If Microsoft Brings Xbox Live Games To iOS & Android, Can We Get Zune, Too?

Rumors are swirling around the possibility of Microsoft letting their precious mobile games out of the Windows Phone 7 gated community and into other neighborhoods. Specifically onto Android and iOS devices. Sparked by a leak to Business Insider and further fueled by a statement to Forbes that all but says Get your thumbs ready, kids! mobile gamers and Xbox addicts everywhere are salivating at the prospect.
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Zune 3.1 Update is Available

I have an old Zune 30 gig first generation that I am still holding on to because of the FM player. Last I had it out was when the 3.0 software came out. I'm just wondering how fast I should dust of the old thing and give it an update. The update adds a few games and some new 'social' features. Any readers out there Zune users? How's the update working out? My Zune seems to have been replaced by my iPhone...On another note, there was also a price drop that takes them lower than the iPod of similar storage. Sounds like a good move for stealing some sales for the holidays... Unless Apple counters.Prices are as followes: