Google Play Cyber Monday Deal Offers 100 Bestselling Books 75% Off

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With all sorts of Cyber Monday deals happening for smartphones, Xbox games, and even the iPad, Google’s joined the fun with plenty of discounts for Android smartphone and tablet users. Not just apps and games, but 100 bestselling books too. Kicking off Cyber Monday Google’s announced plenty of different deals, but most are little apps […]

Download Google Books For Offline Reading In Google Chrome

Google Books Chrome App - Offline Availability

Google has finally made offline eBook reading available via their Chrome web app. Now users can save the books for offline reading right in the browser and not have to worry about having an Internet connection in order to access them. For some reason it’s taking Google a really long time to get their act […]

What’s Your Preferred eBook Experience?


eBooks and eReaders are big deals these days and about to become a bigger deal with the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color 2 going head to head in mid-November. And don’t forget Amazon has a range of devices to offer. While we’ve been able to read eBooks on digital devices for quite some time […]

Google Books Makes It Back to the App Store Complying With Apple


Well, whadda ya know? Looks like Google made the necessary changes to its Google Books App for Apple’s App Store obeying Apple’s rules about in-App purchasing and subscriptions. You’ll notice that like Amazon and Barnes & Noble’s Nook App, an updated version is now available in the App Store. I am still wondering this from […]

Is Apple Using Harry Potter to Strong-Arm Google?

jobs and potter

Apple has made it very clear that, as rulers of the iOS kingdom, they are going to own the entire economy. As 9to5 Mac reported, Google Books has vanished from the iOS AppStore – and any old Muggle can figure out why. Google Books, incidentally, is set to become the sole platform for the upcoming […]

First Google eBooks Reader Set to Launch


With the tablet market (or, as some would call it, the iPad market) getting most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the eReader wars. The Kindle is still the most famous, but Barnes & Noble’s recent reboot of the Nook (along with the tablet hybrid Nook Color) has been turning a lot of heads as […]

Google Updates iOS Google Books App

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Google has released an update to its iOS Google Books App . It is a universal App and the features mentioned in the update include landscape mode for the iPad, easier access to the Google eBooks Store, 3D page turning  on the iPad with iOS 4.3 running, and speed improvements as well as other under […]

Now What Do I Do With This New Tablet I Got for Christmas?


So, you got your wish and got a Tablet for Christmas. Perhaps it’s an iPad, or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or maybe some other Tablet/Slate. No matter, I’m sure you’re already up and running. You’ve pinched and zoomed, you browsed the web, you’ve probably listened to a bit of music and watched some video, […]

eBook Store Wars Bring Back Memories and Offer Choices


Back in the days that I lived in Chicago it was a free fire zone in the Book Store wars. Downtown Chicago was certainly the centerpiece but in the area where I lived around Clark, Diversey and Halsted streets it was also full of action. Most of the book stores had a location in my […]