5 Features Missing From the iPhone 5 and Why I Carry Multiple Smartphones


Those who know me tease that I carry multiple smartphones needlessly when I already own the iPhone 5, one of the most coveted consumer smartphones of today. However, the reason that I carry more than one smartphone is because the iPhone 5–a powerful smartphone–still is lacking some features that I demand of a smartphone to […]

Google Now Search Wiz Headed to Chrome Browser?


It looks like the Android-based digital and search assistant known as Google Now may be headed over to the web via Google’s Chrome browser. Thus far, Google Now has been an Android-specific feature being available for Android 4.1 devices and higher. The move would make Google Now become available to more users, including those on […]

LG Nexus 4 Review Roundup

LG Nexus 4

The LG Nexus 4 goes on sale on November 13 in the Google Play Store, but reviews for the new pure Android phone are now online, and they almost universally praise the device. The Nexus 4 uses the new quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, making it one of the fastest phones on the […]

Google Now Updated to Include Pedometer Card


Google’s intelligent search app, Google Now, for Android smartphones and tablets now include an intelligent pedometer app that tracks your distance and knows how far you’ve walked. The updated card should automatically begin appearing on Android devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later and joins cards for weather, nearby restaurant suggestions, and other related search […]

Google Now for iPhone Arrives Before Most Android Phones

Google Now for iPhone beats Android

Google Now for iPhone, formally known as Google Search, is available on Apple’s smartphone before 98% of Android smartphones. Today Google delivered an updated version of Google Search, an iPhone app that now offers Google Now functionality to iPhone users. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app free of charge and start using the […]

Google Now Update Adds Sports Scores, Movie Times, and Public Alerts


Google just recently updated its Google Now search utility for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphones to add new functionality. Google Now now incorporates the latest real time sports scores updates once you’ve told Google your favorite teams, movie times that populate when you’re within reach of a cinema, and also public alerts in your area […]

Google Now Will Play Nice With S-Voice and Other Assistants

Google Now

Google Now is the star of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, much like Siri was the highlight of IOS 5 on the iPhone. Phones and tablets running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are able to search with Google Now and show alerts based on past searches and activities. In many ways Google Now is a smarter search […]

Google Adding Jelly Bean-like Voice Search To iOS App

Google Search Voice Search

Google is adding a new Jelly Bean feature to the Google Search app for iPhone and iPad. Google announced the new feature on the Official Google Blog. The new feature acts just like the new Voice Search function in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but it does not include Google Now. With the new Enhanced Voice Search […]

The Nexus 7: Google Has a Game Changer


Most folks who follow my mobile and Tablet blogging here know that I really enjoy the iPad experience. Some (including my wife) say I enjoy it far too much. I’ve owned every edition since the original. Contrary to what the platform zealots believe, I’ve always been eager to take a look at what else comes […]

How to Open Google Now From Anywhere on the Nexus 7

Google Now Card

Google Now delivers instant access to information, Google search requests and handy information cards on the Nexus 7. The Google Now app can be launched from the lock screen or from the search bar, but it’s even easier to open Google Now from inside any app on the Nexus 7 with a simple gesture. Read: Google […]

60+ Google Now Voice Searches and Actions (Video)

Google Now is a new search tool for Google’s Android 4.1 operating system, delivering important information to users as they need it and allowing for a number of voice actions and searches. The Google Now app is still in beta, so not every voice action works, but there’s no need to install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on […]

Siri Tested Against Google Now (Video)

Google Now

After Google announced its new Google Now feature as part of Jelly Bean, the comparisons to Siri were inevitable. Jelly Bean hasn’t officially rolled out to every Galaxy Nexus user yet, but we’re already seeing some comparisons between Siri and Google Now. The first comparison is a video from TechnoBuffalo. The video shows Siri and […]

Google Now Is Google’s Version of Siri With More Features

Google Now

With Jelly Bean, Google is adding its own version of Siri for all Android users. The new Google Now features voice control and search, just like Siri, but it also has a new card-based interface to help users throughout their day. The feature pulls users’ search history, calendar, and location to present the users with […]