HTC Edge and HTC Ville Appear in New Photos

HTC Edge and HTC Ville Appear in New Photos

We have a feeling that HTC is going to be announcing both the HTC Edge aka HTC Endeavor aka HTC One X as well as the HTC Ville aka HTC One S at this year’s Mobile World Congress. And while we’re pretty sure we have all of the details on both phones, we had yet […]

Acer CloudMobile Android Smartphone Shown Off on Video Ahead of MWC


Like other smartphone rivals that have either leaked, teased, or announced their hardware ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show that’s slated to happen at the end of the month, Acer is already showing off its wares in the form of the CloudMobile Android smartphone. The name is a little odd, but given its […]

Samsung Shows Off Powerful Quad-Core Exynos ARM Processors


It looks like NVIDIA may not be the only one to be promoting quad-core ARM processing power at Mobile World Congress as Samsung may hit the trade show later this month with its own offering in the Exynos chipset line. The company had recently shown off what a quad-core Exynos processor could do, and Samsung […]

HTC One X Photo Reveals Capacitive Buttons, Sense 4.0

HTC One X with Sense 4.0

The HTC One X has been teased since early February, and now we can finally share the first photo of the HTC One X. The One X is a new Android smartphone from HTC with a quad-core processor and Sense 4.0. The HTC One X likely uses the new NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core processor, detailed this […]

Fujitsu to Introduce Rugged Quad-Core Android Arrows Smartphone at MWC


Fujitsu, which has made a name for itself and its Arrows-branded Android smartphones and tablets in Asia, is looking to expand its offerings globally. The outfit has revealed that it intends to bring its smartphones globally, and Europe may be the next destination for Arrows to head to. That said, we’re beginning to hear about […]

Asus’ MWC Teaser Suggests Transforming Padfone Announcement?


Asus has released a teaser video on YouTube with little information about what the company may be announcing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month. The video depicts a series of Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls with the phrase ‘Divided we stand. Together we rock.’ The tags for the YouTube video […]

ZTE to Announce 8 New Multi-Core Smartphones at MWC, Some with LTE


ZTE has already unveiled a few of its smartphones ahead of Mobile World Congress, but the company just issued a press release stating that consumers should expect to see a total of 8 new devices being announced at the Barcelona trade show later this month. The smartphones being announced will be multi-core devices, and some […]

A Look at the Quad-Core Smartphones Rumored for MWC

A Look at the Quad-Core Smartphones Rumored for MWC

Although companies have yet to make any of them official, we know that phones with quad-core processors are going to be announced at this year’s Mobile World Congress. How do we know this? NVIDIA, the maker of the Tegra 3 quad-core chip, confirmed that phones using their product will be on hand at MWC. In […]

LG Reaffirms Commitment to 3D with Optimus 3D Max

LG Announces the Optimus 3D Max

LG apparently doesn’t want to leave any of its Mobile World Congress announcements to the imagination as it has outed yet another device today in the form of the LG Optimus 3D Max. The announcement comes shortly after the company officially announced its 5-inch Optimus Vu smartphone and three upcoming Optimus smartphones that will launch […]

What to Expect from Nokia at Mobile World Congress


In just a few days time, companies not named Samsung will take the stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and announce a bunch of new devices. LG has already announced several of the smartphones that it will be showing off at the conference while HTC and Nokia, while remaining officially mum, are also […]

LG’s Massive Optimus Smartphone Stars in Demo Video

LG's Massive Smartphone Stars in Video Demo

LG is expected to have quite a few devices in store for this year’s Mobile World Congress and one of those devices will be the already announced LG Optimus Vu, a device that will feature a 5-inch display and will be the company’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note. And while LG has already announced […]

HTC Releases Bizarre Teaser for Mobile World Congress

HTC Releases Bizarre Teaser for Mobile World Congress

In the build up to this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, companies have begun teasing their upcoming announcements. HTC has decided to join the party and has posted an odd teaser on its Facebook page that, well, reveals virtually nothing other than the fact that we’ll probably see a new smartphone announced at the […]

Nokia Teases Purely Awesome Camera for Mobile World Congress (Video)


Mobile World Congress is just a couple of days out in the distance but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t releasing tidbits of information prior to their announcements. Earlier today, LG outed three of its new Optimus smartphones and now it’s Nokia’s turn as the Finnish company has unleashed a teaser video that we presume has […]

LG Confirms Three New Optimus Smartphones

LG Confirms Three New Smartphones for Mobile World Congress

LG has already announced one of the phones we knew it was planning for this year’s Mobile World Congress in the Optimus Vu and now it appears the company has pulled the trigger once more as it has announced its new L-Series of Optimus phones which includes three different phones called the LG Optimus L3, […]

Huawei’s 10-Inch Android 4.0 Tablet Leaks Out

Huawei's 10-Inch Android 4.0 Tablet Leaks Out

Nearly a year ago, Huawei launched its 7-inch MediaPad Android tablet. And now, finally, it appears that the company is poised to deliver a sequel. A Russian website called has outed some photos and purported specifications of the nameless (it’ll likely be part of the MediaPad line) tablet that may get unveiled during the […]

ZTE Begins LTE Android Invasion with Two New Android Smartphones


ZTE is targeting the emerging 4G LTE mobile market and the Chinese phone-maker has announced two new smartphones with fast mobile broadband LTE support ahead of Mobile World Congress. According to ZTE, these will be two of many new devices to sport 4G LTE radios in the future. The first device is a more premium […]

Bluetooth Group Outs Nokia Lumia 719


Nokia’s Windows Phone portfolio is growing as the company is looking to add even more Lumia devices to its lineup. The traditional Symbian phone-maker is prepping to launch a Windows Phone Lumia 719 smartphone as the device has just gained Bluetooth approval from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. At this point, other than Bluetooth being […]

New Sony Xperia Smartphone Surfaces in Leaked Photos

Sony Xperia U Photos Leak Ahead of Launch

While HTC and LG figure to be the the leaders of the pack in terms of announcements at this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there are also going to be a couple of other familiar companies on hand announcing new hardware. One of those companies figures to be Sony who might be announcing a […]