iPhone 6 Concept Channels iPad Air Design

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.04.13 AM

iPhone 6 concepts continue to emerge ahead of its rumored release in 2014 and today, we see our second iPhone Air concept that is based on the designs that were deployed with the ini and the new iPad Air, Apple’s new full-sized tablet. And while the actual iPhone 6 design isn’t known, it’s plausible that […]

iPad Air Review

iPad Air Review -  13

The iPad Air is a thinner and lighter iPad for 2013 that offers the same beautiful display and long battery life in a new design that is more portable and better suited for longer periods of use while holding the iPad. This is the iPad 5th generation, what many rumors referred to as the iPad […]

AnandTech: iPad Air Can Be a 24 Hour Mobile LTE Hotspot

Set up your device as an LTE Mobile Hotspot

Mobile devices by definition are meant to be carried around and keep you connected. It’s an easier bet with a Smartphone because, well, it is always connected. But what about Tablets? With the release of new Tablets we usually see WiFi only models sold alongside LTE or broadband models, the latter with a higher price […]

iPad Air Unlocked Partially, Not Compatible with All Networks (video)

iPad Air Unlocked

The new iPad Air with 4G LTE isn’t locked down like Apple and its wireless partners would like you to believe.¬†Though Apple and its partners tell buyers that their devices are locked to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon unless traveling abroad, that simply isn’t true.¬†We’ve confirmed that the iPad Air that comes with an AT&T […]

A Tale of Two iPads: Comparing the iPad Air and the iPad 4

iPad Air and iPad 4 comparisons

Comparisons are the name of the game in mobile tech. Products get compared, sometimes when they aren’t even in the same gadget category. Those with insatiable appetites for new shiny gadgets devour every word, every benchmark, and well everything they can get their eyeballs on to see what’s what about what’s new. This is certainly […]

iPad Air vs. iPad Mini (Video)

The iPad Air and iPad mini thickness are essentially the same.

The iPad Air and the iPad mini sit next to each other on store shelves at Apple, Best Buy and Walmart and while many shoppers are waiting for the iPad mini with Retina display, or as many call it the iPad mini 2, there are just as many comparing the new iPad Air to the […]

iPad Air Availability Still Plentiful

iPad Air Benchmarks Comparison

The iPad Air officially launched today, but unlike past product launches for the company, the iPad Air didn’t sell out, and we’re seeing that online availability is still 100% good to go. Shipping dates for the new tablet still show “available to ship within 24 hours,” which is the default message for when a product […]

iPad Air Smart Cover Review

ipad air smart cover edge

The new iPad Air launched today and with it came a few accessories like the iPad Air Smart Cover. It looks a lot like the earlier models and the design mimics the iPad mini smart cover exactly, with a larger size to fit the bigger iPad Air. We opened the light blue iPad Air Smart […]

iPad Air at Best Buy: Buying Experience and Availability

best buy on apple ipad air launch morning

Almost every year I trek down to my local Best Buy store in Hickory, NC to buy an iPad. I skipped the iPad 4 and ordered the first iPad online, but I picked up the iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and now iPad Air all at Best Buy. While many people don’t like shopping […]

Everything You Need to Know About How Fast the iPad Air Is

iPad Air Benchmarks Comparison

The iPad Air is a blazing fast iPad that makes iOS 7 feel smooth as silk compared to the iPad 3 that many users are upgrading from. Thanks to the new Apple A7 64-bit processor and the latest IOS 7 optimizations everything form opening apps to typing and working on the iPad Air feels smoother […]

iFixit iPad Air Teardown Reveals Obvious Low Repairability Score

ipad air

As always, the brave folks at iFixit have gotten a hold of the new iPad air and immediately threw it up on the surgery table to see what’s inside. The iPad’s design has stayed relatively the same through three generations, but this time around, the iPad air has an all-new look, which makes us curious […]

iPad Air Orders Go Live. As Expected Personal Pickup Available

iPad Air Order for Personal Pickup

Apple launched US online sales for its latest generation iPad, the iPad Air, at 12:01am Pacific Time, and as expected the Personal Pickup option is available for customers to pick up their orders in stores later today. I was able to place an order precisely at 2:01am US Central Time. Personal Pickup allows customers to […]

Apple Store Down Ahead of iPad Air Orders


In the U.S., the Apple store is currently down ahead of when Apple will begin taking orders for the iPad Air. This year, Apple had refreshed and redesigned the iPad Air, the 9.7-inch successor to the fourth generation iPad that Apple had sold as merely the iPad with Retina Display. Apple had promised that it […]

iPad Air: 5 Last Minute Details

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 10.59.56 AM

With Google’s Nexus 5 launch now official, we move on to another big name device that is set to arrive on shelves in just a few hours as well. Apple’s new full-sized iPad, the iPad Air, is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow for the first time, replacing the iPad 4 as the company’s flagship […]

iPad Air Inventory Expected to Be Ample

ipad air

The iPad Air is set to launch tomorrow, with online orders most likely starting at midnight PT, and Apple Stores and other retail locations opening up in the morning. However, people have already spotted iPad Airs on store shelves, including in Walmart, where price tags have already been placed on units and are ready to […]

iPad Air Benchmarks Are Twice as Fast as iPad 4

ipad air

Benchmarks of the iPad Air have appeared for the first time, and they confirm Apple’s claims that the new tablet is twice as fast as the previous-generation iPad 4. Primate Labs posted Geekbench 3 benchmarks for the new iPad Air, and it scored a 1465 with single-core performance and 2643 with multi-core performance, doubling the […]

Should I Buy an iPad Air or Wait for iPad mini with Retina?

ipad air and ipad mini with retina

On Friday, Nov. 1 Apple will release the first of two iPads, the iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina display, also called the iPad mini 2. The iPad mini 2 with Retina display will not hit stores till later in November. So, should I buy an iPad Air this week or wait for […]

What iPad Air Size Should You Buy?

ipad air

The iPad air will be officially launching on November 1, and if you’ve decided that you’re going all-in with the new tablet, you’re next question is most likely which storage size that you’ll want to go with. Most veteran Apple users will already know what they want, but if you’re going to be a first-time […]