Month: May 2013

The iPhone 5S could feature a higher resolution display with a narrower bezel, similar to the iPad mini.

iPhone 5S Release & Rumor Roundup

As WWDC 2013 approaches we don't expect to see a new iPhone 5S unveiled, but we are bearing down on a rumored iPhone 5S release date this fall. While we appr...
The white Nexus 4 has appeared in the U.S. today.

White Nexus 4 Now On Sale in U.S.

The white Nexus 4 has made an appearance on the Google Play Store today, and is now available at T-Mobile, revelations just a few days after it arrived on shelv...
iWatch concept shows how Apple Maps could look on an iWatch.

iWatch Apple Maps Concept Video

If you've wondered how the iWatch and Apple Maps could connect to help you get around, a new iWatch concept offers a glimpse at how the most important informati...