Verizon vs Straight Talk Comparison

Verizon vs Straight Talk: What you need to know

Is Straight Talk good enough to quit Verizon? Can Straight Talk really offer the same service at half the cost of a Verizon plan? After using both services, we share this Verizon vs Straight Talk comparison to help you decide which carrier to use with coverage, pricing and other important details, as well as who shouldn’t […]

Straight Talk iPhone 5s : 5 Facts to Know Before Buying

What you need to know about the iPhone 5s on Straight Talk.

The iPhone 5s is available on Straight Talk with 4G LTE connectivity and a lower monthly bill than you will find on the major carriers, with the same network coverage which makes it a very attractive option for many users looking to save money on a iPhone. While Straight Talk is a good value for […]

Straight Talk iPhone 5s Release Brings 0% Financing Option

The Net10 and Straight Talk iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c release arrives Friday.

The Straight Talk iPhone 5s release date is set for Friday December 13th, alongside the Straight Talk iPhone 5c which will arrive at Walmart exclusively. In addition, the Net10 iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are also set for a release on Friday, bringing the new iPhones to Walmart’s pre-paid carriers. Straight Talk and Net10 are […]

Nexus 5 Carrier Comparison: From $30 a Month to No Contract LTE

Nexus 5 LTE Best Carrier

The Nexus 5 is an affordable flagship smartphone that outshines most $300 and $400 smartphones on the market, and it works on a wide variety of networks including pre-paid plans as low as $30 a month and no contract LTE connectivity. There is no Verizon Nexus 5 support, but it will run on AT&T, Sprint, […]

Straight Talk AT&T SIMs Now Support LTE

Frugal phone user can pay $45 a month and use Straight Talk 4G LTE on AT&T's network with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and popular Android devices.

Just in time for the iPhone 5s, Straight Talk now supports LTE on the AT&T SIM cards which sell for $7 online and can be cut down to fit the iPhone 5s’ nano-SIM card slot. Straight Talk AT&T SIM cards returned in August, ahead of the iPhone 5s release after a long absence and now […]

Straight Talk iPhone: AT&T SIM Returns In Time for iPhone 5S

Look for cheaper options to get a Straight Talk iPhone with AT&T service as the iPhone 5S release arrives.

A Straight Talk iPhone is once again a tempting option for many users now that the company is selling AT&T Straight Talk SIM cards for $15, just in time for the iPhone 5S release and a flood of used iPhones. The Straight Talk iPhone became less attractive without an AT&T option after the AT&T compatible […]

Straight Talk Refuses to Talk Straight About Unlimited Data

The Straight Talk AT&T SIM card is highly sought after by iPhone users.

In a statement meant to quell user’s fears of a data cap that would leave them without data on their device, prepaid carrier Straight Talk may have in fact not really quelled user’s fears at all. The post on StraightTalk’s blog, declared that contrary to recent rumors, it was not cutting off data access for […]

Straight Talk iPhone Less Attractive Without AT&T SIM Card

The Straight Talk AT&T SIM card is highly sought after by iPhone users.

The Straight Talk iPhone is a tempting way to use an iPhone 5 or older iPhone without an AT&T contract, but Straight Talk is no longer offering the Straight Talk AT&T compatible SIM cards, making the service less attractive. In late January, the Straight Talk AT&T SIM dropped off the Straight Talk website and soon […]

Verizon Prepaid Plans Now Offer iPhone Support, More Data


Verizon announced a new set of prepaid smartphone plans today that support the iPhone and offer greater choice for Android smartphones as well as more data, but restricts user to 3G. The new Verizon prepaid plans start at $60 for 500MB of data and $70 for 2GB of Data. Both plans offer unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. […]

iPhone 5 Straight Talk: 7 Facts to Know Before Buying

Straight Talk Unlimited Data Truth

The Straight Talk iPhone 5 is a tempting choice for smartphone owners looking to save money on their monthly bill, but it’s not all unlimited data and cheap monthly bills on Straight Talk. Straight Talk advertises unlimited data plans and cheap prices, but be ready for below average customer service, data caps and a more expensive iPhone […]

iPhone 5 Coming To Walmart Straight Talk January 11


On January 11 Walmart’s Straight Talk carrier will carry the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 with unlimited plans for $45 a month. The iPhone 5 will cost $649 for the 16GB modle on Straight Talk, and the 8GB iPhone 4 will sell for $449 on the prepaid carrier. Like other prepaid carrier, Straight Talk doesn’t […]

Consumer Reports Ranks Verizon Best U.S. Carrier, AT&T As Worst


In its most recent annual report on U.S. mobile carrier Consumer Reports found that Verizon Wireless is the best carrier of the big four, and AT&T is the worst. Verizon led the pack of the major carrier by receiving good scores in voice quality as well as data service quality. The company also scored well […]

LG Nexus 4 Carrier Comparison


The LG Nexus 4, Google’s latest Nexus-branded smartphone, is primed and ready to launch tomorrow in the United States tomorrow. Those looking to pick it up will have an assortment of options when it comes to using the Nexus 4 over a wireless network. Here, we detail the pre-paid and post-paid versions of the Nexus […]

Best Prepaid Smartphones Fall 2012

iPhone 4S top prepaid phone

Forget long-term contracts with the big name carriers. Prepaid smartphones are no longer outdated models connecting to obscure towers with low data limits. Carriers like Virgin Mobile now offer attractive smartphones like the iPhone 4S and the HTC EVO V. Straight Talk and Red Pocket Mobile offer SIM cards that pop into any AT&T phone with […]

Straight Talk Review: Affordable Pre-Paid Wireless for Smartphones

Straight Talk Wireless Lumia 900 Review

Straight Talk is a pre-paid cell phone service that offers unlimited calling, texting and data usage for $45 a month and allows users to bring their own phone. This means that the Nokia Lumia 900, iPhone 4S and many Android phones work with Straight Talk Wireless. (Read: Nokia Lumia 900 Review) AT&T compatible phones deliver amazing speeds […]

Can the Lumia 900 Be Windows Phone’s ‘Droid’?

Lumia 900 Windows Phone's Savior

The Nokia Lumia 900 is topping sales charts as users discover the young Windows Phone operating system. Can the Lumia 900 deliver a “Droid Effect” to Windows Phone, boosting Windows Phone App selection and appeal? In the fight with the iPhone and Android for market share, Windows Phone is the underdog, much like Android was in 2009. In […]