Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 Not Thicker Than Black Version

White iPhone 4 vs. Black iPhone 4

Over the weekend, Apple’s senior vice president Phil Schiller sent a Twitter Direct Message to a 9to5Mac reader stating very plainly that the white iPhone 4 is not thicker than the black version of the device and that the reader should not “believe all the junk that you read.” Today, Consumer Reports has posted some […]

White iPhone 4 Thicker Than Original iPhone 4? (Photos)

White iPhone 4 vs. Original iPhone 4

On Apple’s website, they list the white iPhone 4 and the black iPhone 4 as being the exact same size. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case as some photos posted by a guy named Ryan Cash seem to show a small size difference between the newly released white iPhone 4 and the black […]

Apple Explains White iPhone 4 Delays

White iPhone 4

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and company Senior Vice President Phil Schiller have released some comments about the white iPhone 4 delays saying the phone was a challenge to make and that making the white iPhone 4 was “not as simple as making something white.” Earlier today, Apple confirmed that the white iPhone 4 would finally […]

White iPhone 4 Finally Officially Arrives Tomorrow

White iPhone 4 Coming April 28

After a long and embarrassing delay, Apple is now officially launching the white iPhone 4 on April 28. The press release from Apple says they will be available at their Apple stores, online and at AT&T, Verizon and some “select Apple Authorized Resellers.” Which resellers was not included. There have been reports that Best Buy […]

White iPhone 4 Already Being Sold in Europe

White iPhone 4

While Apple’s white iPhone 4 is expected to officially go on sale tomorrow, some lucky devils in Belgium and Italy have been able to take the device home early. iSpazio is reporting that a retailer in Italy called HG3 has sold at least one white iPhone 4 to a lucky customer while a report from […]

White iPhone 4 Caught in The Wild Ahead of Launch Day

White iPhone 4

While Apple has been coy with announcing an official release date for the white iPhone 4, we already know when it should be coming and that day is tomorrow, April 27th. Luckily, that day looks to be the real deal this time as the device has shown up in mass for a photo-op at a […]

White iPhone 4 Launching April 27th?

White iPhone 4 Release Date?

We had heard earlier this month that Apple was going to launch the white iPhone 4 by the end of April and now, we finally have a possible launch date with evidence pointing to April 27th as the day the unicorn of smartphones might finally become real. A report from iPhoneClub in the Netherlands claims […]

Report: Apple to Launch White iPhone 4 by End of April

White iPhone 4

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, The mobile world’s unicorn, known to some as the white iPhone 4, will apparently be released on both AT&T and Verizon by the end of April. If the white iPhone 4 does indeed hit shelves in the next few weeks, it will have been 10 months since Steve Jobs took the […]

White iPhone 4 References Disappear From Apple’s Website

White iPhone 4

It looks like there is more trouble for the white iPhone 4 as it appears that Apple has removed a bunch of references of it from its website. The move, which was first noticed by, got rid of a bunch of visual references of the white iPhone on both the U.S. and International versions […]

White iPhone Becomes White Elephant


Apple’s attempts at selling a white iPhone 4 have been, well, more than curious. Lots of white iPhones were in the press room when the iPhone 4 was announced. In fact most of the pictures we saw from that press scrum were of the white iPhone. Then when sales began it was announced that there […]