New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

New iPad Release Date: March 16 in U.S., Germany, Japan and U.K.

Apple has announced its next iPad, as of right now called the new iPad, and while it has rundown a host of the new features that will be coming along with the gadget, it has also revealed the new iPad release date. As expected, the new iPad will become available on March 16th, nine days […]

iPad 3 Rumor Roundup: Latest on Features, Pricing, Release Date

iPad HD Release Date

Right now, we sit less than 24 hours out from the Apple event that will likely be the launch pad for the company’s next tablet which will likely be called either iPad 3 or iPad HD. And, as you might imagine, there are more than a few rumors out there about the hardware, the software […]

iPad 3 Release Date All But Confirmed

iPad 3 Release Date Again Pegged for March 16th

Last week, we heard that Apple might launch the new iPad, called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, on March 16th. The date makes some sense as the date falls nine days from the launch event. Last year, it took Apple the same nine days to launch the iPad 2. 9to5Mac has chimed in today […]

iPad 3 Release Date and What to Expect From Apple

iPad 3 Price

Apple will announce the iPad 3 release date during the special iPad event on March 7th. Because it is the third iPad, we think Apple will call it the iPad 3, but the new device could also be called the iPad HD because of the rumored high-resolution Retina Display. When you see us talk about the iPad […]

iPad 3 Release Day: Where Will You Be Able to Buy the New iPad?

Survey shows users want better battery in iPad 3

You may have heard. Apple will be hosting an iPad event this Wednesday, set to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, an event where the company is likely going to be announcing a device that will likely be called the iPad 3, iPad HD or iPad 2S. And […]

iPad 3 Cases Popping Up Before iPad 3 Release Date

Griffin iPad 3 case

The iPad 3, or iPad HD hasn’t even been announced, but we are starting to see several iPad 3 cases pop up online from popular case makers and third-party retailers. While many case makers are holding off, after getting burned by the lack of an iPhone 5, we tracked down several listings for iPad 3 […]

iPad 3 Release Date Pegged for March 16th

iPad 3 Release Date Pegged for March 16th

While we’re fairly certain that Apple is going to be announcing its next-generation tablet – presumably called either the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, on March 7th, we’re still unsure about when the actual iPad 3 release date might be. We’ve heard some rumblings about a possible release during the week of March 11th […]

Apple’s iPad 3 Event: What You Should Expect

Apple's iPad 3 Event: What You Should Expect

Google’s Eric Schmidt just took the stage at the Mobile World Congress 2012 and lo and behold, Apple has sent out invites to an iPad event set to take place in San Francisco on March 7th. The event will be going down at a familiar venue, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and it’s […]

Apple Announces iPad 3 Event on March 7th in San Francisco

Official IPad 3 announcement March 7th Apple

Apple just sent out press invites for the company’s iPad 3 event. The iPad 3 announcement will take place on March 7th at 10 AM Pacific at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, where Apple has announced the iPad and iPad 2. On March 7th, we’ll finally find out everything we want to know […]

iPad 3: Everything We Know About the New iPad

iPad 3 Photos

Apple is rumored to announce the iPad 3 on March 7th at an event held at the Yurba Buena Center for the Arts. Apple hasn’t made anything official yet, but thanks to a large number of leaks, we have a pretty good idea about what the iPad 3 will look like and what kind of spec updates […]

Is This What the iPad 3 Looks Like?

Is this what the iPad 3 looks like?

Several iPad 3 leaks have claimed that the back of the device will look much similar to the current iPad 2, but thanks to a new pair of leaks, we are getting a good idea what the iPad 3 looks like. The first look at the iPad 3 comes via Apple Daily, which posted photos of the […]

Sell Your iPad 2 Before the iPad 3 Release

Gazelle Sell iPad

If you plan to upgrade to the iPad 3 in March, you better start thinking about selling your iPad or iPad 2 today, before prices drop. We talked with Anthony Scarsella, Chief Gadget Officer of to find out when to sell your iPad 2 for the highest price, and to find out if we’ll […]

Why the iPad 3 Will Have Siri

Siri for the iPad 3

Apple is poised to announce the iPad 3 in early March. While there is plenty of speculation about the specs and the design of the next iPad, there has been little talk about the inclusion of Siri on the iPad 3. Siri is Apple’s assistant app that launched in October 2011 for the iPhone 4S. […]

iPad 2 Resale Prices Low as iPad 3 Release Date Looms

Gazelle iPad price

We expect that Apple will announce the iPad 3 and iPad 3 release date in March, which means those of us with an iPad 2 are starting to look  for a way to sell our iPad 2 to help finance our upgrade to the iPad 3. The idea of selling your old gadgets is not […]