By 2020, iPhones Can Download Full HD Movies in 1 Second


While we’re still debating on who has the fastest 4G LTE network here in the U.S., South Korea is already looking ahead to the potential of 5G. Setting a budget of $1.5 billion and a 2020 deadline, the home of Samsung and LG will soon allow its citizens the capability of downloading a full movie […]

$5 a Day Offers AT&T Tablet Owners Instant 4G Gratification


For those users who find themselves infrequently needing cellular mobile broadband data, wireless carrier AT&T is offering a new plan that allows customers to purchase a day pass for just $5 for 4G LTE connectivity. The rate will give you just 256 MB of mobile data, but offers convenience and flexibility for those who find […]

Microsoft Bets on 4G LTE as Surface 2’s Savior for 2014


Can 4G LTE save the Surface 2? In addition to having announced the Surface 2, Surface Pro 2, and a slew of new Surface accessories, Microsoft will also be introducing a Surface 2 with 4G LTE connectivity, a first for the Microsoft-branded tablets. The 4G LTE-enabled Surface 2 would be launching in early 2014 according […]

With the Rise of Malware, Your Dumb Home May Be Safer Than a Smart Home


With the allure of simplifying your life by connecting your home to the Internet–with things like smart appliances, digital door locks, remotely accessible security cameras, and the ability to monitor and shut off your water or electricity from anywhere there is Internet connectivity–users should consider the unintended consequences of hacking. As consumers begin eyeing adding […]

Sprint HTC One LTE Connectivity Issue in Select Markets?

The HTC One is having some trouble pulling in a 4G LTE signal in pre-launch Sprint LTE markets, like in San Francisco, California.

It looks like the Sprint HTC One may have some troubles connecting to 4G LTE signal in areas where Sprint has not officially announced LTE rollout. I’ve read through several forums where users are having problems across the country in pre-release Sprint 4G LTE markets. I have been able to confirm that this may also […]

Outages: Is Verizon 4G Starting to Look Like BlackBerry


Verizon’s 4G LTE network is awesome when it works, yielding fast uploads and even faster download speeds. However, since the network launched, there have been periods of small intermittent outages at night and a few instances of longer outages that last for hours. Whatever the cause(s) of these outages, Verizon Wireless has in the past […]

Kindle Fire Users Experience Wi-Fi or Internet Connectivity Issues


Users of the Amazon Kindle Fire reported in Amazon’s forums that they’ve been having problems with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. The issues could have something to do with the way the Fire uses the Silk browser, which Amazon touted as a revolutionary way to speed up Internet surfing. The browser, unfortunately, hasn’t lived up to the […]

iOS 5 Killing WiFi Reception on Devices

ios 5 fixes wifi

Reports on Apple’s forums are coming in with users claiming WiFi woes when upgrading to Apple’s iOS 5, and the latest iOS 5.0.1 software update doesn’t seem to be helping matters either. Devices affected include the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, and potentially the iPod Touch. Users are reporting, according to Engadget, either […]

What’s Your Next Gadget’s Killer Feature?

killer features

Smartphones are evolving at a rapid pace, and as CES 2012 approaches, I’m excited to see what manufacturers bring to the event. In just 2 months, we’ll have a look at the devices that will attempt to make their mark on 2012. Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and hundreds of others will flood Las Vegas with new […]

Smartphone At Center of Always Connected Lifestyle [Infographic]

Infographic always connected smartphone use

It should come as no surprise that our smartphones take center stage in our connected lives, but you might be surprised to see that you aren’t alone in using your smartphone in bed, bath and beyond. In addition to the smartphone, this infographic covers the use of the web while at work and in class. As a […]

Microsoft Reaches for the Sky, Touches the Cloud with Windows 8


Microsoft has ambitious hopes and dreams for Windows 8, its next computing platform that’s designed not only to compete with the rising popularity of Apple’s mobile iPad tablet and the plethora of ARM-based Android slates, but also to mark the next generation of PC computing in a post-PC world. With declining PC sales, due in […]

5 Smart Watches: Smartphone Connectivity On Your Wrist

lunatik ipod nano watch

Since I first saw Dick Tracy use his famous communication watch I’ve wanted a connected watch. While the smartphone has taken away my need for a watch on a day to day basis there are some smart watches which might change this. These watches range from connected watches to designer iPod watches with color touchscreens, […]

Smartphones too smart for dumb networks?


Interesting article out of Ars Technica looks at “How smartphones are bogging down some wireless carriers”. Turns out the problem may not be capacity, but the way current smartphones, including but not limited to the iPhone, manage their connection to the network, as explained by a representative from UK carrier, O2.

Maybe the Internet IS Broken

It seems I may owe a partial apology to the doomsayers who claimed the Internet “died” the other week. No, you still were blatantly wrong as evidenced by the web’s rapid rebound after its “demise,” but the idea that the Internet is broken may not be entirely wrong. At least that’s the claim being made […]

US Broadband Statistics Prove that Statistics Can Mean Anything

Saul Hansell in the New York Times Bits blog managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Well, actually, he managed to do what just about anyone can do when it comes to massaging statistics and reports and numbers, (case in point the global economy), he managed to create a conclusion that may or […]