RemoteLync Offers Fire Safety Features for Mobile Users


If you’ve ever been away from home and wanted to be alerted on your mobile device if your house ever caught on fire, there’s an affordable product that offers that capability. The RemoteLync from Kidde is a simple small box that you plug into any outlet in your house and it will listen for your […]

Safe Kids Issues TV Safety Tip for Parent, Super Bowl Party Hosts

HDTV tip overs are dangerous and surprisingly common.

Even if you aren’t buying a HDTV for the Super Bowl, there is one thing SAFE Kids Worldwide wants parents and Super Bowl party hosts to do before the big game arrives — secure the HDTV to prevent a dangerous tip over. According to the organization, a child goes to the ER for injuries from […]

2014 Ford Escape Tech Simplifies the Everyday Experience


Technology is rapidly evolving in automobiles. Consumers demand more and more technology-driven features in all types of vehicles. Before, the advanced features were only available in luxury cars and trucks, but now features like Bluetooth and Siri Eyes Free are available in the smallest of cars. We recently had an opportunity to sample the 2014 […]

Watch Adaptive Cruise Control in Action

Adaptive Cruise Control

Many new vehicles have an option for Adaptive Cruise Control, Radar Guided Cruise Control or some other name. No matter the name, this smart cruise control feature offers a safer driving¬†experience¬†and can help drivers keep their sanity while stuck behind a car that can’t maintain the speed limit. These systems provide two services to the […]

Smarter Brake Lights Tested By Ford

Electronic Brake Light

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the safety of the automobiles they produce. The “Holy Grail” is having a way for vehicles to communicate with each other while on the street. In an effort to help with that communication, the Ford Motor Company tested an intelligent brake light technology that allows for […]

Best Buy MacBook Batteries Being Recalled for Fire Hazard

Removing the battery cover on earlier MacBook Pro unibody models.

Best Buy is now recalling batteries for Apple’s MacBook line of notebook computers as the batteries present risks for explosion or fire hazards. The recalled batteries are not official batteries sold and made by Apple, Inc. Rather, these batteries are made by a company called ATG and bear the ATG logo. 5,100 batteries are affected […]

How to Be Ready for Severe Weather on iOS

Storm Shield Weather Radio app icon

At the time of this posting, the National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma has issued a “HIGH RISK” severe weather threat for several large population areas in the United States. With recent storms hitting the Oklahoma City area, people are understandably on edge about this potential threat and are looking for ways […]

One U.S. State Wants to Ban Google Glass Use While Driving


Texting while driving is already a big no-no in many states and now West Virginia wants to be the first, if not among the first, U.S. state to say no to drivers using Google Glass behind the wheels. Republican Gary G Howell of the state’s legislature is proposing a bill that could see drivers fined […]

Kindle Fire and Young Children: Not A Good Match?


The Amazon Kindle Fire should not be left in the control of your kids… unless you want them running up your credit card bill and don’t mind them viewing soft-core pornography. Ryan Kim of Gigaom made this point in a post about parental controls and the Kindle Fire. Imagine this: you pull out your Kindle […]

DriveReply App Helps Drivers Stay Safe and Undistracted


DriveReply is an updated version of a driver safety app designed to keep drivers from getting distracted by their Android smart phones while on the road. Just the other day I was almost hit by a lady who was more focused on her phone than me, a fellow driver. Thanks to this Iconosys app for […]

Stories Like These Will Decrease ‘Driving While Texting’

The California Highway Patrol is in the midst of a crackdown, issuing hundreds of tickets per day to drivers who are texting or talking without a hands-free kit of some kind. A lot of experts and politicians are chiming in on the matter, but I don’t think the masses listen to research wonks as much […]

Five ways to stay safer at those free hotspots


Due to everyone and their rival giving away wifi for the holidays, the folks at PC World put together a timely list of simple ways to keep yourself and your data safer when you access that free broadband. It ranges from the obvious, like don’t do your banking at public hotspots, to the more advanced, […]