Verizon HTC Trophy Tango Update Rolling Out Soon

The HTC Trophy Tango update is close.

Good news for owners of the HTC Trophy on Verizon as it appears as though the Windows Phone Tango update is on the verge of rolling out. While Verizon has not sent word about the HTC Rezound Ice Cream Sandwich update, it has posted information on the HTC Trophy Windows Phone Tango update that will […]

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango update release date has been revealed. According to TMoNews, the Lumia 710 will be seeing the Windows Phone update 7.10.8773, otherwise known as Windows Phone Tango, arrive tomorrow. The carrier says that Microsoft will be pushing the update through July which means many Lumia 710 owners won’t […]

Windows Phone Tango Update Not Coming Until June?

Verizon Hints at aBig Push For Windows Phone

The next update for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, an update that has previously been dubbed Windows Phone Tango, reportedly will be rolling out in June. A report from Mi Movil Windows, courtesy of WPCentral, claims that the update will be officially rolling out to Windows Phone owners at the beginning of June. The update was […]

HTC Confirms Windows Phone Tango with Triumph in China


HTC is slated to launch the HTC Triumph, a variant of the HTC Titan, for the Chinese market. Though the Triumph will just be a re-badged hardware offering of a device that’s been available for some time now on AT&T’s 4G HSPA+ network with a massive 4.7-inch display, the device will be among the first […]

Microsoft Product Manager Tells Us About Windows Phone Tango and More

Windows Phone 7

Yesterday, we saw some of the new features that are coming in the next update to Windows Phone 7. We know there’s less RAM and better MMS, but there are some details that we didn’t know about until now. In an interview with PCMag, Microsoft Windows Phone senior product manager Greg Sullivan clarified that the new […]

What’s Next for Windows Phone: Better MMS, Less RAM

Windows Phone 7

A Mobile World Congress Microsoft quietly announced the existence of what we’ve been calling Windows Phone Tango. The update announcement came as an add-on to the announcement of the Nokia Lumia 610 which will take advantage of the new features. Some of those features will benefit all users, while others could result in some phones […]

Windows Phone Tango Screens Point to Better MMS, More Budget WP7 Devices

Windows Phone Tango leaked screenshots

Microsoft still isn’t talking about Tango, the alleged next version update for Windows Phone 7, but we’ve certainly been hearing a lot about it from other places. Windows Phone Tango will bring the mobile OS down to lower-end phones with less RAM, making it possible for more entry-level smartphones running Windows Phones. These new leaked images could […]

Nokia Lumia 900 for AT&T: Features, Release Date, Pricing

Nokia Lumia 900

While some phone manufacturers were fairly quiet at CES 2012 (we’re looking at you HTC), Nokia decided to take the stage front and center and announce its flagship Windows Phone device, the Lumia 900, a device that will be heading to AT&T’s 4G LTE network. It’s an exciting device to say the least. In fact, […]

Windows Phone Tango Update Set for Q2 2012, Apollo for Q4?

Windows Phone

We know that the next two updates for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform are codenamed Tango and Apollo, Apollo being the more substantial one of the two, but up until this week we didn’t have a clear view as to when they might be rolling out for device owners. Luckily, a leaked roadmap courtesy of WMPowerUser […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Rumor Roundup: Features, Release Date, Carriers

Lumia 900

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just around the corner in January, rumors are heating up about what, if anything, Nokia will be announcing at the show. We already know that the company will be launching its Windows Phone-powered Lumia 710 on T-Mobile in the beginning of January but whispers seem to point to another […]

Nokia Ace LTE Windows Phone Hitting AT&T and Verizon in Q1 2012?

Nokia Ace

Chalk this one up as pure rumor at the moment but according to WMPowerUser, the Nokia Ace has been tipped to be heading to both AT&T and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks in the first quarter of 2012. We had heard that it might possibly be coming to AT&T in the future but this is the […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone to Hit U.S. in Early 2012?

Nokia Lumia 900

A few weeks ago, we heard that Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone had yet to arrive. Well, it would appear that that device has been outed today as the Nokia Lumia 900, a phone that is reportedly scheduled to hit the United States at some point in early 2012. The Nokia 900 will apparently keep a […]

Nokia Toasts Windows Phone Tango OS With a Little Champagne


A new Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia was spotted in a leaked sats gathered from the “I’m a WP7!” app called the Nokia Champagne. Little is known about this device from Nokia except that it is running Windows Phone 7.10.8711, which is believed to be the OS number for Windows Phone Tango. Tango was rumored […]