Apple Highlights Albums That Are Mastered For iTunes

Apple Mastered for iTunes

Listen to anyone involved in making music, specifically someone involved in engineering music, and they’ll tell you that iTunes has resulted in poor sounding music. Music files just can’t get the same fidelity as a CD or vinyl record. Well, Apple has taken a step to remedy this problem and introduced a platform called Mastered […]

Why Does Apple Need App Stores?

Give me an App Store

Apple has changed the way we buy apps on our smartphones with the app store, a centralized location of apps that are easily searchable. Last year, Apple brought the app store experience to the Mac with the launch of the Mac App Store. This brings the number of app stores owned by Apple to two, which is […]

What You Need to Know Before You Download Another Free iPhone App

top 25 iphone apps

Have you ever wondered how some of the Apps in the Top Free iPhone Apps made it there? I know I’ve certainly wondered who was downloading all these oddball apps, at least to the point that they have ended up in the top 25 Top Free iPhone Apps list. Some of these apps deserve a spot […]

Time Warner App Now Streams Cable Shows to iPhone, iPod Touch


After having released an iPad streaming app in March, Time Warner Cable is now allowing its subscribers and iPhone users to stream to their iOS smartphone and iPod Touch PMP. There are still a few restrictions for streaming, however, as you still must be on your home WiFi network–no 3G streaming is allowed yet–and the […]

New Year’s Resolutions: Learn Something New Using Mobile Tech

a Nexus S with a university cap on

The beginning of a new year usually inspires people to want to better themselves, expand their minds or skill sets, and generally learn new things. Some resolve to head back to school or to take night/weekend classes. But not everyone wants or has the ability to commit to full or part-time education. Nor does everyone […]

Gift Guide 2011: 5 Simple Last Minute eGifts

Gift Cards

If you’re like me you’d really rather not brave the last-minute shoppers this weekend as the Christmas buying frenzy reaches a peak. I love this time of year, but I hate what it does to people as they push through crowds on their way to get last-minute gifts for their family, and friends. That’s why […]

Walmart Offering $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40


Walmart is running a 20% off promotion on Apple’s $50 iTunes gift card right now, which is a pretty good promotion. Currently, if users add the $50 iTunes gift card to their cart, they’ll pay $40 at checkout and the item will qualify any additional item in the user’s shopping cart for free shipping. The […]

iTunes Match Launch Is Imminent

iTunes Match

While we still don’t have an official date for the launch of Apple’s iTunes Match service, we now know that a launch is imminent as Apple has told beta users that it will be performing one last iTunes wipe ahead of launch. That wipe is scheduled to take place tomorrow at at 10am PST which […]

iOS 5.0.1 OTA Update Seems to be Working Very Smoothly


Today Apple released iOS 5.0.1, an update to its latest mobile OS that many were eagerly awaiting because Apple claims it will fix battery life issues that many have been experiencing. It’s too early to know how will that works or doesn’t. (The update has only been out for a couple of hours as of […]

Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 Update to Improve Battery Life


Apple has released iOS 5.0.1 update that most are hoping addresses the battery life issues that seem to be plaguing quite a few new iPhone 4S users. The new iOS 5 update is available on iTunes and is rolling out to iOS devices over the air. You can plug in to your computer to update, […]

Tools for the Digital Pack Rat


Nothing lasts forever. Including things we wish would indeed last forever. Accidents happen, things get misplaced. Technology fails. But in the digital age there are ways to give yourself some piece of mind when it comes to storing content that contains memories and things you’d like to hang on to. I’ve always been a pack […]

iTunes Music Match Shows Up in Apple TV


I fired up my Apple TV this afternoon and a new tab labelled “Music” showed up with two options related to the now late iTunes Music Match service. The option to turn on the service returns an error telling you to set it up on your computer in iTunes, which still has the message saying […]

Apple’s iTunes Match Misses October Launch Deadline

iTunes Match

Today marked the end of the month of October which means that Apple has missed its self imposed deadline for the launch of its iTunes Match service. Originally announced all the way back at WWDC, Apple had made it clear at the iPhone 4S event that the service would be rolling out to the general […]

iTunes Match Button Appears in iOS 5


It looks like the iTunes Match service might be getting closer to launch. AppAdvice noticed that the button magically appeared in the iOS 5 Music Apps settings today. Sure enough it appears in mine as well. iTunes Match is designed to let you have music you did not purchase through iTunes available through Apple’s iCloud […]