Apple introduces ViP ad tracking, nothing to do with iAd


TechCrunch has the scoop on a new program Apple is rolling out for developers called “ViP” or Verification of iTunes Purchase, which TC magically connects to iAd. Sounds like a useful tool, but just because the program deals with ads, that doesn’t mean it’s related to iAd.   

New iTunes update to go with new iPad


With four days until the new “gadget day that will live in infamy”, aka “iPad Day”, Apple is doing its last minute updates and fixes to its operating system as well as other products to make using an iPad the best experience ever. The latest in the updates is a new version of iTunes, version […]

Apple Starts Browser Based Sampling of Music


Apple looks to be rolling out a service that allows browser based previewing of music. That comes as no surprise after the Lala purchase recently. The idea is that you can preview 30 seconds of a song in your browser, if you want to buy it, a click takes you to iTunes and, well, you […]

Palm Issues Update and Smacks Back at Apple


Palm Pre users lost their ‘native’ iTunes syncing ability when Apple, as expected, issued an update to iTunes last week. Now Palm is issuing a counterpunch with a new update that apparently restores the capability. This will probably go several rounds before one or both companies gives up the ghost and things get settled out. […]

Did anyone use iTunes with their Palm Pre?


Apparently in a bid to create a newsworthy conflict, everyone and their brother reported that Apple has “dissed” Palm by breaking the ability of iTunes to sync with non-iPods, including the Palm Pre, via the latest 8.2.1 update to iTunes. Given that Apple did not officially support sync with non-iPods, this certainly isn’t surprising. But […]

Apple App Store Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary


Apple’s App Store celebrates one year of being in business today. It has certainly been quite a year. Over 56,000 apps and over a billion downloads is nothing to sneeze at. As I said when the App Store and the SDK were announced this “game over” post, Apple spurred changes in the mobile market that […]

Amazon, Walmart and Others Up Digital Music Prices


You kind of knew it wasn’t going to last and that this would happen. The day after iTunes put its price increase into effect (some songs for as high as $1.29, some as low as $.69), the other big online music retailers followed suit. Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lala, and Rhapsody,   have now raised their prices […]

iTunes Drops DRM Adds Variable Pricing


As expected and talked about previously, Apple’s iTunes has dropped the dreaded Digital Rights Managment (DRM) and added variable pricing to the iTunes store. There are now a range of prices ranging from $.69 a song   up to $1.29. Of course the $1.29 price tag is for songs deemed hot and in demand, while […]

Dell Announces Fix for Latitude XT Issues, Addresses iTunes and More

Wow – it looks like Dell has been doing some major behind-the-scenes work with their Latitude XT Tablet PC. After hearing from me, as well as bunch of other users, they have finally announced some fixes that were being caused by iTunes, as well as some video card updates: You may have seen reports from […]

Frustrated with Messed Up Music Libraries in iTunes?


One of the biggest headaches with importing music, audio books, etc is having to mess with all the track information. I spent hours over Christmas importing audio books, getting track numbers right, etc – needless to say, it was not how I intended to spend Christmas Day. That is where TuneUp comes in. TuneUp is […]

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas From the Comfort of Your Keyboard


I hope you are not frantically searching for last minute gift ideas for that special geek on your list. But in case you are, here are a quick five hints that you can take care of right from your keyboard. Most of them are gift cards, but then everybody knows geeks love to do their […]

8 Tech Items to Regift


‘Tis the season to give gifts. Finding a few items to regift has come in handy a few times that I’ve been in a pinch. Regifting involves the redirecting of a gift that you’ve received, giving your gift to someone else. Regifted items are usually selected because they’re relatively inexpensive or a surplus has already […]

2009 Predictions: Matthew’s Take


Behold my predictions for the great, forthcoming year of 2009.   The following thoughts are what I’d like to see happen with a dash of what I believe will happen.   Gaze with me into the crystal ball: Mobile Computing The term “netbook” becomes a household name because many homes have adopted one or two […]

Stay Up To Date With GottaBeMobile Media Content

iTunes - GottaBeMobile Video InkShow Reviews

We produce a ton of media content. Keeping up to date with everything we are doing can be quite challenging. Want to easily download the latest GBM InkShows and Shortcut videos to your computer, iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc? We’ve got you covered! Our InkShow and Shortcut videos just got listed in the iTunes directory. Just […]