Another Study Says Netbooks on the Decline


It seems like hardly a day goes by that we don’t see a new study that says Netbooks are on the decline. And of course we have one today. Most of the recent ones focus on the iPad, but this latest one suggests that Netbooks are being squeezed from both the iPad and Notebooks. This […]

Netbook Summit Takes on the iPad and Slates

iPad Impact_ Netbook Summit to Tackle Apple’s Tablet

The Netbook Summit (San Francisco, May 25) is gearing up to celebrate, discuss, and promote all things Netbook. In the wake of the “news” that the Apple iPad is cutting into Netbook sales, it looks like at least one speaker is planning on taking that topic on. According to Laptop Mag, Tim Bajarin, president of […]

Lenovo Updates the U-Series with Newer Processors


While we still wait to hear about the U-150 Hybrid from Lenovo that got everyone so excited, Lenovo is rolling out updates to its U-Series and Z-Series lines adding options for Core I3, I5, and I7 Intel Core and Core ULV processors. The U160, U460 and U460S can be configured in an array of different […]

Earthquakes, AshClouds, Oil Spills, Floods, and iPads


Some events alter the landscape forever and, as humans, our reactions to those events often alter them even more in the aftermath. The last few months have seen some large events visited on the planet by Mother Nature and at least one by man. And of course when it comes to earthquakes, volcanoes, and flooding […]

Do Chip Shipments Point to the Decline of Netbooks?


Ah, netbooks, we hardly knew ye. That’s what some would like us to think about Netbooks, including a number of companies who make the things. Quite a few manufacturers have gone on record saying that they don’t like all those Netbooks they are making and selling, but up until recently it seemed customers just kept […]

Eric Schmidt Talks Chrome OS, Netbooks and Pricing


Nothing really surprising here, but Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt is talking up Google’s Chrome OS on Netbooks and the pricing of same. Schmidt seems to think that Netbooks running Chrome OS should fall in to the $300 and $400 range, which on many levels isn’t a surprise. He was also talking about the challenges involved […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the iPad


It had to happen sooner rather than later. My lovely wife Thomasin got a chance to check out the iPad briefly when we were with my Mom at the hospital. Now that things have settled down on that front, it was time for her to check it out for real and offer her first impressions. […]

TSA: iPads, Netbooks, Small Devices Can Stay in Your Bag


The TSA clarified that there’s no need to remove devices smaller than a laptop from your carry-on bags before running them through x-ray machines. In a blog post, the TSA stated: Electronic items smaller than the standard sized laptop should not need to be removed from your bag or their cases. It’s that simple. TSA […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the Lenovo IdeaPad S10T (Video)


When it comes to Netbooks, I let my wife Thomasin give them a whirl to find out what she is thinking. You may or may not remember that she has used the original Asus EEE Netbook and continues to use an HP Mini 1100 in her daily chores, which include mostly email, some web browsing […]

Netbook Shootout with Sascha

netbook shootout

Sascha Pallenberg at (known as the Netbook King) sits down with three of the newer netbooks on the market and checks them out. In the video he’s look at the Gigabyte T1000, Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t, and Viliv S10 Blade all of which have touchscreens. It’s a quick look at each, but Sascha knows his […]

Intel testing WiMAX on a Dell Mini 10


A new version of the Dell Mini 10 netbook appears to have been pushed through the FCC, basically the same as the existing version but with WiMAX. The new component is Intel’s 6250 with advanced 802.11n and WiMAX. No details on service provider, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for that – Dell wasn’t […]

CES 2010: Samsung bringing apps, mobiles, and ink

Samsung started their press conference today talking about 3D TV, much like Toshiba did. But where Toshiba put all their bets on one ultimate TV, Samsung showcased their entire line, including a new app market to serve everything from handheld mobiles to massive TVs, a music player with a transparent display for backside control, and […]

My Brother is Making a Netbook


Well, not really. I don’t have a brother. But just about every manufacturer who has already been in the Netbook market is coming out with guess what? A new Netbook. So, if I had a brother I’m sure he’d be making one too. Yes, they are all scheduled to be announced at CES, and many […]

It’s Time To End or Change the Subsidy Business Model

Recently Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun posted that he was looking for a data only plan from T-Mobile an he was disappointed that the options he was discovering all came with a 2 year contract. Other options do exist (if you read the comments to Kevin’s post you can see some suggestions.) But that’s not the […]

Intel Unveils Pine Trail Processor Details


Get ready for Pine Trail, the next generation of processors to run Netbooks and mobile devices. Intel unveiled details late last week and is touting improvements in performance and battery life. For those who like to keep score with alpha-numeric designations this will be the N450 chip. The key development here is combining the GPU […]

Google-branded netbook rumored, will change name to AOL


TechCrunch is floating a rumor that Google is not simply working with PC makers to get Chrome OS on to netbooks, but actually working on their own branded netbook as well. It is similar to what people are saying about Android and the presumed Google phone. Very exciting stuff. If it all pans out, I […]

The Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ on Video

These dual screen netbook sized Tablets continue to puzzle me, but here we have a video of the Kohjinsha Dual Screen DZ in a video unboxing. Of course Kohjinsha now has some competition from Onkyo. The dual screen concept is certainly a feature that sets these devices a part but given that there is no […]

Jolicloud Pre-Beta Now Available for Download


If you’re one of those Netbookers who keep looking for another OS to run, you might want to check out teh Jolicloud Pre-Beta that was released for download today. Called Jolicloud Express it installs itself as a dual boot option (leaving Windows intact if that’s what you’re running.) Jolicloud has been inching towards release for […]