Tablets Become Swiss Army Knife of Gadgets

Tablet Replacement Trend Chart

Tablets like the iPad aren’t replacing laptops on the whole, but the new couch companion devices are taking over many of the activities we used to do on dedicated devices. Are you converging like the survey respondents? Millenialmedia reports that the tablet is now the go to device for several computer activities, but that’s not […]

First Google eBooks Reader Set to Launch


With the tablet market (or, as some would call it, the iPad market) getting most of the attention, it’s easy to forget about the eReader wars. The Kindle is still the most famous, but Barnes & Noble’s recent reboot of the Nook (along with the tablet hybrid Nook Color) has been turning a lot of heads as […]

Barnes and Noble Announces Touch-enabled Nook with E-Ink & 2 Month Battery

Barnes and Noble Nook

Barnes and Noble is going to be offering a new Nook with a touch screen to compete with the Amazon Kindle and the new touch-enabled Kobo eReader. The new Simple Touch Reader from Barnes and Noble will retail for $139 and boasts 2 months of battery life and a  touch-enabled black-and-white E-Ink screen that is readable outdoors and […]

New Nook E-Ink E-Reader Coming Later This Month?


There’s been chatter that Barnes & Noble is getting ready to introduce a second-generation e-ink-based Nook electronic reader to replace the original Nook. The new e-ink reader would be released help Barnes & Noble better compete against Amazon’s Kindle 3, which offers a newer, better electronic ink display that’s even easier on the eyes with […]

Staples Goes All in on Tablets & eBook Readers


Best Buy has done a great job capturing the consumer mindshare, and wallet-share, over the past few years, but Staples is about to dive in full force in an attempt to become the go to retail location for tablets. As this week’s ad for Staples suggests, you can go into a local Staples location and […]

Mother’s Day Tech Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2011

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2011

If you love your mother and she loves technology, or gadgets like eReaders, then you owe it to your mom to check out the Mother’s Day 2011 Tech Gift Guide over at where you can find a collection of the hottest gifts ranging from $3.99 up to $829. These gifts have passed our mother […]

Nook Color 1.2 Update Fiasco News and Advice [Update]

My Nook Color won't register after update

As we posted earlier there has been an issue with the Barnes and Noble Nook Color. A firmware update was pushed out over Wi-Fi to many but not all of the devices. I was one who experienced this issue along with many others despite already manually updating the device. We are guessing that it was a […]

OtterBox Offers Serious Protection for eReaders


OtterBox has added a few eReader cases to its Commuter Series of rugged cases. The Amazon Kindle 3, Kindle DX, B&N Nook and Sony Reader Touch Edition can now all get the three-layers of protection treatment. The first layer of protection is an adhesive screen protector, the second layer is soft silicone and the third […]

Books-A-Million drops a NOOKcolor bomb in the eReader war


BAM! Books-A-Million dropped a bombshell on the eReader world this weekend by offering the NOOKcolor for pre-sale through their online store with the rest of the NOOK line to follow online and in stores November 19. Interesting move considering that Android tablet eReader is from their biggest competitor Barnes and Noble.

Barnes & Noble activates the NOOKcolor option


The year was 2010. The eReader wars had heated up to boiling. e-ink devices were deployed by numerous factions, big and small. Everyone expected Amazon to be the one to up the ante, but they weren’t. Barnes & Noble launched first. The war changed that day – everything changed – that day when they went […]

Kobo eReader, Now with WiFi for $139


Kobo’s eReader is being updated to include WiFi. This will allow customers to get wireless delivery of their favorite newspapers and magazines. According to the press release, the Kobo store has over 2.2 million books which includes new releases, best sellers, classics, and even free books. The Kobo eReader supports open standards like EPUB and […]

FFS: Better displays through FFS, capacitive touch, and EMR


According to a report out of Digitimes, E Ink Holdings, maker of e-ink displays, will increase production of their FFS (fringe filed switching) LCD panels. In addition, capacitive touch and electromagnetic (active) panels for their e-ink displays are in the works, and a partner will be showing off their color e-ink display later this year.

QUE ProReader officially killed


After a brief period of denial, Plastic Logic has confirmed their QUE ProReader is being skipped in favor of a next-generation version of the product.

Kindle Sold Out: Hint at New Release?

Amazon.com_ Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G, 6_ Display, White, 3G Works Globally - Latest Generation_ Electronics

Customers wanting to order an Amazon Kindle are finding out that it is temporarily sold out. Is that production or demand problem or does it hint at something new coming in the Kindle line? No one really knows and of course Amazon isn’t saying much other than that it will notify customers when Kindles are […]

Borders Selling $119 eReader, up to Nine Other Devices by End of Year

Screen shot 2010-06-01 at 8.38.10 PM

Borders is now taking pre-orders for the $119 “Libre” eBook Reader Pro and talking about its eBook strategy. The book retailer is planning to selling up to 10 devices, including the Libre, at its brick and mortar stores by the end of the year. A special section of each store dubbed “Area-e” will showcase the […]

iPad helping folks go paperless (but other devices can help too)


Environmentally-aware blog GreenerComputing has reported on a couple of companies saving trees and money by using iPads for printed material instead of paper. While the environmental savings can be debated, the monetary savings appear substantial. Sounds good, but I also see the iPad is stealing yet another device’s thunder.