Kakai now Kno, debuting tablet at D, per those in the know


Stealth start-up Kakai has changed their name to Kno (like “know” as in understanding and learning and stuff, get it?), and according to Kara Swisher at All Things Digital, they’ll be showing off their secret project, possibly a tablet, at the D: All Things Digital conference.

Kindle 2.5 knows what you like, suggests it to others


Good news, bad news bubbling up over a new feature in the Kindle 2.5 software. Good news is your Kindle backs up your notes and highlights to Amazon’s servers. Bad news is Amazon analyzes that data – your data – to suggest passages to others.

New foldable dual-screen tablet on the way?


Word out of AllThingsD is that a stealth startup (man, those things are common nowadays) called Kakai is working on a new tablet device that’s described as “a Kindle for Students and Much More” allowing for gesture control and a variety of note-taking abilities.

Kobo eReader looks quite compelling


Kobo, the company that already delivers eBooks on a variety of platforms, including the iPhone, has released their own eReader device. While it’s not the most feature-packed gadget, lacking 3G for example, its approach focuses on experience and offers some unique design choices to provide a compelling one.

Alex eReader Compared to the Nook on Video

Alex eReader

Our friend KT Bradford from Laptop Mag posted a video walkthrough of the Alex eReader and compared it to the Nook eReader. Spring Designs won a Best of Show award from Laptop Mag at CES 2010 for the Alex eReader and KT told me that she’s very excited about the device. As Amy pointed out […]

Samsung pen-enabled eReader launches in South Korea


The new wave of eReaders with pen input has started to trickle into the market, at least in South Korea. There, Samsung has introduced their SNE-60K 6″ eReader with wifi connectivity and pen input via active digitizer.

Whoa! BeBook Neo eReader knows pen input


The more I think about it, the more pen input on a eReader makes sense. They’re supposed to function like real books. Pens and pencils are used to mark up real books. Ergo, eReaders should have pen input. Clearly the folks at Endless Ideas agree with that logic, as demonstrated by the BeBook Neo, their […]

enTourage eDGe to launch with DataViz Documents To Go


The dual-screen eReader/tablet enTourage eDGe appears to be headed in a more business-oriented direction with the addition of DataViz Documents To Go to its included software. The enTourage eDGe merges an e-paper and LCD screen to create a dual-screen device that combines the functionality of an e-reader, tablet netbook, notepad and audio/video recorder and player […]

CES 2010: 14 second with jetBook


Okay, I tried to spend some time with each of the hot eReaders at CES, but there were plenty of others on display, more than I could possibly spend time with. So I decided to pick one other to check out and the one that caught my eye was the jetBook. Unfortunately, I had burnt […]

CES 2010: QUE, the All-Business eReader

The QUE is a stunning eReader. If I had the resources, I’d pick one up today. But if you’re on a budget like me, it is so not for you. Price point for the 3G version is $799. Absolutely crazy for a personal eReader, but it’s not built for personal use; it’s built for high-powered […]

CES 2010: Finally met the enTourage eDGe


I’d seen it on the first day. Handled half-functioning units at other booths. But not until my last day (and first full day on the floor) did I get a full demo of the enTourage eDGe, the eReader I’d been eyeing since learning there was a Wacom Penabled digitizer beneath that e-ink screen. Really hoped […]

CES 2010: eReader orgy

Finishing my first full day on the show floor. One thing I need to get off my mind before I forget is the absurd number of companies making eReaders. Had to narrow down the choices to a select few.

CES 2010: Alex eReader rocks two screens and Borders books


Lot of activity around the Alex eReader from Spring Design today. I was invited over to check it out, along with offerings from several other vendors, at a luncheon. Before I could get there, I was hit with the official press release (posted in full after the jump). It’s a dual-screen system running Android, similar […]

First nooks reaching customers

A tipster and commentors at Engadget are reporting their pre-orders for the Barnes & Noble eReader, nook, are being fulfilled. The initial impressions seem less than sterling with mention of laggy e-ink, though in fairness, that’s a common criticism of e-ink in general. Two other tidbits are that in-store browsing is limited to an hour […]

Time Inc’s Tablet Project


Terry McDonell, the editor of Sports Illustrated, showed TechCrunch and others a demo of Time Inc’s “Manhattan Project,” a system to bring magazines into the digital age. The system, complete with swipe control to turn pages, is designed with tablet systems in mind and will likely be ported to devices other than the HP Tablet […]

Kindle gets HUGE battery boost and true PDF support

In a demonstration of the power of software, Amazon has announced they can extend battery life on the new Kindle (presumably the Kindle 2, though that’s not spelled out) by a whopping 85% via a firmware update. The boost applies with wireless turned on, cranking it from four days to seven. With wireless turned off, […]

Need a nook for the holidays? Shoulda pre-ordered


Here I was thinking a major advantage of the nook, the not-yet released eReader from Barnes & Noble, was going to be the ability to try it out in their bookstores before buying. That may not be as important as I thought since one month into pre-orders, it’s already too late to expect to receive […]