How to Get Free Data Added to Your Verizon Plan


Verizon’s Smart Rewards program has recently added the ability to use your reward points for extra data on your More Everything plan. Here’s how to do it. If you haven’t heard of Verizon’s Smart Rewards program, it’s essentially the carrier’s own loyalty program of sorts, where you earn points for paying your bill, upgrading your […]

Verizon Launching 250MB Shared Data Plan for $20 Per Month


For customers who don’t use a lot of data (or maybe they’re just around WiFi hotspots most of the time), Verizon is launching a new 250MB tier that will be added to the bevy of options of Verizon’s Share Everything plans. The 250MB tier will launch today and will cost $20 per month in addition […]

Sprint Framily Plan Encourages You to Befriend Strangers to Save Money


Sprint’s newly announced Framily Plan at the Consumer Electronics Show is an interesting concept that mixes the best ideas from personal plans and family plans. Unlike traditional family plans, each member of the Framily plan–up to ten customers are allowed total on a single plan–would be responsible for their own bill, which is sort of […]

Tablets to Benefit Most From T-Mobile’s UNcarrier Plans


T-Mobile had announced its UNcarrier plans at a media event in New York City yesterday morning, separating a customer’s network access contract-free subscription for voice and data access from monthly installment plans to purchase their smartphones or tablets without the need for contracts or subsidies. Essentially, this translates to a customer having two separate portions […]

Lured by Competition, Sprint Begins Trialing Shared Data


Sprint, a long-time U.S. proponent of unlimited data, has announced that it will begin offering shared data plans to customers in limited channels. The carrier will continue singing about the merits of unlimited, un-throttled data to customers in the consumer market, but Sprint is now offering a limited-time trial of shared data plans for small […]

Onavo Count Brings Windows Phone 8’s Data Sense to iPhone


iPhone users who watched Microsoft’s unveiling of Windows Phone 8 may have noticed an enviable feature called Data Sense, which tracks cellular data usage by apps. Thanks to Onavo, data tracking introduced by Microsoft’s data sense can now be experienced on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad. With mobile carriers Verizon Wireless and AT&T […]

Sprint Announces More Affordable 4G LTE Tablet Data Plans

Screen Shot 2012-10-24 at 6.37.07 PM

Hot on the heels of Sprint announcing that it will in fact be supporting Apple’s newly unveiled fourth generation iPad and the more diminutive iPad Mini, both with 4G LTE connectivity, on its network, the Now Network has just announced new data plans for 4G LTE connected tablets. These plans won’t be specific to iPads […]

T-Mobile Mandates New Smartphones with 2 GB Minimum Data Plan


T-Mobile USA has made some changes to its data plan requirements for smartphone activations requiring that new smartphones activated on or after October 10 be paired with a 2 GB data plan or higher. In the past, T-Mobile USA had offered a 200 MB data plan, but given the ease of consuming vast amounts of […]

Americans Paying More for 4G LTE Connectivity Than Europeans


According to a report commissioned by the GSM Association (GSMA), the consortium of GSM carriers that’s also responsible for shows like Mobile World Congress, Americans are paying much more for 4G LTE service than Europeans do. Citing reasons as lack of competition and how service is packaged in the States as reasons, the GSMA finds […]

Android Smartphone Users Consume Less Than 1 GB of Mobile Data


With 4G LTE speeds enabling smartphone users to do more on their devices and American wireless carriers capping the use of those devices with tiered and metered data plans, many U.S. smartphone users are concerned about their mobile data usage when connected to a 3G or 4G network. It turns out that for many users, […]

Most Smartphone Users Consume Under 2 GB of Mobile Broadband Data


Though many users and members of the media have been meeting AT&T’s and Verizon’s shift to finite and shared data plans in recent months, consumer behavior indicates that those plans may be more cost effective to users. In a recent survey conducted by NPD research, it appears that many smartphone users are consuming under 2 […]

T-Mobile Introduces Truly Unlimited Data Plans


While T-Mobile has been marketing its current 3G and 4G data plans as unlimited, there is a small catch in that after a certain amount of usage–you decide how much that is based on your data plan selection and amount you’re willing to pay per month–your speeds would get throttled to slower 2G EDGE speeds, […]

AT&T Readying Rollout for Shared Data Plans


Following the lead of Verizon Wireless in offering shared data plans, it looks like AT&T may be prepping its own plans to allow customers to have multiple devices share in the same monthly data allotments. Also known as family data plans and family share plans, these plans would essentially do for data what family voice […]

Verizon Tablets No Longer Available On-Contract

Tablets like the Xyboard are no longer available on-contract.

With the introduction of its shared data plans, Verizon no longer will offer its tablets at subsidized prices meaning those interested in snagging one will have to pay an arm and a leg. First noticed by SlashGear, Verizon’s tablet selection online no longer lists any subsidized pricing. Instead, all of its tablets are listed at […]

Verizon Kills Data Usage Widget Ahead of Shared Data Plans

Verizon will kill the data usage widget ahead of its data plan changes.

Verizon has decided to kill off its Data Usage Widget just days before the launch of its new Share Everything data plan launch. Android Central is reporting that users on Verizon will start seeing a lengthy message from the carrier that indicates that they will receive an update to My Verizon Mobile that will remove […]

How to Keep Your Unlimited Data Plan on Verizon


On June 28th, Verizon will introduce its new Shared Everything Plans which will offer customers a shared bucket of data for up to 10 devices. It will also mark the beginning of the end of grandfathered unlimited data plans on Verizon. However, that doesn’t mean that those with a grandfathered unlimited plan will be forced […]

Data is Not Data is Not Data on Verizon’s New Shared Data Plans


To preface this post, I’ll start by saying that I think Verizon’s shared data plans is a step in the right direction and makes it more affordable for consumers to connect to the Internet in the post-PC era since unlimited data plans ended. Rather than paying for entirely separate and expensive data plans for each […]

AT&T: Data-Only Plans for Phones Coming by 2014


AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has said that data-only plans for phones could arrive within the next 24 months. According to Yahoo!, Stephenson made the remark at the Sanford Bernstein investor conference in New York saying that he’d “be surprised if, in the next 24 months, we don’t see people in the market place with data-only […]