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Part 1 | Motion Computing CL900 – The Hardware

We spend time with the Motion Computing CL900 slate. It has multi-touch, digital ink, and up to eight hours battery life in a small, light slate. Does it live up to it's potential as the perfect companion in the office, on the road, and sitting on the couch?

TipPopper Makes Chrome TIP Friendly

Window's Text Input Panel (TIP) behaves nicely when using Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications, but it doesn't show up when it's supposed to in Ch...
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Thinix Touch UI for Windows

If you're looking for a better Windows touchscreen experience you should check out Thinx Touch v6. According to Thinix, the software "allows users to transform ...
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Jolicloud Adds Touch

Jolicloud one of the alternative OS for mobile devices that keeps trying to edge its way into the mainstream is announcing that the new version (1.0) will suppo...
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Hating Summer Humidity and Touch

Maybe it is just that I sweat easily and I guess a lot. (Not quite as much as the guy in the picture.) But when the Virginia humidity kicks in during the late s...