New iPad Air Smart Cover and Smart Case Announced

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Apple announced new iPads today, including a new iPad that the company is calling the iPad Air, which is the first time that Apple has named an iPad something other than just “iPad.” Along with the iPad Air, Apple announced new versions of its Smart Cover and Smart Case, and they’ll be available to order […]

iPad 2 Stays on as Cheap Option, iPad 4 Killed Off

The iPad 4 is no longer available from Apple, but the iPad 2 lives on.

The new iPad 5, which Apple is calling the iPad Air is now official with a thinner design, more power and long 10-hour battery life. It’s also weighs just a pound. Apple is killing off the iPad 4 which is just a year old, which allows Apple to offer this new iPad Air at $499 […]

iPad Air (iPad 5) Release Date & Price Confirmed

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As expected, Apple announced the new fifth-generation iPad 5 today, a device that is now known as the iPad Air, will be coming in just a few days to replace the current iPad 4 and join the iPad mini 2 as the company’s offerings this holiday shopping season. Ahead of today’s event, rumors suggested that […]

iPad Mini Launches Tomorrow: Everything We Think We Know


Tomorrow, Apple it will likely announce a new smaller iPad which at the moment is being called the iPad Mini. And while we still don’t have any official details regarding the iPhone 5 and its release date, we think we have a good idea about what to expect from both. If and when Apple does […]

iPad Mini Battery Size Revealed?


The iPad Mini battery size may have been revealed ahead of the 7.85-inch iPad Mini’s launch date, presumed to be October 23rd. MacRumors unearthed several photos of what purportedly show the battery that will be included with the iPad Mini upon its arrival. The iPad Mini battery in the photos carries a 16.7 watt-hour capacity […]

iPad Mini Launch Date: What to Expect

iPad Deal

With the iPad Mini launch event heavily rumored to be taking place on October 23rd, it’s time to take a look at what to expect from the event itself. For the past few months, rumors of a 7.85-inch iPad Mini have surfaced on an almost daily basis. Leak specifications and photos have pieced together a […]

iPad Mini Rumors: Latest on Release Date, Name, Specs


Over the past few days, the iPad Mini rumor mill has been hard at work, producing some interesting notions to think about in the build up to the device’s presumed release sometime later this year. Here, we fill you in on all of the latest news regarding the iPad Mini’s release date, specifications, design, name […]