Deal: $100 iTunes Gift Card for $80 at Sam’s Club

iTunes gift card deal

Sam’s Club is offering a great deal on iTunes gift cards. From now through April 24th, you can pick up a $100 iTunes gift card for $79.64, a savings of just over $20. This deal is available in store and online for Sam’s club members, and is a $15 discount off the standard Sam’s Club […]

mSpot Movies On Demand New Pricing and Streaming to Mobile Devices


mSpot Movies has been in the streaming video business for a while, but they are announcing today a new membership model with discounts when compared to renting streaming video from competitors like Amazon and Apple. This is not a subscription based service like Netflix or the new Amazon video streaming service for Prime members. Instead […]

Apple Hiring for the Cloud, New Services Coming?


Apple recently posted a job listing for a Cloud Systems Software Engineer, which may be indicative of the company’s speculated plans to expand and create cloud-based services beyond what is found in today’s Mobile Me offering. According to the listing, the engineer would join a small team in creating ‘the future of cloud services’ at Apple’s […]

Carbon Fiber iPods to Sync Wirelessly


There is a prototype of a carbon fiber iPod that is supposed to be able to sync your songs and other media wirelessly, so says the rumor reported at Cult of Mac. The evidence suggests there is something going on with carbon fiber at Apple, but does it have to do with wireless iPod syncing? […]

Google Acquires Mobile Music Startup Ahead of Google Music Launch?


Google had just acquired Pushlife, a mobile music startup founded by a former Research in Motion employee, for $25 million. The company had developed technology that would allow users to synchronize a non-Apple device with iTunes as well as offered carrier a way to develop apps to combine a user’s music collection with songs in […]

Apple Orders More Storage for Data Center, Cloud-Based Services to Come?


Apple has just placed an order for 12 petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems. Speculation is that the vast amount of storage will be for Apple’s North Carolina data center, which will be the home to new cloud-based storage options for iTunes as well as for social networking integration for iPhone and Mobile Me accounts. […]

Ken Burns’ Civil War Available on iTunes, iPad, iPhone


We don’t recommend movies and other entertainment here, though we do occasionally talk about something we’ve seen or experienced. In a departure for that, I will recommend that you might want to take advantage of this. To commemorate the sesquicentennial observance of the American Civil War, PBS is going to be rebroadcasting Ken Burns’ The […]

Apple Negotiating Unlimited Music Downloads for Cloud Service


In news that probably shouldn’t be news to anyone, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is negotiating with the big music labels to change the structure of its online music business. The idea, according to all those sources who can’t be mentioned, is that customers could have unlimited downloads of their purchased music, stored in the […]

New Apple Social-Centric MobileMe, Digital Locker Expected in Spring


While Apple has long been rumored to be building out a solution to offer customers a digital locker and enhanced social features, including photo streaming, through a new MobileMe and iTunes feature, there is now an anticipated date for when the revamped cloud-based service will launch. At its shareholder meeting during a Q&A session, Apple […]

MobileMe to Go Social in Next Major Overhaul


Rumors of a digital locker service for Apple’s MobileMe service has been persistent, but according to Cult of Mac, the online service will get a major overhaul to bring additional social features that will compete against Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook, and Ustream. Some of the features that Cult of Mac is reporting includes: Live video streaming […]

Next iPhone to Come with Social Features to Battle Facebook


Hints that Apple may be expanding its efforts in the social networking arena are found deeply embedded within iOS 4.3 beta. A new “Media Stream” folder was discovered in the new iOS 4.3 file system with information about “Photo Streaming.” Based on the information, 9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple will allow iPhone users to […]

Rumor: iTunes for the Desktop to Become Web App


According to Three Guys and a Podcast, the desktop version of Apple’s iTunes software used to manage, play, and synchronize your multimedia library will soon disappear as a standalone app. The site claims that Apple will be moving iTunes from a standalone software to become an in-browser Web app–which is ironic as Apple had shifted […]

iPhone Business is Worth More Than All But 10 Companies


Apple’s iPhone business is worth more than all but  10 companies in the world according to a report by Trefis. According to the analysts, Apple is worth $391 billion, which is 40% more than the current value of the company’s stock. The iPhone business is worth more than half that value, which means if it […]

iTunes Jumps Apple’s Beatles Announcement. I Already Forgot This Day.


Yawn. It’s not quite 10am EST yet, and Apple’s iTunes already shows what most believed, that Apple would announce that it finally reached a deal with the Beatles to deliver that content on iTunes. Heralded as a “day you’ll never forget,” I’ve already forgotten it. I’m guessing quite a few folks who enjoy a Beatles […]

New Apple iTunes Offering Coming Tomorrow

Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 8.23.27 AM

Apple’s home page is currently overtaken by a message that points to a new product offering tomorrow. Apple recently introduced several new features, including social networking, in iTunes 10.1, the latest version of the company’s digital storefront and media player. The new iTunes offering comes just in time for the holiday shopping season. The message […]

Technology Bites: Wal-Mart Computers Fail on iTunes Gift Card Sale


This weekend I and my sisters are gathering to start the process of dealing with my mother’s house and belongings after her passing several weeks ago. I got the chore of running to the local Wal-Mart to pick up some supplies for the weekend this morning as well as the breakfast run. I had noticed […]

Apple’s Ping Social Service Will Continue the Decline of Music


Yesterday amidst Apple’s fall announcement of new stocking stuffers for music lovers, Steve Jobs announced the new social service for sharing music, called Ping. Aside from taking a term that many geeks and network administrators have used for some time now, I’m sure Ping will have its desired goal of increasing discover-ability and helping Apple […]