Aereo Gets Its Hearing at US Supreme Court


One of the themes that keeps surfacing in today’s age of technological disruption is how and from whom we receive our entertainment. Netflix battling Comcast is one of the latest in that string of stories. To put it bluntly, older entrenched interests don’t like newer methods of delivering content to consumers for a lower price. […]

Electronic Arts Says Evolutions Won’t Come from Updated Hardware


Comments made by video game development company Electronic Arts indicate that the company doesn’t see hardware upgrades as the main drivers of innovation in future video game consoles. The remarks came from Electronic Arts creative director Rich Hilleman, who spoke during this week’s DICE Europe Conference. According Polygon, Hilleman shared his insight about the future […]

Why I Signed Up for Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe released Creative Suite CS6, updating its awesome creative software for professionals and serious enthusiasts. Instead of going out to buy a full version of CS6 or an upgrade license Adobe customers can do something completely different for the first time. Every other year I update to the newest version of Photoshop taking advantage of my […]

Tablets and Simplicity: The Cloud


Last week I started a series on how Tablets help me with my quest for simplicity. As I said in this post, the quest isn’t one that finds me actively searching for some sort of simple holy grail. Rather, solutions often find me as I test new Apps and new solutions. Tablets promise a new […]

The Cloud Wars Heat Up with Box OneCloud

The Cloud Wars Heat Up with Box OneCloud

There’s this great song from the musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum called “Everybody Ought to Have a Maid.” The lyrics go something like this: Everybody ought to have a maid, Everybody ought to have a working girl, Everybody ought to have a lurking girl To putter around the house. […]

Dropbox Gets a Makeover with Better Photo Viewer and File Manager


Dropbox gave their popular cloud sharing and synchronizing service’s website a makeover with a slightly different look but more importantly a new photo and video viewer as well as improved file management tools. If you have media files stored in a Dropbox folder, then you can click them and photos will open. The fill the […]

CloudOn App Lets You Work with Your Microsoft Office Docs on the iPad


Yesterday Kevin posted about the OnLive Desktop App and service that will allow iPad users to have a virtual Windows 7 desktop on their Tablet. While CloudOn isn’t a full Windows desktop experience, instead focusing on creating and using Office documents, we are starting to see a trend here and there is even some noise […]

Grading My 2011 Predictions


It’s the end of the year and its time for wrap-ups, predictions and more crystal ball gazing than you can shake a branch of holly at. As usual before I make any predictions for 2012, I go back and grade my predictions for the this year now ending. The one thing that is predictable as […]

Cloud Skirmishes: Microsoft Releases iOS Version of Skydrive


Microsoft is certainly pushing ahead with everything Windows 8 and betting the Tablet farm on its strategy there. But it is not ignoring iOS and all of those iPhone and iPad users. Just yesterday Microsoft kicked out a new, but not fully featured version of OneNote for both the iPhone and iPad  (check out Kevin’s […] Offers 50GB of Free Cloud Storage for iOS Users


Life is all about the Cloud. It might actually someday be about iCloud if Apple’s servers can catch up. (We’re still waiting for that to occur around here.) But, life is all about moving your files to the Cloud these days. iCloud is supposed to be a big move for Apple, but it probably won’t […]

Microsoft’s Cloud Goes Down and Comes Back Up Overnight


I’m sure we’ll hear lots of caterwauling today about how unsafe The Cloud is because of this. Apparently last night Microsoft’s Cloud services (Hotmail. Office 365, Skydrive, MSN, etc…) all suffered outages. For a brief time it was being tied to the power outage in Southern California, although no one can say if that’s the […]

Dropbox, The Cloud, Privacy, and Common Sense


Derrick Harris has an interesting post up on the GigaOm network discussing the ramifications of Dropbox’s recent woes, both with data security and also the PR surrounding the recent changes to the Terms of Service. For those not following this story, a few weeks ago, Dropbox had a pretty serious security problem when customers data […]

LastPass Users Forced To Change Passwords After Possible Hack

LastPass _ The last password you_ll have to remember_ LastPass Security Notification-1

LastPass, a free online password management application that also lets users fill in forms, is telling users that they must change their master passwords, as they have discovered evidence that suggests the service may have been hacked. Master passwords are used to protect the users’ database of passwords and LastPass is saying that users who […]

Apple Hiring for the Cloud, New Services Coming?


Apple recently posted a job listing for a Cloud Systems Software Engineer, which may be indicative of the company’s speculated plans to expand and create cloud-based services beyond what is found in today’s Mobile Me offering. According to the listing, the engineer would join a small team in creating ‘the future of cloud services’ at Apple’s […]

Apple Orders More Storage for Data Center, Cloud-Based Services to Come?


Apple has just placed an order for 12 petabytes of storage from Isilon Systems. Speculation is that the vast amount of storage will be for Apple’s North Carolina data center, which will be the home to new cloud-based storage options for iTunes as well as for social networking integration for iPhone and Mobile Me accounts. […]

Goolge Turns on Desktop Editor for Google Docs on iPad

Pastebot 2010-12-10 12.22.17 PM

Yeah, the cloud news from Google just keeps rolling in this week. Back in November Google finally flipped the switch to allow iPad users the ability to edit Google Docs on that device using the mobile website. Now if you want to do a little more detailed editing and formatting you can access the non-mobile […]