New Nokia Leak Is Likely Lumia Phi Screen

Nokia Lumia Phi leaked screen

In just over two weeks Nokia will likely announce its new Windows Phone 8 devices in New York City, and we’re already seeing leaks of the devices. The latest leak comes from WPCentral and shows a 4-inch screen for an upcoming Nokia phone. The screen looks very similar to the one of the leaked Phi […]

Leaked Nokia Windows Phone 8 “Phi” Could Be Successor To Lumia 800

Nokia Phi Windows Phone 8

A new leaked Nokia smartphone could be the Windows Phone 8 follow-up to the Nokia Lumia 800. According to WP Central, the leaked Nokia “Phi” Lumia phone could be Nokia’s first dual-core Windows Phone (which means Windows Phone 8). The yellow smartphone has the same design of the Lumia 800, complete with the curved screen […]

Tethering Support Coming to Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Will Get Tethering Support

Yesterday, it became apparent that Nokia’s low-end Windows Phone, the Lumia 610, would be arriving with tethering on- board at launch. Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 owners , were, needless to say, jealous because their phones do not possess that feature right now. Those who own those devices can rest easy though as Nokia has […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Arrives in U.S. with $899 Price Tag

Nokia Lumia 800 Arrives in U.S. with Expensive Price Tag

Consider this a public service announcement to those of you who have been waiting to get a Nokia-made Windows Phone here in the U.S. that’s not the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710. Microsoft Stores around the country now have the unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 available for purchase. Sadly though, you’re going to have to shell out […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Confirmed for Bizarre Launch in U.S.

Nokia Lumia 800

Since CES 2012, we’ve known that the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone would be coming to the United States only it wouldn’t be arriving on any carriers. Instead, the Lumia 800 will be available on unlocked. What we didn’t know was when it would be arriving and for how much. Microsoft and Nokia have revealed […]

A White Nokia Lumia 800 Appears


I have to admit, I used to get excited over having a device come out in white. It’s not the Apple thing that draws me, it’s the fact that Microsoft used to restrict Pocket PC devices to a grey color for so long that color options excite me. These days, it seems like every phone […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Fix Rolling Out Over Next Two Weeks

Lumia 800

Back in December, Nokia promised that it would be rolling out a battery life fix for the Nokia Lumia 800 in the early part of 2012. Turns out, the Finnish company is going to be sticking to that promise as it has announced today that the update will be rolling out over the next two […]

Nokia’s Windows Phone Strategy Will Win: 10 Reasons Why


I am excited for the potential success of Microsoft’s newest offering, Windows Phone as well. I don’t currently use a Windows Phone device as a daily driver, but I am ready to as soon as Nokia brings a Windows Phone to Verizon. Most of the reasons I choose Android over Windows Phone right now are […]

CES 2012: Smartphones & Hotspots Announced This Week in Las Vegas

Samsung Galaxy Note

The various manufacturers of smartphones and wireless carriers pulled back the veils on their new phones coming out this year. Our team went hands-on with many of them at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Below, you will find pictures and a bunch of links to hands-on videos of devices running Windows Phone 7, Android and […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Gets Closer to Launch in U.S.

Nokia Lumia 800

While we know of one Nokia Windows Phone that’s going to be headed to the U.S. in the form of the Lumia 710 for T-Mobile, we’re still not officially sure about any others. We’ve heard that the Lumia 800 might be headed to both AT&T and Verizon’s 4G LTE networks but we’re still not sure. […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Battery Life Fix Coming Next Year

Nokia Lumia 800

We just got done talking about Verizon’s battery troubles with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and now we shift our attention to a completely different phone that is apparently dealing with battery issues of its own. That phone is Nokia’s Windows Phone, the Lumia 800, and it seems that scores of users are dealing with less […]

AT&T Launching Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone with 4G LTE?

Lumia 800

The Verge is reporting that the reason Nokia has held off on releasing a Windows Phone in the United States is because the company wants to release devices that are powered by 4G LTE. As it stands, there isn’t a single 4G LTE Windows Phone device on the market. Well, they are hearing that Nokia […]

Nokia’s First Windows Phone Ad Misses the Mark

Nokia Lumia 710

Yesterday, Nokia finally made its highly anticipated Windows Phone devices official introducing the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 to the world. Well, as AdAgeDigital reports, Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop has promised a marketing blitz triple the size of any previous launch in order to promote these two phones in Europe this year and in […]

Nokia Set to Unveil Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 Windows Phones

Lumia 800

Nokia World is scheduled to kick off in just a few short hours and the company is likely going to be launching its first Windows Phone devices. Yes, devices. We’ve become pretty familiar with the phone known as the Sea Ray as it has leaked out several times in the past and then, just last […]