How to Change YouTube Quality on Android


When it comes to watching YouTube videos on our mobile devices the experience isn’t always the best due to our connection. Whether you’re using an Android smartphone or a tablet having a solid WiFi connection vs 4G LTE, or even 3G, can make or break the experience. We’ve all been there. Trying to enjoy the […]

Some Galaxy Note 3 Will Come With LCD Screens, But Will Users Want It?

As pictured: Galaxy Note 2

A new report suggests that like with processor variants on the flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone, Samsung may have variants of its upcoming Galaxy Note 3 phablet with different screen technologies. This means that while the majority of the Galaxy Note 3 devices that will hit the market will continue to use Samsung’s HD Super AMOLED […]

T-Mobile to Launch HD Voice in U.S.


At the Consumer Electronics Show, T-Mobile has announced that it will become the first U.S. carrier to launch HD Voice on its nationwide network which will help improve call quality. However, in order for HD voice to work, customers must have a compatible device. According to the carrier, HD Voice will work with the Galaxy […]

LG Optimus Flagship with 5.5-Inch 1080p HD Display Coming Next Month?


With rumors that multiple smartphone-makers are releasing phablets with a 1080p HD display, LG may also be joining the game with its own Optimus flagship with a 5.5-inch 1080p full HD screen that could be released as early as next month. A report published by KoreanĀ ET News suggests that LG may unveil that model at […]

ZTE Nubia Z5 1080p HD Phablet Shows Up in Press Photo


ZTE’s high-end 5-inch Nubia Z5 phablet has popped up in a press photo showing off the device’s 1080p HD resolution screen. The press image shows a white edition of the Nubia Z5, which when released is expected to compete with devices like the HTC Droid DNA, HTC Butterfly, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Oppo Find 5, […]

5-Inch Full HD 1080p HTC Phablet a Reality…For Japan

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 10.59.17 PM

It looks like not only were rumors true that HTC is in fact working on a quad-core 5-inch phablet, but it appears that HTC is increasing its leadership with display technology thanks to a brilliant Super LCD 3.0 display. The company is showing off its Japan-centric J Butterfly quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro-powered smartphone recently and […]

1080p HD Displays Coming to Phablets Soon Thanks to Sharp Displays


Many phablets–or smartphones with a display size of 5-inch–already come with HD displays today, but those screens are limited to a 720p HD resolution. The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Note, which popularized the category after Dell had released the 5-inch Streak with a WVGA resolution, comes with 720p HD display with 1280 X 800 pixels and […]

Tablified Market HD is The Best Way To Find Nexus 7 Apps

Tablified HD

“How do I find Nexus 7 apps and Android tablet apps?” This is a common question from readers who just purchased a Nexus 7. As the Nexus 7 gains popularity users are looking for Android tablet apps optimized for the larger display, but the Google Play store does a poor job of organizing apps. After […]

Samsung’s New AMOLED Display to Out-Retina Apple


Apple has created instant marketing and PR buzz when it debuted its iPhone 4 smartphone with the Retina Display in which late CEO Steve Jobs says that the naked eye cannot discern individual pixels with a 326 pixel-per-inch resolution. Since then, Android smartphone manufacturers have tried to match and out-class the Retina Display resolution beginning […]

Camera Phones Not Keeping Up With Retina Displays


While smartphones have ushered in the era of mobile digital photography as it was easy to capture and share images on the go, and the quality of the resulting images was often good enough in a pinch. Smartphones such as the Nokia N8, the iPhone, and Android models from Samsung, HTC, LG, and Motorola lightened […]

Droid RAZR HD Camera Images Spotted on Picasa


It looks like what appears to be among the first series of shots taken with a camera that is believed to be found on Motorola’s next-generation Droid RAZR HD for Verizon Wireless are now starting to appear on Google photo sharing site Picasa. The EXIF photo data on Picasa reveals that the shot originated from […]

LG Shows Off Full 1080p HD Display on 5-Inch Screen


The phablet category may get that much more compelling for pixel-sensitive eyes as LG Display has shown off a prototype of a 5-inch LCD panel that provides a full HD experience similar to today’s 1080p HDTV offerings. The 5-inch screen has a 1920 X 1080-pixel resolution and has one of the highest pixel densities on […]

LG Shows Off 5-Inch 1080p HD Screen, Will It Be On Your Next Phablet?


LG Display a very pixel dense HD display with a 16:9 aspect ratio that’s great for consuming all your HD entertainment content on the go thanks to its 5-inch 1080p resolution. While the manufacturer did not specify which companies have ordered the display, we can fathom that the screen size and resolution would make this […]

PenTile AMOLED Display Used on Galaxy S III to Increase Lifespan


Many were wondering why Samsung had opted to use its HD Super AMOLED display, rather than an HD variant of the Super AMOLED Plus technology, on the company’s flagship Galaxy S III flagship smartphone, and Samsung answered that question by saying that the lifespan of the device will be increased as the screen won’t deteriorate […]

Leaked Photo Data Reveals Motorola Droid RAZR HD Moniker


It looks like we now know a little bit more information about a device that has been leaked many times before as the Droid Fighter. In a newly leaked photo, we now are seeing that the Droid Fighter may in fact be coming to market, or at least to Verizon Wireless’ shelves, as the Motorola […]