How to Delete Your Galaxy S6 Browser History

In addition to new software there is an improved fingerprint sensor to unlock the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Lately privacy is a growing and top priority for many smartphone users, especially when we use our devices for anything and everything. Devices like the Galaxy S6 are pretty secure with a built-in fingerprint scanner for a lockscreen, but that isn’t always enough. If you happen to own the Galaxy S6 and would like to […]

How to Delete Your Galaxy Note 4 Browser History

Stock up with these awesome Galaxy Note 4 apps.

These days privacy is a top priority for many smartphone users, especially when we use our devices for anything and everything. If you happen to own the Galaxy Note 4 and would like to learn how to delete or remove your browser history, we have you covered. Privacy should always be a top concern, and […]

How to Delete Browser History on Android


Privacy is becoming more and more of a concern these days, especially when we use our smartphones for anything and everything. One question we continue to get is how to delete or clear your browser history on an Android smartphone or tablet. There are many different reasons a user may want to delete their internet […]

How to Delete Your Galaxy S5 Browser History

Galaxy S5 Review - 13

Privacy is an ongoing issue and concern these days, especially when we use our smartphones for anything and everything. If you’re the proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and would like to learn to delete or remove your browser history, we have you covered. There are many different reasons a user may want to […]

How to Delete Your Internet Browser History

Browser History

There are many reasons to delete your internet browser history. No matter what reason you choose, here’s how to delete it and hide your tracks. First off, it’s important to note that your browser history and search history are two different things. This how-to guide will show you how to delete your browser history, but […]

How to Add a Bookmark to the Galaxy S5 Homescreen


Browsing the web is something many smartphone owners do on a daily basis, and there’s tons of different options or mobile browsers readily available. While the Galaxy S5 is one of the fastest smartphones around, there’s always way to improve or speed up the experience. Users that would rather not have to manually open Google […]

How to Add a Bookmark to the Galaxy S4 Homescreen


When it comes to browsing the web on our Android devices there’s tons of options readily available. From the stock browser, Google Chrome, Dolphin Browser and more. We all browse the web almost daily on our smartphones, but for those who’d rather not have to open the stock Galaxy S4 browser and type in that […]

Google Chrome for iOS 7 Brings Massive Improvements


Google has updated its Chrome browser to bring a laundry list of improvements as Apple is rolling out its iOS 7 software update for the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. The new app not only brings a visual design that’s more consistent with Apple’s iOS 7 design, but adds some new features as well, including […]

Apple Finally Brings iWork Suite to Windows Via iCloud


Thanks to the power of the browser and Apple’s iCloud, the Cupertino, California software-maker is now bringing its consumer-friendly Office competitor, called iWork, to Windows PC. iWork consists of three separate apps: Pages, which is the equivalent to Word for documents, Numbers, which is the equivalent of Excel for spreadsheets, and Keynote, the PowerPoint substitute […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Bug Could Cost You Money

The Samsung Galaxy S3 uses 3.5 times as much data on certain websites according to a new report.

A new Samsung Galaxy S3 bug could end up costing users money on their monthly bill thanks to an overactive built-in browser that is reportedly downloading more images than it needs. This bug, which is part of the built-in browser downloads more images than it should, resulting in higher data usage and longer load times […]

Google, Opera Dumping WebKit for New Blink Browser Standard


Google and Opera had announced that they will be moving their browsers away from the open source WebKit rendering standard to the new forked, Google-developed Blink standard in the future. The move would affect Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and the Opera browser. “This was not an easy decision,” Google writes in its blog. “We […]

Chrome for Android Will Match Version Number on Desktop in 2013


On a post on its own Google+ social network, Google has commented about the development of the Chrome browser on Android. One of the questions posed was when Chrome on Android would match the version number of Chrome on the desktop since the Android edition is now in build 18 while the desktop has Chrome […]

Samsung Developing Proprietary Galaxy Browser for Smartphones


Rather than using the stock Android browser of Google’s Chrome for Android, Samsung may have plans of its own in the browser space for future Galaxy smartphones. In a report on CNET, Samsung may be looking at developing its own proprietary web browser based on the open-source WebKit standard for its own Galaxy smartphones, and the […]

Yahoo Axis Aims to Be Center of Your Browsing on iPhone, iPad, PC & Mac


Yahoo jumped into the browser app game with Yahoo Axis. Axis is a search based web browser for iPhone and iPad, and is available on your computer through a browser add-in. In addition to providing an elegant search tool it also lets you synchronize your browser between your iPhone, iPad and computer’s browser. The iPhone […]

Chrome for Android Now Available for Android 4.0 Devices

Chrome for Android Beta

Today is a great day if you’ve been waiting for Google to release the beta of Chrome for Android because that is exactly what the company has done. After a long, long wait, Google has finally released Chrome for Android Beta, a browser that the company says is focused on two primary aspects. Speed and […]

Adobe Abandoning Flash for Android, Mobile Platforms


After along and acrimonious battle with Apple in trying to squeeze its Flash player, which is not only good for annoying Flash ads, but also for creating interactive websites and content, onto the iOS platform, Adobe had found a supporter and home in Android and RIM’s BlackBerry Tablet OS with the PlayBook. Now, it seems […]

iOS 5 Brings Major Browsing Speed Boosts to Safari

iOS 5 vs iOS 4 Performance

Now that iOS 5 is available, and being downloaded by millions of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users, we wanted to share one of the big areas of improvement — browser speed. While we have been talking about the speed of the iPhone 4S compared to the iPhone 4, for the past few days, this speed boost is available […]

Microsoft Claims People Don’t Use Tabs in Mobile Browsing


In justifying some of the changes made to its Mobile Internet Explorer browser–version 9–coming on Windows Phone 7 Mango, Microsoft did its research and finds that people don’t use tabs when browsing on a mobile device. With the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft moved the address bar on Internet Explorer 9 Mobile, hid […]

Google Maps Arrives for Mobile Browsers

Google Maps for Mobile Browsers

If you own an iOS or Android powered device, you probably find yourself using Google Maps pretty often. In fact, 40% of Google Maps usage is through mobile devices. Well, today, Google wants to make things easier for iOS and Android owners and it has released Google Maps for mobile browsers. Now when you enter […]