Android Tethering At Risk in Patent Dispute With Nokia


In a patent battle between Android smartphone-maker HTC and Nokia, the issue of tethering on one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms may be at risk. Likely, Nokia will seek an import ban on troubled smartphone-maker HTC, but the two companies will probably work out a licensing agreement that will allow both parties to […]

Select Motorola Smartphones, Tablets Banned in U.S. Today


Motorola Android smartphones and tablets are being banned from being imported into the U.S. effective today following an order from the U.S. International Trade Commission, or ITC. This time the ban is being sought after by Microsoft, and not by Apple, who claims that Motorola’s 18 products violate key patents surrounding Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync […]

Motorola Latest Android Manufacturer Facing Ban in U.S.


Following HTC’s import bans on high profile Android handsets such as the HTC One X and the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE as a result of HTC’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple, the latest Android manufacturer to face an import ban is Motorola Mobility as a result of disputes over intellectual property with Microsoft. According […]

U.S. ITC Will Review Apple’s Claims Against HTC

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The United States International Trade Commission has agreed to review Apple’s patent infringement claims against rival Android smartphone-maker HTC. In June, Apple had a major victory in that a judge had agreed that HTC had violated 2 of the 5 patents in question. If the result of the 6-member ITC panel is in Apple’s favor, […]

Patents, Innovation, Mobile Tech, and Why It’s All a Big Mess


Apple is hitting hard at Samsung over patent disputes trying to keep them from bringing smartphones and Tablets into the US because of similarities. The International Trade Commission (ITC) agrees with a couple of the points in Apple’s complaint. Some software developers say that they may abandon Apple and Android because of the high cost […]

Apple’s ITC Ruling Against HTC Can Spell Bloodshed for Other Android Manufacturers


The recent ITC ruling that Apple had won against rival smartphone-maker HTC can have market implications against other manufacturers of Android devices because of the broad nature of the patents in question. The two patents that HTC had violated include¬†5,946,647, “System and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data” and¬†6,343,263, “Real-time […]

Is Microsoft Using Nokia to Fight Apple in Mobile?


Nokia iscontinuing its legal battle with Apple as the Finnish phone-maker has filed another patent dispute against the iPhone-maker over intellectual property. On the consumer-facing fronts, companies may appear to best each other on features, experiences, interfaces, number of apps, and developer support for their respective mobile platforms, but behind the scenes there is a […]