Live HTC Flyer Review: Mobile Enough?


During my live, as in ongoing and on-the-job, review of the HTC Flyer, mobility and portability were vital to getting my job done. I was in the air and on the move for hours at time. Would the Flyer be up for it? Could I carry and use it comfortably? Would Wi-Fi be enough? I […]

Live HTC Flyer Review: Video on the Go


With front- and rear-mounted cameras, the HTC Flyer begs to be used for capturing and sharing video. As luck would have it, that’s exactly what I was tasked to do for work this past week. I was glad to have the Flyer in hand to do it, and I’ve got the YouTube videos to prove […]

Live HTC Flyer Review: Inking Experience


As an ink blogger, the feature I’ve been most enthusiastic about testing on the HTC Flyer is ink. The Flyer is designed for pen input in a way unlike other pen tablets before it. What I’ve found is the experience breaks out into quantity vs. quality. It’s easy to spill a lot of ink, but […]

Live HTC Flyer Review: First Impact


As you may have already seen, I am now evaluating the HTC Flyer, a 7″ Android tablet with a twist – active pen input. That makes it of special interest to me, Sumocat, The Father of Ink Blogging, and I’ve wasted no time spilling ink on this thing with realtime reporting. Let me tell you […]

AT&T Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Update Now Available

Xperia X10

Go ahead and run your eyes Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners on AT&T but it won’t change the fact that Android 2.1 was just released for your device, an update that was thought to never be coming at all. Sony Ericsson has surprised X10 owners on AT&T with a manual update to Éclair aka Android […]

Android 2.3 Update List: Phones That Won’t Be Getting Gingerbread

Samsung Moment

Alright, so Android 2.3 Gingerbread has started to roll out to phones other than Google’s Nexus One and the Nexus S and it’s probably got a lot of people wondering. Will my phone be getting the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update? Well, lucky for you, we have a complete rundown of the phones that are getting […]

Sprint Announces Rugged Motorola Titanium with Keyboard

Motorola Titanium front low-res

The Sprint Motorola Titanium is similar in design to the Motorola XPRT that was announced today for the Now Network, but features rugged attributes like the Motorola i1 that was released last year for Sprint’s iDEN network. The device features a similar keyboard to the Sprint Motorola XPRT, the Motorola Droid Pro, and the Motorola […]

Sprint Outlines Fixes for Epic 4G Android 2.2 Update Issues


With the Samsung Epic 4G, a 3G/4G multi-mode Android Galaxy S variant for the Sprint Now Network, having just received its Android 2.2 upgrade from Android 2.1, some users are reporting that they are experiencing calendar synchronization, connectivity, and SD card problems. If you have the Epic 4G and are experiencing any of those issues […]

T-Mobile Motorola Defy Rugged Android Smartphone Review


If you think rugged smartphones are big, bulky, and ugly–think again. The Motorola Defy is a rugged Android smartphone–the second for the company–that launches in a tuxedo black and white shell that stands up to your daily life and ‘defies’ what you throw at it, including any pre-conceptions for what rugged may look like. The […]

Creative ZiiO 10 Android Tablet Spotted at FCC


It looks like Creative’s 10-inch Android tablet, the ZiiO 10, was spotted at the FCC awaiting for regulatory approval. CrunchGear mentions that there isn’t a mention of Android Market, Google’s official Android app store, in the user manual filed at the FCC, and according to the product page for the tablet from Creative’s UK page, […]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 Update Coming Soon?


There seems to be an update to Android 2.1 for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 coming soon. Sony Ericsson showed a demo of the new features introduced in this upgrade on their YouTube channel. Both of AT&T’s way outdated Android phones will come into the modern era when this update makes it. Dell recently announced […]

Skype App for Android Now Available


Skype is now available for Android phones, allowing users to place and receive Skype-to-Skype calls over WiFi or 3G in most countries. Add  a cheap monthly plan, or charge up your account with Skype Credit and you’ll be able to make calls to landlines and mobile phones. Skype for Android requires Android 2.1 to work […]

The Android OS breakdown


Android has been steady gaining ground and the new smartphone operating system of choice. But, with so many versions out there, is Android splintering or is this just temporary until the manufacturers issue updates? According to this chart from Android and Me, its all about Android 1.5, 1.6 and 2.1. Android 1.5 still has life […]

Verizon Droid now runs Android 2.1


Yes, the moment Verizon Droid users have been waiting for has arrived, the update to Android version 2.1 is now available. What is in this new update?  Per a post over at JKontheRun: Enhancements: Pinch-to-zoom is now available when using the browser, Gallery, and Google Maps. New Weather and News application plus widget. − The […]

Be a great Android developer, get a free Android phone


Word cycling around the Internets is that Google is giving away Droid and Nexus One smartphones for free to Android developers who have at least one app that’s scored 3.5 stars or better and more than 5,000 unique downloads. And for once, everyone seems on the same page as to why this is good.

2.1 upgrade coming for every U.S. Android phone


Word out of Android and Me is that an update to Android 2.1 is not just possible for every U.S. Android phone but inevitable, even for phones like the G1 previously believed to lack the onboard memory for it. Good news for everyone running Android in the States, just don’t expect to be seamless or […]

Nexus One News and Weather Widget Available for Droid


The recent news of Google’s own smartphone, the Nexus One, has generated a lot of discussion and blurry screenshots.  Despite the quality of these low light glimpses into Google’s phone, there are many clear gems coming to us in the future Android 2.1 OS.  The Google News and Weather application presents top headlines and forecasts […]