OQO 2+ Up for Auction…I Hear $5,100…Do I hear $6,000?


Another OQO 2+ is up for auction on eBay and the bidding’s already reached $5,100. There are still two days of bidding left, so if are one of those people who were waiting forever to get your hands on an OQO 2+, here’s your chance. Chippy from UMPC Portal points out that this of course […]

Who Paid $4,500 for an OQO Model 2+?


OQO never got around to actually selling the OQO Model 2+ that it introduced back in January, but that didn’t stop someone from picking one up on eBay for $4,500. I know a lot of GBM community members were waiting to buy an OQO Model 2+, but I hope none of you plunked down that […]

Get Your OQO Model 02 While Supplies Last

OQO may be gone, but thanks to Tegatech and this GBM-only exclusive, you still have an opportunity to get a brand new Model 02 at rock-bottom prices.   According to Tegatech’s Hugo Ortega, you can’t these prices on these models anywhere else. These Model 02’s will likely move very quickly and they appear to be […]

OQO is Done, But Tech/Team May Live On

OQOTalk posted a note from OQO stating that the company is unable to offer support for its customers because of its financial problems. I happened to run into Bob Rosin, OQO’s SVP of sales and marketing, last night in front of my garage and he confirmed that OQO is finished. “”We are sad to report […]

Some Thoughts on OQO and The Future of Mobile Computing

News about OQO and their unlikely ability to bring the Model 02+ to market has got me thinking about what made OQO and their handheld computer so special and I’d like to share a few of those thoughts. Without a doubt, OQO defined ultra-mobile computing with their Model 02 / 2+: a 5″ device, a […]

GBM Podcast#71: CNBC and Vapor Reporting, Imagine That

Reporting and analyzing the news is always easier when you make up the facts and in GBM Podcast#71, Xavier and Warner take CNBC’s tech reporter Jim Goldman to task for his recent fantasy Mac that he used to compare to a PC. The Podcast also talks about Apple’s recent earnings conference in which Tim Cook […]

Report: OQO Cancels Pre-Orders for OQO Model 02+

We’re still looking for something definitive on the status of OQO after last week’s reports that the company was running into difficulties. If this report from Steve “Chippy” Paine is indeed true (and I don’t doubt that it is) it looks like things are getting even rougher for OQO. Apparently they are cancelling all pre-orders […]

GBMPodcast #70: Gee, How Glossy Can You Get?


Warner and Xavier are both checking out the very glossy HP DV2 media computers and share some early thoughts about the review units they are checking out, including all about the very glossy finish that is on every surface of the device. They also talk about the included external Blu-Ray drives that come with them. […]

OQO May Be Shutting Down

OQO will be shutting its doors before shipping the OQO Model 2+ according to industry sources. Bob Rosin, OQO’s SVP of sales and marketing, told the Wall Street Journal that the company is facing a cash crunch, has reduced work hours and is actively looking for a buyer. We’re fans of OQO and really hope […]

Is OQO Hitting Tough Times?

Consider this rumor and speculation at this point. Posts are bouncing all over the Internet prompted by this one from jkOnTheRun that OQO may be hitting hard times financially. Speculation is that the OQO Model 02+ may the last device in the line, if that even makes it. According to the post on jkOnTheRun, eXpansys […]

MIDMoves, the OQO, and Magic Mountain

The MIDMovers are on the move and reporting in. Jenn has filed a day one report on her trip to Magic Mountain and files a great report on using the OQO called The Right MID for the Right Tour. Check it out.

Mid Moves is Beginning to Move


Make sure you add Mid Moves to your RSS Reader. The four bloggers who are going to be checking out some MID action on four different road trips are starting to blog about the equipment they’ve been provided by Intel. It looks like we’re going to hear about some response to the BenQ S6, the […]

CES 2009: Rob’s Thoughts on the Show


It has been widely reported that attendance at CES 2009 was down. While it was much easier to walk around the halls without feeling like you were stuck in a New Your subway, we stayed busier than ever just trying to keep up with everything. There were definitely good products to see and great folks […]

OQO Model 2+ Video Playback Video

The OQO Model 2+ has been a spectacular hit at CES 2009. Rob had an exclusive look at the device earlier in the week where the demonstration showed off a spectacular screen. I got some time with the Model 2+ at the Intel booth yesterday and shot this brief video of the Model 2+ in […]

Hands On Video Of the OQO Model 2+


Earlier this evening, I spent some time with OQO’s Bob Rosin and got some hands-on time with the their new Model 2+. The OQO Model 2+ is available in two configurations: Standard 1.33 ghz model at $999 and Advanced 1.86 ghz   model at $1499. After viewing this video, be sure to look at our […]

Pictures and Specs of OQO’s Model 2+


I just did an interview with OQO‘s Bob Rosin and am uploading the video now. Stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, keep reading for more on the new OQO Model 2+ = pics, specs, and pricing. Can you say $999 and super crisp / sharp? Keep reading .

OQO Offers Live Support Chat


It is always good to see companies going the extra mile to help their customers. OQO is doing just that with their recently launched Live Support Chat. Here are the details: