YotaPhone Now on Sale in Russia and Europe


The crazy, dual-screened smartphone known as the YotaPhone is now on sale in Russia and in a few countries in Europe. Folks in Russia can buy the new device for 19,980 rubles ($602) and Europeans can grab it for €499 ($676). The YotaPhone will launch in more countries early next year, but availability is still in question […]

Onyx EINK Android Smartphone Boasts Week-Long Battery Life


Move over Motorola with the Maxx series (Droid RAZR Maxx, Droid RAZR HD Maxx) smartphones as Onyx International’s new EINK Android smartphone with an e-ink display will last on a single charge for up to a week. The company’s phone uses screen technology that’s more typically found on e-book readers, such as the Amazon Kindle […]

Paperwhite is the Amazon Kindle’s Retina Display

Kindle PaperWhite Screen Tech

Today Amazon announced the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, a new member of the Kindle eReader family with a vastly improved screen. Just like with a tablet, the display is a major factor in how good the device is, and Amazon is striving to set the bar for eReader displays just like Apple set the bar for […]

Amazon Lowers Price on Kindle and Kindle Touch

Kindle and Kindle Touch

Amazon announced their new lineup of Kindle eReaders with a new Kindle Paperwhite, while lowering the price of their simple Kindle and Kindle Touch eInk ebook readers. They discounted the older models much like Apple does with their previous generation devices like the iPad 2 at a $100 off. Amazon dropped their prices by $10 making […]

Hands-On: $139 Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight (Video)

Nook Simple Touch With GlowLight

Today Barnes and Noble announced their new Nook eReader, which is strikingly similar to the “old” Nook eReader. The updated model adds a new feature that aims to solve the last major problem with eInk eReaders: you need a light if you want to read in the dark. The new Nook adds a feature dubbed GlowLight which lights up the eInk display with an adjustable, easy-on-the-eyes light that is bright enough to read by but not enough to disturb someone next to you.

Amazon Ready to Launch Color E-Ink Kindle Touch Readers?


Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has ordered color e-ink panels from E Ink Holdings. The 6-inch color e-ink panels could potentially make it into the next generation Kindle Touch e-readers, which would be the first e-ink readers from Amazon to feature a color display. Though Amazon has the Kindle Fire tablet, based on Google’s Android […]

Video: Amazon Kindle Touch Hands-On – Not So Different From The Nook?

Kindle Touch

It’s hard not to compare the new Kindle Touch introduced today to Barnes & Noble’s Nook Touch or even the Kobo Touch, both of which came out this spring. Amazon’s offering doesn’t bring much that’s new to the table except the Kindle experience in a sleeker package. However, Kindle fans will probably like this just […]

Is the Future 1,000 Hour eInk Devices?


Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was at the D8 conference pushing his company’s Mirasol Display. Like other eInk solutions, Mirasol Displays sip power at a much slower rate than the displays we find in most devices today. In fact, LaptopMag is reporting that Jacobs said devices with a Mirasol Display could help devices run 10x to […]

Companies Aiming for Color and 3D for eBook Readers


Some have summarily dismissed stand alone eBook readers as headed for the recycle bin now that the iPad has begun the Tablet/Slate revolution. To some I guess that makes sense. Why have a stand alone device that reads only in black and white when you can read those same eBooks in color on a device […]

Entourage eDGe Reviewed


For those who absolutely want to hear some other kind of Tablet/slate/eBook news other than the iPad, here’s one for you. CrunchGear has posted a review of the enTourage eDGe dual screen device that “defies classification” with its eInk screen opposite its Android powered Netbook. This device is one that many have their eyes on […]

enTourage eDGe Delayed and Prices Bumped

enTourage eDGe™ Store - enTourage eDGe

The enTourage eDGe eBook Reader/Netbook combo is going to be delaying shipping by a month and looks like it has a slight price bump as well. Shipping is now listed as March 2010, which backs it up about a month. The price for a Midnight Blue colored version is now $499 up slightly from $490. […]

Pixel Qi Getting Screens Ready for “Specialized Tablets”


Pixel Qi (the Qi is pronounced chee) is getting ready to see its screens hit the market in what they are calling “specialized tablets” with multi-touch.  The screen technology provides both a color LCD and an eInk view that makes it readable in direct sunlight. Now word yet on what devices these will be unveiled […]