Official Reddit iOS App Arrives with Free Pro Upgrade

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.53.37 AM

If you visit Reddit frequently and are an iOS user, then you most likely have heard of Alien Blue, which is the most popular unofficial Reddit app for iPhone and iPad. However, the app is now under Reddit’s official control, meaning that iOS users now have an official Reddit app to rely on. The company […]

Official Reddit iPhone App Releases with AMA Focus

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Reddit is home to a ton of interesting content, but the site’s AMA section (Ask Me Anything) is arguably one of the most popular sections of Reddit, and now an official app has been released for iPhone that allows users to easily browse AMA sessions. Reddit’s AMA section is where anyone can participate in Q&A […]

Half-Life 3 Confirmed? Not So Fast

Half-Life 3

Valve is one of the most popular game developing studios in the world right now, and big wig Gabe Newell and company decided to answer some of your hankering questions on Reddit yesterday through the website’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit. Newell and a couple of other Valve guys answered all sorts of questions that […]

Alien Blue is the Best Reddit iPhone App

Reddit iPhone App - Alien Blue Gallery

If you spend any amount of time on Reddit on the iPhone, Alien Blue is the app you’ve been waiting for. Alien Blue is a Reddit iPhone app that is optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, offers better linking and conversation tracking than the competition and it’s free. Heavy Reddit users will want to upgrade to […]

Microsoft Surface Team Reveals Surface RT Design & Feature Details


Shortly after the Microsoft Surface went on sale yesterday the team behind the device went to Reddit, an online community, to answer a number of questions about the device. During the Reddit AMA, short for Ask Me Anything, the Surface team talked about why they chose the screen resolution for the Surface, why there’s no 3G […]

How to Install Netflix for Android on Some Unsupported Phones

Netflix on Android

The folks at XDA Developer’s Forum have done it again, giving more people a way to install the new Netflix for Android app on more phones than are officially supported. We tried it on the HTC Thunderbolt with no success. Sadly, while writing this post XDA removed their link to the app’s APK file. Fortunately, […]