Why Students Should Wait to Buy a New MacBook Air


While many college students are most likely shopping around for a new laptop for college, right now may not be the best time, and here’s why. Now that high school seniors have graduated high school and are focusing their summer efforts on getting ready for college in the fall, one task that many students are […]

Sprint Giving Students Free Year of Service with Phone Purchase


Sprint is partnering up with Best Buy to give college students a pretty appetizing offer. When students go into Best Buy and purchase a smartphone with Sprint service, they’ll get one free year of service that includes unlimited talk and text, as well as 1GB of data per month (or bump that up to unlimited […]

Back to School Deal: Buy a Windows PC, Get an Xbox 360

Xbox 360 deal Students

Students can score a free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows computer thanks to a new promotion from Microsoft. Resurrecting last year’s popular buy a Window PC, get an Xbox 360 promotion, Microsoft partnered with six U.S. retailers to offer a free 4GB Xbox 360 to students that buy a Windows PC priced over $699. […]

Yale Med School Swaps Paper for iPads, Cite Convenience and Security

ipad medical school

Yale Medical School greeted students this week with the best back to school gift you can give a medical student, aside from free tuition, a 64GB 3G iPad 2 to use for classes and clinical work. The school picked the iPad as a new student learning tool after a trial program last year tested well with […]

The First Multimedia, HD-Capable, SXGA Portable Visual Presenter


Lumens is proud of their new medusa-like, HD ready DC260 visual presenter.   The DC260 features 1080p HDMI output, audio and video processor for full frame video recording to an SD card, 3x optical zoom, true SXGA output, and double lamp design for plenty of illumination.   According to Lumens, the DC260 is easily the […]

Five Reasons Why Students Should Use a Tablet PC

Computer Shopper has a nice little video on why students should be using tablet pc technology in school. Can any of our student readers give us some more reasons? How do you see tablet technology impacting your studies on a day to day basis?   >> >     via Active Ink Software Technorati Tags: […]

WIPTE 2008: Tablet PCs and Education

The Workshop on the Impact of Pen-Based Technology on Education (WIPTE) is a great conference opportunity for those in education with an interest in Tablets and other pen-based technologies.  This workshop is the closest thing to a dedicated conference on Tablet PC technology that there is. It is a Tablet PC enthusiasts dream. Check out […]

SynergyNet Aims To Change the Classroom

Check out this video demonstration of SynergyNet, a multi-touch framework that runs on top of a gaming and physics engine. The research project has the following goals: Aim 1: To create a radically new technology-rich learning environment that integrates with traditional classroom layouts and collective activities. Aim 2: To design and implement a new form […]

StudentTabletPC.com Changes Direction

Those who have been around Tablet PCs the past four to five years can remember StudentTabletPC.com growing out of a single forum thread from TabletPCBuzz.com. Tracy Hooten and Trevor Claiborne started the site as a dedicated source of information for students and Tablet PCs, and they were quite successful. The site has always been a […]

Private School in Tuscaloosa Ditching Textbooks – For Tablet PCs

The Tuscaloosa Academy has switched some students over to Tablet PCs for their learning.  Check out the article and the video about the school making the move.  They talk about hardware problems in making the switch, but do say that the problems are just of a different kind.  It appears that the kids really like […]

GBM Inkshow: Truc’s Back To School Hardware Essentials

It’s that time again for school to start back up. This Inkshow will focus on the hardware that I use in order to maximize productivity and stay organized. I also touch on accessories that makes life just a bit easier for me when I’m home and when I’m mobile. Take a look, leave some feedback, […]

Microsoft Drops Office Ultimate Prices For Students

Microsoft is offering Office Ultimate to students for the unreal price of $59.95. All you need is to have a .edu email address and be registered for at least 0.5 credit hours in case MS decides to come asking for proof of your enrollment for whatever reason. Office Ultimate retails for $679, so this is […]

ISTE Releases Book Touting Tablet’s Benefits For K-12 Education

Eliot Graff, a former English professor and current programmer and technical writer/editor/blogger has found a new book dealing with tablet PCs and education. The International Society for Technology in Education has released their latest volume titled Tablet PCs in K-12 Education. Being a big proponent of tablet PCs being integrated into secondary educational systems, I’m […]

Going Mobile Down By The Bay

I remember being in high school and being totally envious of smart kids like those from Amador Valley High School. They have formed a Robotics club to work on autonomous undersea vehicles, competing ( and placing!) against the likes of large universities from India, Japan, and the US.  How cool is that! Powering their sub […]

PDF Annotator Priced For Students

If you have a son or daughter going off to college or if you are in college yourself, don’t miss PDF Annotator for Students for $29.90. It’s the full Version 2 with special pricing for those of us in education. McKay Whitney, a regular site contributor, alerted us to the special pricing this morning. With […]

Students Discuss Basic Needs For Tablets

What better way to do market research than to ask students for their input on what they consider are important aspects of computers. Lenovo employed two interns over the summer who were very familiar with tabletPC’s and education. They created a head-to-head video comparison between their HP tablet and the Lenovo X61t. Being a tabletPC […]

Getting tech into students’ hands.

Loyal GBM reader Steve asks, “Since you. . .seem to have used tablets in education, why aren’t more students carrying these things, and how do we get tablets into their hands?”  As a public high school language arts and communications instructor, I have had many opportunities to implement technology into my lessons.  I have tried […]

HP Deploys 7,000 Mini-Notes to Schools

HP announced today a large scale deployment of the HP 2133 Mini-Note to the Fresno (Calif) United School District. The 7,000 Mini-Notes are going to kids in K-12. ““The HP Mini-Note is a powerful laptop that is small enough to fit on students’ desks along with their textbooks and papers, allowing them access to the […]

DyKnow and Lenovo Partner Up for Education

If there is an area that excites me as much as mobile technology it is education. The potential of marrying up the right technology with different education scenarios like public schools, private schools, cottage schools, home schools, and colleges are tremendous. It looks like Lenovo and DyKnow recognize the same thing, as they have partnered […]