Why You Shouldn’t Buy the iPad mini Right Now

The current iPad mini does not feature a Retina Display.

The Apple iPad mini is currently in a dogfight against the likes of the Kindle Fire HD and the new Nexus 7 from Google. And while the device is still extremely  tempting for those in the hunt for a 7-inch tablet, particularly because it will be getting iOS 7 on September 18th, there are several […]

4 Reasons Apple Needs an iPad mini 2 with a Retina Display

This gold iPad mini 2 looks very nice.

If Apple releases a gold iPad mini 2 with a fingerprint reader, but no Retina display, then they don’t understand what customers want most in a new iPad mini 2. A gold iPad mini 2, like the one created in the image below in a third-party render, might look as cool as the gold iPhone […]

iPad 5 & Gold iPad mini 2 Renders Show Touch ID

This new render shows what Touch ID and a gold iPad would look like.

Attention is now on the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, Apple’s new iPad models we expect to see later this year. We’ve already seen numerous iPad 5 leaks showing the new iPad mini inspired design, and today we get a look at what the iPad 5 could look like with a Touch ID fingerprint […]

Apple Already Testing iOS 7.1 Update Ahead of iOS 7 Release

Installing iOS 7 while traveling could cause headaches.

The iOS 7 release date is still in the future, but it looks like Apple is widely testing the iOS 7.1 update and other smaller iOS 7.0.1 and iOS 7.0.2 updates. The iOS 7 release date is September 18th, when a free update will change the looks of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for […]

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 Go Head-to-Head in New Leaked Photos

The iPad 5 vs. the iPad mini 2.

We’ve already seen plenty of photos of what allegedly are the new iPad 5 and the iPad mini 2, but the man providing all of these secret shots, Sonny Dickson, is back with more, only this time it’s a direct comparison of the two tablets. In a generous gallery of new photos, Dickson shows off […]

iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5C vs. iPad 5 vs. iPad Mini 2 Photos


New photos appear to depict the back shells of the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 giving consumers a look at what Apple’s four major mobile products might look like next to one another ahead of their release dates. For weeks, we’ve heard that Apple has four big time products on […]

Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 5S & iOS 7 Event

Apple may start an iPhone trade-in program in time for the iPhone 5S.

Tomorrow, Apple is hosting a media event in Cupertino wherein the company should show off a number of new products including the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C while also revealing an iOS 7 release date for owners of its older devices. Here, we take a look at what and what not to expect from tomorrow’s […]

Why an iOS 7 iPad Delay Isn’t Likely in Apple’s Plans

Rumors point to a possible iOS 7 iPad release delay, but we think Apple is pushing to deliver it at the same time as the iPhone version.

The iOS 7 iPad release is reportedly coming after the iOS 7 for iPhone update arrives according to inside information, but with such a major update underway it would make more sense to deliver the iOS 7 iPad update at the same time as an iOS 7 release date for the iPhone. Apple announced iOS […]

iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 Hardware Leaks with New Designs


A new iPad looks to be right around the corner, as Apple is preparing to announce a slew of new products tomorrow, but leaked photos of the 5th-generation iPad have been uncovered, and they show off the new tablet in crisp detail. The new slate is also compared next to the iPad 4, which puts […]

iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 Retina Release Still On For Fall Says Analyst

The iPad mini 2 release date, complete with a Retina Display could arrive in 2013 as Apple pushes to compete with the new Nexus 7.

The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 won’t likely make an appearance at the September 10th event, but Apple is still planning for a new iPad release and event later this year according to an analyst with connections to Apple’s supply chain partners. Thanks to a plethora of leaks we know Apple is working on […]

iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 Video Compares Rumored iPads

The iPad mini 2 with Retina Display could better compete with the new Nexus 7's high-resolution display.

While they likely won’t be announced on September 10th, a new video allegedly shows off the shells of Apple’s rumored new iPads currently dubbed iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, offering a possible glimpse ahead of their eventual release date. Earlier today, a video purportedly showed off the iPad 5 shell next to the current […]

No iPad 5, iPad mini 2 at September 10 Event…Maybe.


After several reports on Bloomberg emerged hinting that Apple would also show off its next generation iPad and iPad mini tablets at a September 10 event that’s widely believed to be for the unveiling of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones, Jim Dalrymple is putting the kibosh on that story. The Loop Insight reporter says bluntly, “Nope. No iPads.” […]

iPad 5 Photos Allegedly Show Secret to a Thinner iPad

iPad 5 front panel

The iPad 5 launch may not come until October, but leaks continue to show us what to expect when it comes to a new iPad design. This morning a set of photos which are reportedly of the iPad 5 front panel arrive offering a look at incredibly thin bezels and an iPad mini inspired design […]

iPad mini 2 Photos Show Off Familiar Design

This could be the back housing of the iPad mini 2.

The iPad mini 2 launch date may be more than a month away but that hasn’t stopped alleged photos from leaking out, showing off the back housing of what very well could be Apple’s new iPad mini. Rumors suggest that the iPad mini 2 launch date will take place after the iPhone 5S launch, the […]

iPhone 6, iPhone 5C, iWatch & iPad mini 2 Predictions Arrive

iPhone 6 concept - 6m 2

As Apple approaches nearly a year without a new mobile product, supply chain leaks and sources are talking about many new Apple products including the iPhone 6 release, iPhone 5C pricing, iPad mini 2 with Retina Display timing and when the rumored iWatch release could land. We’re just waiting for invitations to confirm the iPhone […]

iPad 5 vs. iPad mini: Alleged Photo Shows Size Difference

This could be the front of the white & silver iPad 5.

A new iPad 5 leak allegedly shows a photo of the new iPad 5 back in white and silver with an iPad mini back in silver that could be for the iPad mini 2 or iPad mini 2 Retina, but it is impossible to know from the information provided. This isn’t the first time an […]

iPad mini 2 Production Hints at November Release

ipad-mini-stand-dock-apple 2

The iPad mini 2 release date could arrive in November, around the time Apple launched the iPad mini in 2012. The iPad mini 2 will also feature a Retina Display, according to a new report. These new details come from reports on Apple production of iPad mini 2 displays, which claim the production is already […]

iPad 5, iPad mini 2 With Retina Display Pegged for October Again

The new iPad 5 design should mirror the iPad mini, and will likely include Samsung made displays.

The iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 launch event looks good for October as parts enter production and rumors converge on a new look for the larger iPad 5 as well as a high-resolution iPad mini 2 with Retina Display. It’s been over a year since we’ve seen a new iPad design for the full […]