Redacted iOS 6 Feature Will Change the Way You Use the iPhone 5

iOS 6 Logo

In case you missed it [REDACTED] is the hottest new iOS 6 feature Apple isn’t talking about. Well known iOS developers are talking about a secret new iOS 6 feature which will deliver some un-announced feature to iOS 6. Read: 40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Care About Most likely this secret iOS 6 feature will be […]

Hands on With iOS 6 Maps, Facebook, Do Not Disturb and More (Video)

Apple introduced a lot of new features for iOS 6, including some that iPhone owners will surely want today. The official iOS 6 release date isn’t until fall, but I’ve installed the iOS 6 beta on my iPhone 4S to test out the early version of Apple’s new software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod […]

Hands On with Siri for iOS 6 (Video)

Apple gives users more power with the new version of Siri in the iOS 6 beta. I took the new and improved Siri for a spin on an iPhone 4S with the iOS 6 beta installed. Not every new Siri feature worked properly, but for the most part the new Siri is a welcome change. Read: Hands […]

iOS 6 Hands On: 10 Killer iOS 6 Features

iOS 6 Hands On Siri Sports

iOS 6 is the most exciting version of iOS since I started using an iPhone or an iPad, so I couldn’t wait to install the iOS 6 beta on the iPhone 4S. The iOS 6 beta includes over 200 new features, but these ten features are the ones that steal the show and welcome you […]

No iPhone 5, No Problem: iPhone Owners Will Wait For Fall Release Date

While some Apple watchers held hope for an iPhone 5 release date announcement at the WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple chose to tell the world about new MacBook Pro models and amazing iOS 6 features. Our best guess is that Apple will ship the new iPhone sometime in October. A fall iPhone 5 release mirrors last […]

WWDC 2012 Roundup: iOS 6, New MacBooks, and More

iOS 6.1.4 is the latest iOS 6 update from Apple.

Earlier today, Apple CEO Tim Cook and his colleagues took the stage at the company’s WWDC 2012 conference in San Francisco and announced a host of new products including iOS 6, a brand new, upgraded Retina Display MacBook Pro and more. There were quite a few rumors leading up to the event and while some […]

Apple TV Set a No Show at WWDC 2012

Apple Cinema Display

Apple shared a lot of awesome new hardware and software features during its WWDC 2012 keynote address, but the much-anticipated and rumored Apple TV set was a no-show. Apple didn’t even mention the current small set-top box, something many Apple fans really hoped to hear about at WWDC. The Boy Genius Report and several other technology sites reported rumors […]

Apple Maps Replaces Google With TomTom, OpenStreetMaps and “Others”

Apple TomTom iOS 6 Maps app

Apple is abandoning abandon Google Maps data in iOS 6, partnering with a number of other companies to create a much better Maps app. According to The Verge, Apple is using data from TomTom and OpenStreetMaps and “others” in its new Maps app. Apple doesn’t specify which companies it uses for which feature, though we assume […]

Apple Releases New AirPort Express Base Station

Apple AirPort Express Base Station

Apple spent nearly two-hours introducing new features and products during its keynote presentation, but that still wasn’t enough time to get to everything. Devices like the new AirPort Express Base Station just appeared in the Apple Store without an official announcement. The new Apple Airport Express Base Station is a Wi-Fi router from Apple that looks and […]

iOS 6 Features That Will Make It Tougher to Sell Android

iOS Closes the Gap with Android in Key Areas

Apple announced over 200 new iOS 6 features at WWDC 2012, so it’s not surprising to see that many of the best new iOS 6 features are already available on Android. In fact, some of the more popular features in Apple’s iOS 6 can already be found within Google’s mobile platform. Here is a look […]

No iPhone 5 at WWDC, Release Date Sometime this Fall

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 3.42.37 PM

Apple announced MacBook, OS X and iOS updates during its WWDC 2012 keynote, but failed to introduce what many Apple fans really wanted: a new iPhone. Apple spent almost an hour detailing iOS 6, which will be available this fall, but only as it relates to previous iPhone and iPad models. Many iPhone shoppers were […]

40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Care About

iOS 6 Logo

Apple announced over 200 changes to iOS 6, the latest software that will power the iPhone and iPad. There are over 200 new features in iOS 6, but you won’t care about every change Apple made. Apple highlights the top iOS 6 features, but there are many more iOS 6 features that Apple silently announced. […]

Siri Comes to iPad in iOS 6

Siri on iPad

Apple’s iOS 6, the next version of iOS, will bring the brand new Siri the iPad. When the new iPad first launched it shipped with dictation, but it did not support Siri, disappointing many users. With Siri on the new iPad, the Apple tablet becomes a lot more useful for productivity.  With Siri users can easily set […]

How to Watch the WWDC 2012 Keynote

How to Watch the WWDC 2012 Keynote

Apple doesn’t stream its events live which left those wanting to watch the WWDC 2012 keynote with rudimentary methods like unauthorized live streams and live blogs. However, Apple has now posted the keynote online for all to enjoy. The company generally posts the keynote on its website shortly after the conclusion of the keynote and […]

iOS 6 Not Coming to Original iPad

iOS 6 Not Coming to Original iPad

Apple has announced iOS 6 for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch but the software won’t be coming to all versions of those devices. Specifically, those who own the original iPad won’t be getting the update. While Apple announced that the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch, iPad 2 and the third-generation […]

iOS 6 Release Date Pegged for Fall

The next big update for the iPhone 5 should be iOS 7.

While Apple unveiled iOS 6 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and released the beta version of the software for developers today, the actual release of the operating system for consumers won’t arrive until the fall of 2012. Apple, per usual, did not give the software an official release date only saying that the […]

Siri to Provide Sports Scores, Stats and Standings

apple sports information

Thanks to the updates to Siri announced at WWDC 2012, users will soon be able to keep track of sports scores, stats and more. The new features work with major sports, allowing iOS users to instantly get information about live games and players. Let’s say you’re a Green Bay Packers fan and you want to […]

Siri Can Open Apps in iOS 6

Siri Launches Apps

Apple goes big on Siri features with iOS 6, including the ability to open apps with Siri. Siri has long been able to play music and work with Apple apps, but third-party apps couldn’t play nice with Siri. On stage, Apple showed off the ability to open apps with Siri on the iPhone 4S. Apple […]

Safari With TabView Syncing and More in Mountain Lion

Safari TabView

At WWDC 2012 Apple introduced a new Safari version that will ship with Mountain Lion. The latest version of OS X will be available in the Mac App Store in July for only $19.95. Apple’s latest Web browser offers faster JavaScript performance, iCould Tabs and TabView. TabView looks like the biggest new feature in the next Safari. […]

OS X Mountain Lion Arrives in July for $19.99

OS X Mountain Lion

The new version of OS X arrives in July with a $19.99 upgrade fee and support for upgrades all the way back to Snow Leopard. Users who buy a new Mac today will get a free upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion when it launches in July, and users who already own a Mac can […]