Windows Phone 8 Apollo Supports Competitive Higher Resolution Displays


Though there are some high-end Windows Phone 7 devices on the market today, like the Nokia Lumia 900 which has a premium build quality, 4G LTE network support, and a large display, those devices lack a high resolution display in a market and Retina Display era where pixels matter. According to the latest chatter, Microsoft’s […]

Image Possibly Outs Nokia Windows Phone with PureView

Nokia PureLambda

An image from a Lumia 800 running WP Bench shows four Nokia code names that could hint at future Nokia Windows Phone handsets. The image was first shared on My Nokia Blog, and it shows four Nokia smartphones with Greek names that we haven’t seen before. Those names include Nokia Phi, Nokia Pure Phi, Nokia […]

Microsoft Developer Evangelist Retracts Windows Phone 8 Statement

Lumia 900 Windows Phone's Savior

Over the past few days we’ve heard conflicting reports about Windows Phone 8 on current Windows Phones. The issue came from a Microsoft developer evangelist who said that all current phones will receive Windows Phone 8. Today that developer evangelist has retracted his statements. In an MSDN blog post, Nuna Silva admits that his statement was wrong. […]

Microsoft Pulls Back From Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Promise

Microsoft Pulls Back From Windows Phone 8 Upgrade Promise

Yesterday reported that Windows Phone 8 “Apollo” will be coming to all Windows Phone currently on the market. The trouble is, we don’t actually know if that’s going to happen. While developer evangelist Nuno Silva is comfortable saying that “all actual devices will get upgrade to the next major version of Windows Phone,” Microsoft isn’t willing to […]

Samsung: Windows Phone 8 in October With New Smartphone Models


While there were previously leaks about Samsung‘s efforts with the Windows Phone efforts with several new models this year, the company’s Taiwan arm confirmed that while there will be new Samsung Windows Phone smartphones coming, none will arrive before Microsoft releases its next-generation Windows Phone 8 software. Windows Phone 8 has been known and referred […]

Windows Phone 8 Apollo Shows Up In “I’m A WP7″ App

Windows Phone 8 I'm A WP7

While the average Windows Phone user is still working with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango or Tango, Microsoft is working on early builds of Apollo. Microsoft still won’t say much about the future update, but through the “I’m A WP7″ social app, we know that the company has some working builds running. WPCentral reports that Windows […]

Nokia Already Working on Windows Phone 8 Lumia Marketing?


While the Lumia 900, which is coming next week to AT&T’s 4G LTE network in the U.S., still isn’t available to consumers just yet with its Windows Phone 7.5 Mango OS, Nokia is already prepping for the next big thing from Microsoft. Codenamed Apollo, Windows Phone 8 is slated to be coming later this year […]

No Windows Phone for Verizon Until Windows Phone 8 (Apollo)?


Things are not looking good for me and other Verizon customers wanting to get their hands on a Windows Phone. It doesn’t seem like it will be happening any time soon. I didn’t really think I would have to pay up on my  “Windows Phone Tattoo Bet” that I put out there shortly before MWC, […]

Microsoft Could Be Testing Windows Phone 8 on Sprint

Windows Phone

At Mobile World Congress, Microsoft announced the Windows Phone “refresh” that allowed low-end Windows Phone to use lower-end chipsets with less RAM. There wasn’t much discussion of the high-end of the market. However, Microsoft is still working on the high-end, but the company just isn’t talking about it yet. According to The Verge, Microsoft is […]

Samsung the Latest Manufacturer to Confirm Windows Phone 8


After HTC had dropped hints of ushering new phone hardware with the arrival of Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo, earlier at Mobile World Congress, rival Windows Phone manufacturer Samsung is now offering similar hints of the impending next-generation Microsoft mobile operating system at the same trade show. Along with announcing that Windows Phone 8 will […]

HTC Confirms Launch Plans for New Phones With Windows Phone Apollo OS


Smartphone-maker HTC, which manufactures phones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android operating systems, confirms that it would be launching new smartphone hardware once Microsoft releases the next-generation of Windows Phone OS codenamed Apollo. Apollo, which some have been referring to as Windows Phone 8, will be a major OS revision for Microsoft as […]

Microsoft: Windows Phone 8 Backwards Compatible With Windows Phone 7 Apps


Microsoft’s own Brandon Watson had turned to Twitter to clarify any confusion by announcing, again, that Windows Phone 8, which is widely believed to be codenamed Apollo, will be compatible with apps designed currently for Windows Phone 7. Watson’s tweet comes as a response Eldar Murtazin’s tweet that developers would need to re-code Windows Phone […]

2012 Nokia Rumors: Tango, Apollo, Windows 8 Tablet Launch Dates


In what is reported as a tip to Nokia-centric blog My Nokia Blog, Nokia has an expansive product launch schedule for 2012 spanning both smartphones and tablets. The company had recently unveiled two debut Windows Phone smartphones at the Nokia World convention in October, and is presumably hard at work to introduce other devices in […]

One Blog Claims Hands-On With Unannounced Nokia Lumia 900


The Nokia Lumia 900, though unannounced, has been generating a lot of news lately as it’s anticipated to flagship Nokia’s Windows Phone lineup and be headed to both AT&T’s and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks in 2012. One blog,, has claimed that it had gotten some hands-on time with Nokia’s unreleased phone and its report […]

Telus Leak Reveals Multiple BlackBerry Models, Android Phones


Fall is shaping out to be a busy time of the year for Canadian wireless carrier Telus with multiple smartphone models coming from Samsung, Research in Motion, and Sony Ericsson. In addition to earlier leaks that pegged the iphone 5 for an October 1st launch on Telus, and the BlackBerry Bold 9900 debuting on August […]

Next-Generation BlackBerry Curve to Get Better Specs


A recent leak of Research in Motion’s consumer-centric BlackBerry Curve smartphone line reveals that the QWERTY-enabled smartphone will get updated specs that will make it competitive in the smartphone market. First, the screen has been improved. Moving from a QVGA experience, the updated Curve will sport an HVGA screen resolution, which was previously exclusive to […]