Dell Inspiron Duo Flipping Tablet Coming Nov 23?


Remember the Dell Inspiron Duo? You know that hybrid Tablet/Slate that flips around in it its frame to make a keyboard available? Well, word is we might be seeing it available for sale next week on November 23. According to CNET we’ll be seeing pre-sale info later this week with the device ready to ship […]

Best Buy Now Offering White Dell Streak


Select Best Buy stores are now offering the white version of the Dell Streak for sale. Unfortunately, though, the paler shade of the Streak, which was previously only available in black in the U.S., is only available in a physical store and cannot be ordered online through Best Buy’s website. According to Streak Smart, you […]

Unlocked Dell Streak Coming to U.S.


In a few weeks time, Dell will be making a version of its Dell Streak Internet tablet/smartphone hybrid available in unlocked form and pre-loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo for U.S. customers. The Dell Streak was launched, and locked to, with partner AT&T in the U.S. though the tablet device is not sold through AT&T nor […]

Dell Opus One to Succeed 5-Inch Streak


It seems that the Streak has just barely launched for the U.S. market and the late-coming Android OS-powered tablet from Dell may soon get a successor by the name of the Opus One. The Dell Streak, with its 5-inch Gorilla Glass display, had straddled the market between large touchscreen smartphone and diminutive tablet, and I […]

Dell Aims to Tap Tablet and Netbook Market with Inspiron Duo


If you were concerned about Warner’s split personality with his ‘Should I get a tablet or not‘ post this morning, Dell really feels your pain. The device, which was shown off earlier at IDF this year, has now gotten its own teaser video courtesy of Dell, which shows the duo-personality netbook/tablet hybrid. With ChangeWave’s recently […]

Dell: Windows Phone Easier to Make than Android


I couldn’t find the direct quotes to Michael Dell’s statement in Hong Kong where he says that Windows Phone (7) devices are easier to make than Android devices from Reuters, but popular blogs Engadget and IntoMobile ran the story yesterday. Given company CEO Michael Dell’s presumed statement, I think it makes sense as Microsoft has […]

Michael Dell Says More Dell Tablets Coming


Speaking in Hong Kong, Michael Dell says that Dell will be introducing new Tablets in the next year. We’re going to have a significant number of new tablets in the next year. There’re lots of debate about the size of the market, who’s buying these devices, and those questions always emerge when there’s a new […]

T-Mobile announces the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro


T-Mobile announced the HTC HD7 (HTC Tropy) in a press release today, with a side note at the bottom about the Dell Venue Pro. I love HTC and Dell, It hurts my feelings to see T-Mobile neglect Dell in this press release. Just kidding, they both look awesome!

Dell’s 7-inch tablet to launch in “next few weeks”


Report from WSJ is that Dell Greater China President Amit Midha confirmed the 7-inch Android tablet flashed recently by Michael Dell will be launching “very, very soon.” He additionally teased tablets of a variety of sizes, from 3-inch to 10-inch, to come.

Michael Dell Announces 7-Inch Android Tablet


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Michael Dell announced that his company would release 7-Inch Android tablet. He wouldn’t provide specs or a release date at Oracle’s Open World conference. This follow-up to the Dell Streak would be firmly in tablet territory size-wise and compete with the Galaxy Tab.  My bet is that it’ll […]

Dell Inspiron Duo Making Waves at IDF 2010


To say people are excited about the Dell Inspiron Duo here at IDF 2010 is an understatement. For those wondering why I didn’t get t o go hands on with the Inspiron Duo, here’s why: I had to fight my way through a crowd of journalists just to grab a few seconds of video of the […]

Dell Streak Available to Order This Week, $299 or $549


The mini table we first saw back at CES 2010 will finally be available to order starting tomorrow if you signed up for Dell’s pre-sale event or Friday if you didn’t. The Dell Streak is priced at $299.99 if you’re a new AT&T customer or eligible for an upgrade. For $549.99 you can buy one […]

Dell Streak Hands On (video)

dell_streak 1

I met up with some folks from Dell to check out the Dell Streak, an Android device that’s created quite a bit of buzz since we first got a peek at it back at CES 2010.I shot a quick video walkthrough and snapped some pics after playing with the device for a few minutes. The […]

Dell Streak Going on Sale This Weekend

Screen shot 2010-06-03 at 8.10.49 AM

The Dell Streak is going on sale this weekend in Europe and will be available in the U.S. starting next month direct from Dell for $499.  In The U.K.,  O2 will be offering the Streak for £429 without a contract and for free with a mobile broadband contract. The Streak will roll out across Europe later […]

Dell dreaming up a bunch of Android toys too


Looks like a Windows Phone 7 phone wasn’t the only Dell leak Engadget got their hands on. They’ve also got data on a bevy of Android devices with names like Thunder, Flash, Smoke, and Looking Glass, as well as some added details on the Streak.

Update On Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Over the past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes with various representatives from Dell regarding the well-publicized issues of the Latitude XT. I just finished a conference call with them with regards to where things stand, and they wanted to communicate the following to everyone: Dell is aware of the complaints concerning the Latitude […]

N-Trig Initiative: The Final Wish/Issue List

It’s done. Our forum members, led by CajunAzn, Steve Seto and moderator Sharon, have assembled the definitive list of issues with the N-Trig digitizer, particularly the one in the Dell Latitude XT, as part of what is being called the N-Trig Initiative. The entire statement is posted below (most of it after the jump), and […]