Apple to Soon Support Night Owls With 24-Hour AppleCare Chat Service


Apple may soon a 24-7 chat service that would provide 24-hour support for customers with Apple products ranging from iPhone to desktop Mac computers through an online chat service to help resolve any problems. Though the 24-7 support service may be limited to online chat, it may help Apple continue to grow its customer service […]

Google Hiring Google Glass Advisers, In Case You Need Support


Google, which had historically limited customer service to web forums, emails, and chat in the past, is taking a bold move in hiring 40 Google Glass advisers. The Glass Advisers will be hired in key locations in San Francisco and New York, and some will be present at Google retail stores that are said to be […]

Nexus 7 Flaws: Things to Consider Before Buying Google’s Tablet

Nexus 7 back - no camera

The Google Nexus 7 is a great value and one of the hottest Android devices on the market, but the little tablet is far from perfect. Google and ASUS had to make some tradeoffs to keep costs down and it shows. Some of the Nexus 7’s flaws may be deal breakers for some users, while others […]

Customers Go Online For Support When Companies Fail

FixYa Data

Product Q&A site FixYa is where many owners of electronic devices end up when they have an issue with said device and want help fixing it. Recently the site shared some data with TechCrunch regarding which devices users felt had the most problems. This is all based on traffic and questions submitted on just one […]

Best Buy Needs to Treat Customers Better

Best Buy

When I recently heard a story from a Best Buy shopper I thought someone needed to give a “Come on man!” award (modelled after one of my favorite bits on ESPN’s NFL coverage where host Christ Carter calls out horrible plays or situations) to Best Buy for what they did to this poor Christmas shopper. […]

Happy Ending to a Month of MacBook Air Issues

MacBook Air Issue

Yesterday marked the end of the second longest customer support issue I have had with a company, almost taking the title from Sony’s car audio division. As I previously shared, my MacBook Air went crazy earlier this month, displaying a black bar on the display as well as exhibiting some performance quirks. I dropped it […]

Replacement Fee With AppleCare+ Won’t Be Waived Any More


Apple will release the iPhone 4S Friday, along with a new version of their AppleCare extended warranty plan called AppleCare+ (which we outlined in our list of the Top 5 iPhone Warranty Options Compared). The purpose of the plan is to provide accidental damage support for iPhone buyers. It also seems to signal a shift in […]

Nightmare Return Process for Dell


Yeesh! We all know dealing with customer service can be hit or miss and you take your chances with whomever picks up your call. Jason Dunn of Smartphone Thoughts has chronicled his recent nightmare trying to return a Dell Mini-9 Netbook, and from the looks of things Dell has made a hard time even harder […]