Makers of Pogo Sketch Shows Off Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad HD


Ten One Design is most famous for its Pogo Sketch line of capacitive touch stylus accessories that will work with a number of capacitive touchscreen devices, such as those on Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. Now, the company is demoing its latest touchscreen accessory, codenamed Blue Tiger, that will work with the iPad and utilize […]

Hitachi projected capacitive touchscreens on video


A projected capacitive touchscreen from Hitachi, previously named as a potential iPhone upgrade, sneaked out on a YouTube video from DigInfo. It demonstrates stylus input and contact through gloves, as well as multi-touch input. However, I don’t peg it as being an option for iPhone.

Next iPhone Capacitive Touchscreen Could be Compatible with Glove-Wearing Users


Apple’s next-generation iPhone could utilize a touchscreen display from Hitachi Displays that will work with gloves and other insulators, meaning non-conductive surfaces, in addition to fingertips. The problem with the current generation iPhone is that it requires finger contact, and won’t work with gloves–for users in colder environments, stylus or pens, and other materials, but […]

oStylus capacitive stylus looks oKay


Ever since capacitive touch became the go-to system for touchscreens, it’s been interesting to see the different ways people have tried to make them stylus-friendly. Neither as straightforward as the Pogo nor as tasty as a sausage (presumably), this new oStylus is similar to the Dagi in that it has a transparent head but adds […]

Ink demo of the Dagi stylus on Lenovo S10-3t


On his freshly minted blog HGGADGETS, Hector Gomez is churning out the videos of his new Lenovo S10-3t convertible tablet in action. His latest shows off the ink action on the capacitive touchscreen using a Dagi stylus.

Use an anti-static bag as a capacitive stylus


Seems like I can’t read a blog today without tripping over some mention of a capacitive stylus. This one comes from and it’s as simple as rolling a piece of paper (for an art project or other legal activity), except the paper is antistatic film.

Spill some ink with the Dagi capacitive stylus


A new capacitive stylus making the rounds lately is the ST C400 from HTC. Looks pretty slick, particularly with that transparent tip that lets you see where you’re inking, but as several people have pointed out, it’s actually a rebrand of the Dagi transparent stylus, which can be found on eBay for ~$12.

Resistive vs. Capacitive: Inking Video Demo


Long time Tablet PC user Maraderz has shared via YouTube a demonstration of the ink-friendliness of the Fujitsu UH900 with resistive touchscreen vs. the Lenovo S10-3T with capacitive touchscreen. Both have their advantages, but for inking, the winner is clear (and both would get their pens handed to them by an active digitizer).

Make your gloves capacitive touch-friendly


While it’s proven invaluable for responsive touch input, capacitive touch suffers from the fact that it can only recognize direct skin contact. Without some conductive material connecting you to the screen, like the Pogo stylus or a damp sponge, it won’t register. That proves problematic in cold climates, such as a white winter wonderland, when […]

How to make your own capacitive touch stylus… sort of.

A video at metacafe has made the rounds through the DIY blogs that demonstrates how to make your own stylus for the iPod touch, which presumably would work on other capacitive touchscreens, as we’ve seen Rob do on the HP tx2 with the Pogo Stylus. It’s an impressive trick, but if you know how capacitive […]

GBM InkShow: Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7


In this video InkShow, I take a quick look at the multi-touch applications that will be a part of the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7: Surface Collage, Rebound, Blackboard, Garden Pond, Surface Globe, and the Surface Lagoon screen saver.   Microsoft Surface technology can be felt all over this pack, from the screensaver to […]

Another Netbook Capacitive Touch Screen Maker on the Horizon

Young Fast Optoelectronics is making noise that it will be joining the ranks of companies manufacturing capacitive touch screens for Netbooks in the later half of 2009, according to a report from Digitimes. YFO already makes approximately 2 million 3.2 inch panels a month for handhelds.

Goodbye InPlay: InPlay Technologies Merging With US Rental Housing

Well, you can’t say that InPlay Technologies has not put up a good fight. Over the past several years, InPlay has reorganized, refocused, and retooled, only to finally be met with an economic situation that is wreaking havoc on a number of companies. Sadly, today there is one less digitizer company to challenge the likes […]

Dell Latitude XT2 Tablet PC Officially Announced, $2399


Dell’s getting all official on us now, finally announcing what has been leaked the past several weeks, the new series in their XT Tablet PC line up – the Latitude XT2 Multi-Touch Tablet PC: 1.2 ghz SU9300 / 1.4 ghz SU9400 Montevina Core 2 Duo ULV, up to 11 hour battery life (6-cell + 9-cell […]

GBM InkShow: Windows 7 Beta 1 Multi-Touch Video


Back in November, I brought everyone a first look at multi-touch in a pre-beta version of Windows 7 and a pre-beta version of N-Trig’s multi-touch driver. The experience was really lousy, but it showed promise. With the release of Windows 7 Beta 1 and a new version of N-Trig’s Windows 7 multi-touch driver, I was […]

Microsoft Investing In N-Trig In a Huge Way

If there was any doubt on what the most talked feature of Windows 7 would be, then this story from the Wall Street Journal should erase that. It seems that Microsoft will be the largest investor in a $24 million round a funding in N-Trig, the company behind HP’s multi-touch tx2 and Dell’s plagued Latititude […]

New Toshiba Multi-Touch Portege Will Not Have Active Digitizer EMR In It

Toshiba Multi-Touch Portego Wacom

We brought you news on Saturday about Toshiba’s M750 prototype with Wacom’s Capacitive Touch digitizer being demoed (video and pictures!!). Shogmaster is telling us that Toshiba is NOT planning on including the active digitizer EMR in the capacitive touch solution, which means a pen won’t be included and you won’t be able to ink. This […]