HTC to Start Unlocking Bootloaders in August


Back in May, HTC announced that it would no longer lock the bootloaders on its devices and that it would unlock the bootloaders of several older phones including the HTC Sensation, HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC EVO 3D with software updates. Today, HTC has announced when it will make good on its promise saying […]

Why Verizon 4G Smartphone Prices Keep Falling

HTC ThunderBolt

It could be the tiered data, it could be the issues or it could the Motorola Droid Bionic that is pushing people away but whatever the case may be, prices on Verizon’s 4G LTE smartphones continue to fall and this time it’s over at mobile retailer Wirefly who is offering the HTC ThunderBolt for $99 […]

Sprint HTC EVO 3D Burning Up?


Hot sales of the HTC EVO 3D isn’t Sprint’s only problem as the carrier is trying to keep its store shelves stocked with the wildly popular smartphone successor to the original HTC EVO 4G. Owners of the Sprint HTC EVO 3D on various forums are reporting overheating issues related to the latest dual-core Snapdragon smartphone. […]

The EVO 3D Has Been Rooted


When popular new Android devices are released, it rarely takes the development community very long to gain root access. We now see that this is no different with the EVO 3D, as the developers at Team Win have announced that they have rooted the phone. Dev agrabren tweeted the news today, declaring “I CAN HAZ […]

How to Get Netflix on The HTC EVO 3D


Netflix’s release on Android, just like Skype’s release earlier today, has been anything but smooth. It was broken for weeks on the HTC EVO 4G and it’s currently not available for several of the top Android devices on the market. One of those devices is the the HTC EVO 3D which was released last Friday […]

T-Mobile to Get HTC EVO 3D with 4G AWS Radio?


A version of the Sprint HTC EVO 3D, a 4G smartphone with dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU and a glasses-free qHD 3D display, was spotted going through the FCC as a GSM variant. The 3G CDMA/4G WiMax radio of the Sprint edition has been gutted for a GSM/HSPA+ radio that is compatible with T-Mobile’s 4G network […]

Sprint HTC EVO 3D Review Roundup


The HTC EVO 3D is Sprint’s latest 4G smartphone and the reviews are starting to roll in. Below is a roundup of what HTC EVO 4G reviews that we’ve enjoyed reading. The HTC EVO 3D is Sprint’s latest flagship phones and definitely worth a look if you’re switching to Sprint or due for an upgrade. Jonathan Geller from […]

HTC EVO 3D Price Already Drops at Amazon


If you need a new smartphone and you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on Sprint’s latest release, the HTC EVO 3D, then you probably will be happy to know that Amazon is currently selling it for $150 on a new two-year contract. The change in price is a $30 drop from yesterday’s price. Amazon’s […]

HTC EVO 3D Coming to Europe Next Month


HTC has announced that it will be bringing its HTC EVO 3D smartphone to Europe at some point this July, another sign that Sprint no longer has an iron grip on the EVO name. The device that is setting sail next month is the exact same device as the American version except the European model […]

HTC EVO 3D Now Available on Sprint, Are You Getting One?


Today is a glorious day for Sprint and its customers as a new EVO smartphone, the HTC EVO 3D, has officially gone on sale after what has seemed like an eternity. The phone, originally announced at CTIA, is now available through multiple retail channels and can also be found at several retailers online for $199 […]

HTC EVO 3D Bloatware Can Be Removed Without Rooting


Sprint’s HTC EVO 3D, which goes on sale to the public tomorrow, will allow for all of the bloatware aka pre-installed software that comes on the device to be uninstalled without the need to root. Every single mobile carrier and manufacturer should be taking notes here. If you’ve never owned an Android device, almost all […]

HTC EVO 3D Pre-Orders Start Arriving Today


The HTC EVO 3D doesn’t officially arrive until Friday but that won’t stop those who pre-ordered from getting their hands on it a day early as shipments will apparently start arriving on door steps today. That must feel nice for those of you that pre-ordered the phone at Best Buy all the way back on […]

The 5 Best Android Smartphones [June, 2011]

Samsung Infuse 4G

It’s that time again where we bring you what we think are the five best Android smartphones for your money. June’s list is a complete overhaul as every single phone that was May’s list has been replaced by new hardware. Summer has generally been an extremely fruitful season for new Android phones and the summer […]

Oops: Sprint Says HTC EVO 3D Can Only Capture 720p Video


We are just a few days from launch and it appears that HTC and Sprint have waited until now to let the public know that the HTC EVO 3D, the phone that we thought could capture 2D video at 1080p quality, can actually only capture 720p video. Period. In a statement made to Android Central, […]

HTC EVO 3D vs Motorola Photon 4G: Which Should You Buy?


I have friends that own aging smartphones with contracts that are ending this summer and, as expected, they have bombarded me with questions about what smartphone to get. More than a few of them are on Sprint and answering their questions has almost become a daily routine since Sprint and Motorola announced the Photon 4G […]

Sprint HTC EVO 3D Desktop Dock Shown as Coming Soon

evo 3d

Best Buy is listing the desktop dock for the Sprint HTC EVO 3D, coming on June 24th, as coming soon. The retailer revealed images of the desktop dock, which is intended to be operated in landscape mode, and the dock itself looks very stylish, which may persuade some owners of the original HTC EVO 3G […]

HTC EVO 3D Pre-Order Price Drops to $150 at Wirefly


Looking to get your hands on the upcoming HTC EVO 3D from Sprint? Well, then you probably will be interested in the $150 pre-order price that Wirefly has right now for the successor to the HTC EVO 4G. That’s right. This is the absolute lowest price we’ve seen for the HTC EVO 3D as of […]

No iPhone 5 This Summer: What You Can Buy Instead

Motorola Photon 4G

Apple didn’t announce a new iPhone at this year’s WWDC keynote and that has left many current iPhone owners, myself included, in a strange position. After two years, contracts with AT&T will soon be up and all of us will be looking for a new phone to get. Many of you will want to wait […]

HTC EVO 3D Release Date Confirmed to Be June 24th


Sprint has finally spilled the beans on the launch date and pricing for the upcoming HTC EVO 3D and the highly anticipated smartphone is going to be arriving on the carrier starting June 24th and will have a price tag of $200. There had been a lot of speculation about the launch date for the […]

HTC EVO 3D Launching June 24th?


Yesterday it became apparent that the HTC EVO 3D might not be launching in the first part of June but instead, come during the fourth week of next month and now we have some evidence from Radio Shack to back up that notion. Originally, the EVO 3D was thought to be launching on June 4th. […]