GMail Now Has Offline Mode with Gears


Maybe this explains while GMail has been so flaky of late. Google has finally added (although it is still experimental) and offline mode to GMail using its own Google Gears. You’ll have to flip the switch in the Google Labs section of your settings and this looks like another phased rollout as I don’t see […]

Gmail Adds TXT – Again


Gmail has just added the ability to do text messaging from the chat window.  Text messaging was actually supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but was pulled at the last second because of a glitch.  I tried it out with Warner and it seemed to work just fine now – when he replied, […]

Google Adds Tasks to GMail


Google continues to tinker with GMail (and of late, I continue to have sporadic issues with GMail) and now they’ve added a module to allow you to create and manage Tasks. Basically you click and type and add a Task and you’re all set. You can add the feature through Settings/Labs (as you do with […]

GMail Stickers


I’ve never been a sticker fan, but maybe others are, and if that’s the case, and you’re also a GMail fan this might be on interest. Some folks at Google created GMail stickers and once others outside of the Google enclave started seeing them a demand was created. So, they created more and, as it […]

GMail has Themes


I was just granted access to the new Gmail Themes.  I am really enjoying what I see, it’s great to have something a little different to look at while reading your mail.  In the past I had been using Better Gmail from Lifehacker, but now I can change it up even more.  Currently I am […]

Tableteer’s Lament: No Ink in the Cloud for Emails


I don’t ink emails very often. But when I need to, it is a blessing to have that option. Whip out the pen, scribble a quick response and send it off. But the more and more that I transition away from my traditional methods of email correspondence to using GMail as my standard, the further […]

Google Unveils GMail for Mobile 2.0 for Mobile Devices

If you’re a Blackberry user or your phone supports J2ME, and you use GMail, then you’ll be smiling today. Google has updated GMail Mobile to version 2.0. They’ve bascially rebuilt the entire client and focused on making it a speedier and more reliable mobile mail experience. Here’s what they are touting as being new: Overall […]

Google Introduces Canned Responses to GMail


Do you receive a emails that all need the same type of reply? I do. I use ActiveWords to quickly enter the reply in most of those and then send the email away. Now Google has introduced GMail Canned Responses through its Google Labs. If you turn on the feature in GMail, then you can […]

Importing an Outlook Distribution List to Gmail


One the things that plagues users making a transition from Outlook to Gmail is what to do with their Outlook Distribution Lists. I know this was a problem for me when I was testing Gmail earlier in the year — I just couldn’t figure out a way to get all of those email addresses in […]

Outlook and Gmail Go Head to Head

If you’ve been having trouble deciding between Outlook with hosted Exchange and Gmail, then you need to read Lifehacker’s head-to-head to comparison. It is one of the most thorough reviews I’ve read in quite a while. Jared Goralnick does a really good job comparing different features, addresses mobile users needs, hosted Exchange, and brings out […]

Great Gesture Support in Gmail via Gmail Labs

Now, this is AWESOME! I just noticed Gmail Labs show up in my Gmail settings. So, I clicked through and turned on a new lab feature called Mouse Gestures. Basically, by pressing your pen button or mouse right button you can navigate through your emails: right to go to the next conversation, left to the […]

Better Gmail 2 Adds Great Gmail Skin

I’ve been using FireFox for my main browser for a while now and have been happy with most everything about the browser.  One feature that has really helped the transition (because of my ‘day job’) is the IE Tab extension.  That allows me to have about everything I use daily work properly. I also have […]

Getting Things Done with Gmail and Firefox

We have many readers who follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology for task, project, and email management. I’ve read his book several times, and also enjoy corresponding with good friend and GBM reader Eric Mack, who is a well-known productivity and GTD consultant. Well, I just read a post over on Web Worker Daily […]