T-Mobile Getting Rid of Grandfathered Plans in Favor of New Plans

T-Mobile iPhone 5S

T-Mobile will be canceling grandfathered plans for subscribers and will begin to put customers on new plans starting sometime next month. The company confirmed the changes to Engadget, and a T-Mobile user also posted a copy of a letter they received from the carrier about switching to a new plan and getting rid of the […]

T-Mobile Bringing Free International Data to Users

T-Mobile iPhone 5S

T-Mobile USA will let subscribers use their data packages internationally at no additional charge. The nation’s fourth largest wireless company announced the move as part of its Uncarrier initiative this afternoon, and teamed up with international pop-star Shakira to do so. According to the announcement from T-Mobile, its users will gain the ability to travel […]

T-Mobile LG G2 Arriving Starting September 18


Shortly after Verizon published their announcement on LG G2 availability, T-Mobile followed suit, announcing that their version of LG’s new smartphone will launch beginning on September 18. All sales will be online only until September 25, where T-Mobile will begin selling the phone in its brick-and-mortar locations. Since T-Mobile did away with contracts recently, the […]

The 5 Best T-Mobile Smartphones [May, 2013]


T-Mobile wasn’t immune from the slow start to 2013 that plagued other carriers. Like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, T-Mobile also suffered from a lack of new devices in the beginning of the year, instead choosing to rely on its crop from last year. Fortunately for those in the market for a new phone, that changed […]

T-Mobile 4G LTE: Where to Expect it Next

The T-Mobile 4G LTE network might get larger in May and June.

T-Mobile looks like it will be making big strides in its attempt to catch the 4G LTE networks of its rivals as a new leak suggests that the carrier is prepping a massive expansion of its new high-speed network, set to take place in both May and June. Earlier this year, T-Mobile finally rolled out […]

T-Mobile iPhone 5: 5 Things to Know

iPhone 5 carriers go head to head.

After years and years of unofficial support, T-Mobile has finally officially started offering Apple’s iPhone, in the start of a pre-order for the iPhone 5, Apple’s latest and greatest smartphone. Of course, we know all about the iPhone 5 and its hardware and software features but beyond those, there are things that potential buyers should […]

The 5 Best T-Mobile Smartphones [April, 2013]


With a new approach to how it does business and an arsenal of upcoming devices, T-Mobile has made a big splash in a year that is only a little more than three months old. Armed with its new 4G LTE network, new data plans and devices like the iPhone and the HTC One, T-Mobile is […]

T-Mobile Ditching Smartphone Contracts Soon

Expect familiar iPhone 5S pricing.

In late 2012, T-Mobile confirmed that it would be carrying the iPhone in 2013. At the same time, the carrier also revealed that it would be abolishing contracts on its network in favor of its unsubsidized Value Plans. The carrier didn’t reveal timing but It now appears that T-Mobile could be ditching smartphone contracts as […]

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 Update Brings Multi-Window View


As promised, T-Mobile has rolled out its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Multi-Window View update which finally brings one of the Galaxy Note 2’s most powerful features to owners of the Magenta variant. Read: Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Multi-Window View. Earlier this week, T-Mobile announced that it would be rolling out the Galaxy Note 2 update […]

T-Mobile iPhone Confirmed for 2013

iphone-5-black-vs-white 3

Earlier today, the parent company of T-Mobile USA, Deutsche Telekom, announced that the United States’ fourth-largest service provider would be selling Apple products in 2013. At the time, it did not specify which products. Now, T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere has confirmed that T-Mobile will indeed be offering the iPhone at some point during the […]

T-Mobile iPhone Release Date Looks Good for 2013

iphone-5-black-vs-white 4

Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann confirmed today that T-Mobile USA will be launching Apple products in 2013 which presumably means that the T-Mobile iPhone and quite possibly, the T-Mobile iPad will both become a reality next year. According to Sacha Segan from PCMag, Obermann made the remarks at investor’s day meetings today saying that T-Mobile USA […]

Sprint Considering a Bid for MetroPCS


Yesterday T-Mobile and MetroPCS announced plans to merge pending regulatory approval, but Sprint wants to halt the deal by making an offer of its own. According to Bloomberg BusinessWeek Sprint is considering a counter-offer to MetroPCS. Sprint is talking to advisers to see if it can afford to make an offer that beats the offer Deutsche Telekom […]

Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS Approve T-Mobile Merger

T-Mobile Metropcs

The T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger is officially approved by the boards of both Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile USA’s parent company) and MetroPCS, and will now move forward pending approval from government agencies. T-Mobile announced the decision in a press release where it outlined some of the details of the agreement. The new company formed by T-Mobile […]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III Launches


Amidst the chaos, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III has launched. T-Mobile has become the first carrier in the United States to have the Samsung Galaxy S III available in its retail stores after Sprint had to delay the launch of the device due to overwhelming demand. AT&T and Verizon have yet to announce official […]

T-Mobile Reveals Samsung Galaxy S III Pricing and Launch Info

T-Mobile Details Samsung Galaxy S III Pricing and Launch Info

Finally, after several weeks of waiting, T-Mobile has revealed its Samsung Galaxy S III launch information including its odd release date and its pricing. According to TMoNews, T-Mobile will launch the Samsung Galaxy S III in its top 29 markets starting June 21st. On that day, the device will be available in-stores in those cities […]

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

T-Mobile Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango Update Release Date Revealed

The T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 Windows Phone Tango update release date has been revealed. According to TMoNews, the Lumia 710 will be seeing the Windows Phone update 7.10.8773, otherwise known as Windows Phone Tango, arrive tomorrow. The carrier says that Microsoft will be pushing the update through July which means many Lumia 710 owners won’t […]

New Samsung QWERTY with Android 4.0 Headed to T-Mobile

New Samsung QWERTY with Android 4.0 Headed to T-Mobile

A new Samsung smartphone with Android 4.0 and a physical QWERTY keyboard will be heading to T-Mobile at some point in the future. TMoNews has leaked an image of the SGH-T99, which was once thought to possibly be the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but has instead revealed its face to be a device with a physical […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available

T-Mobile promised to make the Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update available through Samsung Kies last night and as promised, the update is now available for Galaxy S II owners to download. The carrier announced yesterday that it would be releasing the update at 8PM PST and 11PM EST which means that many […]

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out Tonight

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolling Out Tonight

T-Mobile has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update will be rolling out tonight through Samsung’s Kies software. The carrier had said that the update would be rolling out to the device today and it has stuck to its promise. Android 4.0 will indeed be rolling out to the Galaxy S […]

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to T-Mobile in July?

Samsung Galaxy Note Coming to T-Mobile in July?

It appears that the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung’s 5.3-inch smartphone, might be headed to T-Mobile in July. TMoNews is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy Note might be hitting T-Mobile on July 11th which means that those looking to get the massive smartphone on the Magenta carrier likely have over a month of waiting to endure. […]