professional

After a few weeks’ worth of use, I must say I am continually impressed by Nuance’s latest offering of voice recognition software. Things have been slow going as I have been completely bogged down with school, but with sporadic use while watching television (with the sound low) and late-night use in bed, the Motion F5 […]