How to Remove Devices from Google Play Music


*+-Lately Google Play Music is getting more and more popular thanks to free songs given away each day, the All Access unlimited music subscription, and more, but sometimes users run into a problem where they’re using Google Music on too many devices. Here we explain how to remove or deauthorize devices from Google Play Music. […]

Nexus 6 Deal Offers Free Google Music Unlimited Access

Last minute Nexus 6 release tips for users who will pre-order.

*+-As promised, this morning Google officially kicked off pre-orders for the brand new Nexus 6 smartphone. Google’s latest Nexus phone was announced earlier this month and is set to hit multiple carriers in the United States in early November, but the release date is still a mystery for most. That being said, we now have […]

Google Music All Access Goes Free for Chromecast Users

Chromecast 1st birthday

*+-Last year shortly after Google’s annual I/O Developer event the company announced and released what we all now know as the Google Chromecast. The company’s $35 HDMI dongle which allows users to stream or “cast” nearly any and all content from a smartphone or tablet right to any HDTV. Google’s Chromecast was a surprise product […]

2014 Grammy Winning Albums hit Google Play for $1.99


*+-When it comes to finding awesome music to fill our rooms Google has a great selection as they continue to try and take on iTunes, and today they’ve delivered tons of deals worth checking out. In a similar fashion to past events and award shows, today Google is offering up tons of deals for all […]

Google Glass Availability Expands to Google Music Users


*+-Wearable gadgets and technology are going to be a big part of 2014, and as the year ends Google is finally opening up the floodgates for Google Glass, the company’s wearable smart glasses running Android. Google Glass is still a novelty item, and far from a retail product, but Google’s still looking to allow more […]

Google Play Music Arrives for Google Glass, $85 Earbuds Included


*+-A few weeks ago we heard reports of the popular Google Play Music streaming service running on Google Glass, and today we’re happy to announce it’s now officially here for all Google Glass Explorers. Google Glass, the wearable smartglasses that can do tasks like translating languages or showing incoming messages in real time, to getting […]

Google Play Music All Access for iOS Reportedly Launching This Month


*+-Google Play Music All Access is said to be launching on iOS later this month, according to Engadget, which says that “sources aware of Google’s plans” say that Google is currently testing out the iOS app internally, but still has a few bugs to fix before a public release. However, the app is planned to […]

How to Get Google Hangouts and Google Music All Access Now

Download the Google Play All Access app today.

*+-Google announced Google Music All Access today at Google I/O 2013, two new apps that deliver new experiences and services on Android and the iPhone. Unlike an Android 4.3 update, which would require a long wait, Google is pushing out these new features today. While Google Play Music All Access is only available on Android, […]

Google Music Now Matches iTunes, Amazon’s Music in the Cloud Features


*+-Today Google announced that its Google Music services now supports music matching in the U.S. The new feature makes rebuilding a music library in Google Music much faster. Previously users had to upload all of their music to Google Music using the Music Manager. Now the Music Manager will simply scan a music library and […]

Google Clarifies Google Music Authentication DRM System


*+-After users had learned about Google implementing DRM measures on its cloud-streaming Google Music service that limits not only the number of devices that can be activated to a single account but also the number of devices that could be deactivated in a single year so that users can activate new or other devices, Google […]

Google Music Has a Daily Streaming Limit


*+-One user has discovered that Google Music, the online cloud-based storage and streaming service for your Google Play purchased music as well as for your user-uploaded music does have a limit to how much you can stream each day. When that user tried to stream music after that limit was met, he was created with […]

Are You Living in the Cloud Without a Net?


*+-Are you living in the cloud yet?  I am not and don’t plan to exclusively. I am too concerned with how volatile online companies are to going bankrupt or even worse, a government agency shuts the site down. This recently happened to Megaupload, a file sharing site that’s service was used in good ways and […]

Cloud Music Sniper App For Android Review

Cloud Music Sniper Settings

*+-Google Music is a great service, but many prefer other Android music players. Cloud Music Sniper can make offline Google Music tracks available to your favorite music apps in a few minutes. But it needs work to justify the price.

Google Music Leap Year Sale – 29 Albums for $2.99


*+-Google Music is offering 29 Albums up for $2.99 each. These aren’t the bargain bin albums either, many are recent albums from great artists. Drake, LMFAO, The Band Perry, Van Halen, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. Pretty much every era and genre are covered. I plan to purchase 10 […]

Google Music Sale Offers Romantic Songs for Valentine’s


*+-Remember the days of mixed tapes and CDs? Well, Google is hoping those days are long gone and the outfit is hoping that you’ll be turning digital once February 14 rolls around as Google is now offering a sale on romantic albums just in time for Valentine’s. The sale isn’t quite as steep as Google’s […]

What’s Your Music Locker Preference?

music note5

*+-Shakespeare has Orsino begin the play Twelfth Night with the line “If music be the food of love, play on.” And certainly listening to music is a big part of many lives. Our music tastes define us both to ourselves and to others. And, like the choice of our mobile devices, we are probably entering […]

Google Music Comes Out of Beta, Launches in the U.S.

Google Music

*+-As expected, Google announced that it has taken Google Music out of beta and has made it available to everyone. Everyone in the U.S. that is. Along with the overhaul, the company announced that the service is currently only available for residents inside of the United States. Those who happen to live inside of those […]

NaNoWriMo: Best Free Android and iPhone Apps For Writers

nanowrimo apps

*+-The first week of NaNoWriMo is at an end and hopefully you’ve reached your word count goals every day (or caught up by now). If you’re attending any of the NYC-based write-ins this week, keep an eye out for me! Riffing off my post from earlier this week on good smartphones for writers, today I […]

Google Music Store Speculated to Allow Users to Share Tunes


*+-Sometimes, a drummer may march to his own beat, but what if that drummer wanted to march to the beat of his fellow peers? Google’s Google Music store will supposedly allow users to share songs and tunes with each other according to the latest Internet speculation. To enhance the content available for the Android platform […]