Intel to Distance Itself From Netbooks, Dumps Atom Brand on Laptops, Convertible


In a bid to distance itself from the failed netbook computing form factor, Intel will not be using its Atom brand in upcoming laptops and convertible devices. However, Atom will continue to exist in standalone tablets. “When Intel speaks to customers internally about micro-architectures, Atom is out, Silvermont is in,” the world’s largest chip-maker told CNET.  According […]

Google Aims to Succeed Where Microsoft Has Failed


Watching the announcements streaming out of Google this week, I could not help but notice a certain trend. There were a slew of accessory devices and gadget applications shown off in what is unofficially being called “Android Everywhere”. They’ve bolstered their offerings with music streaming and movie rentals. They seem intent on breathing new life […]

Does a $200 Chrome Netbook Interest You?


Just curious. If the reports/rumors are true that Asus may be launching a Google Chrome Netbook somewhere between $200 and $250 does that interest you? The fad that was Netbooks has certainly died down quite a bit as the industry tries to deal with its love affair with Tablets (or is that an affliction?). Oh, […]

Noon Notebook News: WebOS on HP Notebooks, Chrome Extensions & More

cloud save chrome extension

If you’re looking to keep up on Notebook news, then here’s your mid-day recap of notebook, netbook and software news from We have a collection of new netbooks arriving on the market soon with the latest Intel and AMD Fusion processors. First off we are expecting at least five new Intel Atom N570 dual […]

Acer Says It’s Not Phasing Out Netbooks


This always happens. An employee of a company makes a statement. Sites like GBM pick it up and report it. Then it gets denied by the company. Sometimes it gets denied by the company because it’s not true and the employee was talking out of turn. Sometimes it gets denied because the company just isn’t […]

Dell Inspiron Duo Reviewed


Joanna Stern, also known as the Queen of Netbooks, reviewed the Inspiron Mini Duo over at Engadget.Unfortunately, the device doesn’t look like it’s going to live up to the hype and excitement we first experienced when we first saw it at IDF 2010. The Inspiron Duo definitely has that ‘gotta have it’ geek appeal at […]

Android for Touch, Chrome for Keyboard


Engadget had asked Google CEO Eric Schmidt how Chrome OS would fit into the equation with the rising popularity of Android at the Web 2.0 Summit, and Schmidt’s response is that Android is geared for touch while Chrome will be targeted at devices with keyboards. Schmidt went on to say that because both operating systems […]

Eric Schmidt Says Chrome OS is for Keyboards Andorid is for Touch


In a repeat of a repeat attempting to salvage what many think is probably already one innovation too late, Eric Schmidt is trying to clarify how Google’s Chrome OS fits into the grand scheme of things in today’s mobile tech world. Simply put he’s repeating statements made earlier that Google’s Chrome OS is for devices […]

Tablets Cannibalizing Netbook Demand


According to a recent study released by ChangeWave, the rising popularity of tablets may be eating into demands for low-cost netbooks, with demand for the Apple iPad leading the pack as consumers are eying what to purchase for the holiday shopping season. ChangeWave says, “The decline of netbooks is attributable to a combination of factors including […]

De-Glossify Your Shiny Gadgets


Glossy gadgets sure look good on store shelves and in photo shoots, but things get messy once users get their grimy hands on them. Jason Fitzpatrick of Lifehacker offers a simple, yet effective solution. Simply take a scour pad (or fine frit sandpaper) and rub that mirror finish away. In no time you’ll have a nice matte […]

Geek Training Starting Early

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 12.22.06 AM

Our freind Steve ‘Chippy’ Paine from UMPC Portal has come up with a new way to peering into the future to see what the next generation of geeks will prefer. From the labs of UMPC Portal, comes the definitive answer the keyboard vs. touchscreen question.

What Makes Laptops and Netbooks Look Cheap?


Over the years I”ve had a chance to go hands on with hundreds of mobile devices, too may of which look and feel cheap. I generally only plunk down hard-earned cash when a computer or any other gadget is well-built. Manufactures can throw all the gigabytes, megahertz and megapixels in the spec sheets that they […]

Sign of the Times: Netbooks at CVS


This isn’t really new news, as we’ve seen this before. This weekend when I was down visiting my mother in Richmond, I noticed this ad flyer in the local CVS. I think this says more than any analyst’s approach to what’s going on.

iPad Starting to Encroach on PC Sales? Duh.


I think I should get a job as an analyst. They read statistics and then tell their customers (mostly those looking to gamble invest) what trends to follow. Since the iPad’s release we’ve seen the analysis that iPad’s are chipping away at Netbook sales. That was pretty much a no brainer. Once it became apparent […]

HP Announces Dual Core Netbooks as Part of Fall Lineup


HP has unveiled its fall line up and they include the HP Mini 210 Netbook with a Dual Core. HP’s announcement shows that they are making improvements to the Envy line of notebooks, The Pavilion dm3, as well. Some are available now and some later this fall. On the Netbook front, the HP Mini 210 […]

Asus Says iPad Hurting Netbook Sales


According to DigiTimes, Asus is lowering its Netbook shipment forecasts and Asus CEO Jerry Shen is saying the reason is competition from the iPad. I can’t say I’m surprised and I don’t think anyone should be. With a few notable exceptions, coverage of Netbooks has dropped off the map which is due to a couple […]

When did Microsoft “make things happen” with Netbooks?


As Warner noted earlier, we’ve gotten more words from Steve Ballmer on tablets running Windows 7, and I agree, they are all just words at this point. The tragic part is, even if you take him at face value, Ballmer didn’t actually promise anything worthwhile.

Intel branches out into tablets, plants roots in mobile computing


Rather than letting their leaves blow aimlessly in the breeze, Intel is digging in and planting roots deep in the mobile computing field with new processor families: Pine Trail dual-core and Oak Trail for tablets and thin netbooks. Also Canoe Lake for the world’s thinnest netbook, but that doesn’t fit the tree motif.

MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks is Go!


The first version of MeeGo, the mighty gestalt OS formed by Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo, is now available for developers and geeks to try out. This gives developers a chance to get cracking on apps and geeks a chance to be geeks. Speaking of which, Brad Linder already has a video of it in […]