Windows 8 “Fuzzy Hit Targeting” for Touch Explained


Of all the touch features in Windows 8, the one I feel is most valuable is also the least dazzling. “Fuzzy hit targeting” as it was called earlier this year enables wide fingers to more accurately work with an interface designed for pinpoint cursors. But how does it work? Long Zheng at istartedsomething explains. The […]

Part 1.5 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Performance

CL900 and Kindle

While testing various scenarios with Ink and Touch on the CL900 I am reviewing I found several significant issues with the reliability and consistency of Ink on this tablet.  I reached out to Rob Bushway to discuss his experiences with this device and the digital pen.  He told me he was not experiencing any problems […]

Part 1 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Hardware

CL900 On Dock

We spend time with the Motion Computing CL900 slate. It has multi-touch, digital ink, and up to eight hours battery life in a small, light slate. Does it live up to it’s potential as the perfect companion in the office, on the road, and sitting on the couch?

Weekly Wrapup: Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone News & Reviews (June 3rd)

Apple WWDC

Thanks to Computex 2011 in Taipei we have a large collection of new notebooks to share with you. We also have some new news about smartphones and tablets, including an in-depth look at the HP TouchPad from Computex. Don’t forget, if you signed up for our reader meetup tonight, you should grab your ticket and get to the venue for your […]

Windows 8 Touch Interface Impresses But Is It Enough?


Well, Microsoft took the wraps off their touch tablet strategy yesterday and if I had to describe the effort in one word, it would be “impressive”. They addressed several key problems with touch in Windows, including my main one. But there’s a rub that we old schoolers may not like and still unknown is how […]

BlackBerry Touch 9860 Gets Caught in The Wild (Photo)


Remember the BlackBerry Touch (Monaco/Monza)? You know, the phone that RIM was supposedly going to announce at BlackBerry World and then supposedly wasn’t and then didn’t? Well, it has shown up in a new photo today showing off its non-QWERTY roots. We’ve seen the BlackBerry Touch 9860 show up in front of the camera before […]

Ribbons to Make Windows 8 More Tablet-Ready


While the debate over how ready Microsoft will make its next iteration of Windows–Windows 8–tablet-ready is continuing, Microsoft is continuing to experiment with the ribbons user interface that was present on Windows 7 and its Office suite and extend the paradigm into Windows 8. Gone will be the menu-driven toolbars in favor of the ribbon, […]

TipPopper Makes Chrome TIP Friendly


Window’s Text Input Panel (TIP) behaves nicely when using Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications, but it doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to in Chrome, my favorite browser. GBN reader Brendan Sullivan and I got into a discussion by email about optimizing his HP Slate 500 for touch and he found a great plugin […]

N-Trig Says It is Readying DuoSense Screens For Android Tablets


Ina Fried at D: All Things Digital is reporting that N-Trig is hoping to woo Android Tablet developers to the world of pen and touch. Featuring N-Trig’s DuoSense technology that allows both pen and touch, NTrig is making the rounds and hoping that Tablet makers see that Pen functionality might actually help them stand out […]

GBM Shortcut: The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse


The Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse is now available at most retailers for $69.99. As far as a mouse goes in my view it is not a bad alternative if you need a mouse that is relatively compact for your bag or you pocket with one exception. I’ll get to that in a minute. The design […]

Would You Like Shape Shifting with that Touch Surface?


Looks like Microsoft continues to try and push the envelope when it comes to touch. According to a recently filed patent they’ve created a method of touching a surface to create a different tactile experience that makes users think they are touching a 3D like surface. According to an article on New Scientist, Microsoft is […]

Microsoft Kinect Makes Any Surface Touchable


If you’ve drooled over the Microsoft Surface or any of the other futuristic touch projects coming out of Microsoft’s labs, you’ll appreciate the following video of a hacked connect that maks any surface touchable. Microsoft sold a million Kinect sensors within 10 days of it going on sale and expects to sell another four million […]

GBM Shortcut: AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens

GBM Shortcut_ AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens | GottaBeMobile

I posted about AGloves a week or so ago. Although I don’t think they are actually for me, AGloves actually do work quite well with capacitive touch screens. I got sent a pair for review and so last night my lovely wife, Thomasin and I gave them a try. You can check that out in […]

Yahoo Working on Improving Touch in the Browser


Touch is touchy. It works well in many cases, and well there are just some cases that it isn’t quite there yet. According to this article on TechCrunch web designers don’t favor touch all that easily because it is harder to code for in the browser, and easier to do so in dedicated Apps. Yahoo […]

Pico Projector in a Lamp Makes Any Surface Touchable

Screen shot 2010-08-20 at 10.28.28 AM

Here’s an interesting video from the National Taiwan University. A rig consisting of a pico projector and camera can fir in to any standard light bulb socket and project on the surface below. The camera allows the system to sense touches and gestures. In the video, gestures are used to focus in on buildings. The […]

FrontFace: a tablet-friendly front for Windows’ face


German software company mirabyte is stepping into the game of making Windows more touch-friendly with an application called FrontFace. It is similar to other UI overlays, such as Thinix Touch and Microsoft’s Origami, but they seem to be emphasizing web integration.

Thinix Touch UI for Windows


If you’re looking for a better Windows touchscreen experience you should check out Thinx Touch v6. According to Thinix, the software “allows users to transform their computer devices into Easy-to-Use, Finger-Driven Appliances.” Earlier this week Brett Gilbertson wrote a great article about why Windows is just fine for touch. Thinix Touch v6 is an example of […]

Don’t blame the cursor! Windows is just fine for touch…


I’ve now spent about two weeks full time with the multi-touch Fujitsu T900. I have been interested to see how capacitive touch works with Windows on a daily basis since there has been a lot of suggestion in the IT media (including this website) that Windows is not designed for touch due to its orientation […]

Jolicloud Adds Touch

Jolicloud’s got the touch! - Jolicloud Blog-1

Jolicloud one of the alternative OS for mobile devices that keeps trying to edge its way into the mainstream is announcing that the new version (1.0) will support some touchscreen displays out of the box. You can read a list of the touchscreen technologies here and check out the video below.