Fujitsu to Release the World’s First Windows Phone Mango Smartphone?


Despite Microsoft’s newly formed high profile relationship with Finnish phone-maker Nokia, it appears that Fujitsu will be the one to debut Windows Phone 7 on its newly minted hardware. Since Microsoft’s Worldwide Partners Conference in Los Angeles, California, the Fujitsu-made magenta hued smartphone with its waterproof coating has attracted a fair amount of attention, and […]

Despite Small Sales, Microsoft Re-Affirms Commitment to Windows Phone


CEO Steve Ballmer of Microsoft re-affirms his company’s commitment to the Windows Phone platform during a keynote at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Los Angeles, California. Though the CEO had admitted that the platform, which was re-tooled less than a year ago, only achieved a small market share, Ballmer remains optimistic about the prospect of […]

Ballmer: Windows Phone Mango Devices ‘Coming This Christmas’


With the preview of the Windows Phone 7 Mango software update, Microsoft had stated that the update will be available by Fall, and Mango could still make the cut as an update for existing devices. However, it seems that new, second-generation devices won’t be hitting the market until Christmas, according to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer […]

More Evidence for Front-Facing Camera in Windows Phone 7


Microsoft may be secretly building support for front-facing cameras with the next iteration of Windows Phone 7 hardware that will be released with the Mango update pre-loaded, and there’s been more evidence to support Microsoft’s plans to build in video chat to its mobile platform. In the first beta of the Mango developer tools, there […]

Custom and Homemade Ringtones to Come with Windows Phone 7 Mango Update

Custom ringtones will appear in Settings, under a new Custom heading

Windows Phone 7 owners will soon be able to get custom and homemade ringtones when the Mango software update lands. According to Microsoft, you’ll be able to create 39-second ringtone files from any files, and the company is opening the possibility up to app developers to create features to allow users to easily create ringtones […]

Windows Phone 7 to Have Button-Less Design with Mango Update?


The leaked images of Nokia’s Sea Ray Windows Phone 7 prototype revealed a curious fact–that device lacked the three hardware buttons that were required by Microsoft at the time that Windows Phone 7 debuted–Windows, back, and search. At the time of the leak, it was thought that Nokia had special access and privilege to modify […]

Nokia Delegates Windows Phone Manufacturing to Compal


It appears that Nokia may be outsourcing the manufacturing of its Windows Phone 7 handsets to Compal, according to a report by DigiTimes. The move to have a third-party manufacture Nokia’s high-end smartphone is somewhat surprising considering that Nokia has built up its economy of scale through its manufacturing plants in the past, but it […]

HTC 7 Pro Arrives on US Cellular


US Cellular is now offering the HTC 7 Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone with a sliding and tilting screen in landscape mode to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. The HTC 7 Pro is similar to Sprint’s HTC Arrive, which features the same hardware design for the carrier’s CDMA 3G network. The HTC 7 Pro features a […]

Photo Stream: How Microsoft’s Failed KIN Still Beats iCloud


Even after over a year since Microsoft had launched the now defunct KIN, a Windows Phone that the company had hoped would consumerized the platform ahead of the Windows Phone 7 launch debut, Apple’s iCloud announcement at WWDC falls short when it comes to photo streaming. As the iPhone-maker aims for simplicity while at the […]

Acer Shows Off Mango-Powered Windows Phone 7 W4


Acer is showing off the W4 Windows Phone 7 hardware at the Computex trade show. The device is said to be pre-loaded with the latest Windows Phone 7 Mango update, and would come in two variants with one variant supporting AT&T’s U.S. 3G bands. Here are some specs for the device: 3.6-inch WVGA Capacitive screen, Screen […]

Two Models of Nokia’s Phones Coming: One with Touchscreen, One with Keyboard


Nokia is gearing up to launch its first portfolio of smartphones running Microsoft’s revamped Windows Phone 7 operating system pre-loaded with the Mango software update. The latest leak reveals that Nokia will be launching at least two phones, one with a touchscreen-only form factor, and another with a keyboard. News of this latest rumor comes […]

Windows Phone Nokia Maps Integration Won’t Happen Until 2012


Though Microsoft had announced the next update to its Windows Phone 7 platform earlier this week, boasting more Bing services and over 500 new features, the switch to use Nokia Maps to power Bing Maps won’t happen in Mango. In an interview with Phonescoop, Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan says that more work will be needed to […]

Nokia’s First Windows Phone Device Will Be Released with Mango


While Windows Phone 7.1, codenamed Mango, will be coming to current Windows Phone 7 handsets as a software update later this year, Nokia’s debut smartphone running on the platform will come with Mango pre-installed. Nokia has published on its official blog, Nokia Conversations that it will be waiting for the new features of Mango to […]

Catch Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Event Via Livestream


Microsoft will be livestreaming its Windows Phone event from New York and if you’re not in attendance, you can catch all the latest surrounding Redmond, Washington’s mobile OS. Though details are scarce, the event may be host to a number of improvements through the forthcoming Mango update to the operating system, as well as play […]

Microsoft Denies an Acquisition of Nokia


After Symbian leaker Eldar Murtazin had posted that Microsoft may be looking to buy Nokia, we have seen Nokia deny such allegations and now the German arm of Microsoft is also refuting Murtazin’s speculations. Calling out the rumor as nonsense, Microsoft says, “Microsoft is very pleased with the current solution that the group in future provide the software […]

HTC Omega, Eternity Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Rumored


HTC is rumored to be working on two new Windows Phone 7 handsets at opposite ends of the spectrum with the Mango firmware update pre-loaded. The HTC Eternity will be a high-end Windows Phone 7 device while the HTC Omega will be targeted at the entry level demographic. WMPU received a tip on the new […]

More Windows Phone 7 Mango Features Revealed


In the Windows Phone Developer Podcast, Microsoft’s Ryan and Travis reveal additional features that are forthcoming as part of the platform’s forthcoming Mango software update. It’s unclear if these features will be in addition to, or in lieu of, the new Bing voice integration that’s been previously rumored. In the podcast, though, these features seem […]