Hector Gomez Discovers another iPad Stylus Alternative

YouTube - iPad Stylus Show Down

Like me, Hector Gomez is on the lookout for a good stylus solution for the iPad. It looks like he might have found one from Targus. You can see it in action from the video below. He picked it up at his local Best Buy. Here’s the Best Buy link. Like the Boxwave Stylus it […]

Noterize Aims for OneNote Like Note Taking on iPad

Pastebot 2010-07-29 10.23.35 AM 4

After writing up a four month look back at some of the Apps I’ve been using on the iPad and another on the dreaded sytli I’ve been testing and using, GBM reader Jim, pointed me to a recently released App, called Noterize. I’ve been doing some initial testing of the App this morning, and depending […]

iPad Stylus Query


In yesterday’s post about my 4-month experiences with the iPad I mentioned I had ordered another stylus or two (I know right, the dreaded stylus, I’m such a FAIL). GBM reader Gerardo asked in the comments which ones. I’ll list both of them below, along with the three I’ve tried and worked with. First the […]

Pen Ultimate Upgrade Makes Ink Note Taking Easier on iPad

Pastebot 2010-07-02 11.37.17 AM

Cocoa Box Design, the developers of the iPad App, Pen Ultimate (iTunes link) have pushed out an update (v 1.2) that makes digital inking for note takers easier. I’ve written about Pen Ultimate before and Hector Gomez has provided us with a video of it in action. Essentially, the folks at Cocoa Box Design have […]

Pressure Sensitive Inking on iPad

Pressure Sensitive Sketching on iPad Demoed - Mac Rumors

TenOneDesign is teasing us with something that might never be. In the video below you can see them using a PogoSketch stylus to Ink on an iPad. Yes, there’s Palm Rejection, but unfortunately the algorithms involved from the InkLet product take advantage of private frameworks and Apple usually rejects Apps that do this as they […]

The iPad Two Months In and One Show Opened


It is a little over two months since I got my hands on the iPad (WiFi model). I did an update 1 month in and while this two month update may be a few days late, it is only because we’ve been working hard to open Wayside Theatre’s season opening production of Shenandoah. That happened […]

Video of iPad Inking with Penultimate

YouTube - Penultimate Review

As promised, Hector Gomez put up a video of Inking on the iPad with Penultimate. Here it is. Thanks to Hector for doing this. Like I said in my earlier post it is all about the timing of how the stylus and hour hand interact with the screen.

Chris Davies on Why the Stylus Isn’t Dead


Chris Davies of SlashGear has penned a post on why he thinks the stylus and Digital Inking isn’t dead. Leaping off from Steve Jobs’ famous quote, “It’s like we said on the iPad, if you see a stylus, they blew it.” Chris does a good job of distinguishing between what an active digitizer and stylus […]

Artist Creates Pad for Inking on iPad


We’ve heard of gloves, we’ve heard of socks, we’ve heard of all kinds of things that allow Inkers and artists to work with Digital Ink on the iPad. Now we’re seeing someone try to make some hay out of this. John Basberg has artists in mind with the design of his Artist’s Pad. It essentially […]

Who Says Folks Don’t Want Inking on the iPad?


Some say that no one wants Inking on the iPad. Looks like quite a few folks are at least interested in trying it out based on what’s hot and what’s top grossing in the App Store. Penultimate (iTunes link) has only been available since April 16, so that’s four days and already it occupies the […]

The GBM iPad Series: Stall Surfing and the iPad


I know some folks think I’m crude when I post and remind them that there is such a thing as Stall Surfing. You know, surfing the web while sitting on the throne. But the truth is, more people than are willing to admit do so. Smartphones made this practice, though still cloaked in subterfuge, even […]

A Breath of Fresh Air for Pen and Digital Inking Fans


In a time where those who see and recognize the value of pen and digital ink, might liken themselves to Don Quixote titling at windmills, Michael Gartenberg has penned a piece on Engadget talking about the Microsoft Courier that offers a breath of fresh air. Coming after a week of iPad frenzy, wherein Steve Jobs […]

Auditioning Actors: A Market for a Tablet and Software Solution

Screen shot 2010-02-13 at 10.19.49 PM

Tonight at Wayside Theatre we open a rock and roll party called Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. Tomorrow I start a week of auditions. No rest for the wicked. Monday and Tuesday I’m in Washington DC for two days of auditions. I’ll see 200 or so actors in the company of about 30 other theatres. […]

Snow Day Thoughts on the iPad: The Perfect “Wait and See” Device

iPad v. A Rock

A snowstorm that wasn’t supposed to hit our area that hard, hit us harder than expected. With the unusually cold weather in our area it created quite a bit of havoc.  We had to cancel two performances of The Buddy Holly Story at Wayside Theatre today.  After dealing with disgruntled customers and getting our response […]

Apple Patent Hints at Inking for Mythical Apple Tablet


If you’re a fan of Inking on a Tablet PC, this might (or might not) make you get a little excited about the mythical Apple Tablet. It appears that Apple filed a patent in July 2009 that just became public that talks about using a stylus, digital ink, and handwriting recognition. Upon the occurrence of […]