Microsoft Kinect Makes Any Surface Touchable


If you’ve drooled over the Microsoft Surface or any of the other futuristic touch projects coming out of Microsoft’s labs, you’ll appreciate the following video of a hacked connect that maks any surface touchable. Microsoft sold a million Kinect sensors within 10 days of it going on sale and expects to sell another four million […]

Pico Projector in a Lamp Makes Any Surface Touchable

Screen shot 2010-08-20 at 10.28.28 AM

Here’s an interesting video from the National Taiwan University. A rig consisting of a pico projector and camera can fir in to any standard light bulb socket and project on the surface below. The camera allows the system to sense touches and gestures. In the video, gestures are used to focus in on buildings. The […]

I Touch Myself Gets New Meaning with Skinput


Along with a Mobile Surface concept, Microsoft also has a different kind of touch experience that might make your skin crawl a bit. It’s called Skinput. Apparently touchable armbands worn on your bicep can pick up different touch inputs. Because of differences in bone density, tissue mass, and muscle makeup, unique acoustical signatures can be […]

GBM InkShow: Microsoft Surface Hands On….Lots of Hands On (video)

Microsoft Surface-1

I got to stop by the Microsoft Surface team’s office yesterday in Redmond. They gave us a very thorough explanation of how the Surface works and then we got to play with some applications, games and testing tools. I’ve seen Microsoft Surface demos several times at tech trade shows, but I haven’t had such an […]

Microsoft’s Concepts for Future User Interface


Long Zheng posted up a couple of very intriguing videos that show off some work from a group at Microsoft called Volume Studios. These go beyond concepts to what is described as a ““poetic narrative” on how developing technologies could possibly blend into our daily lives. The UI is called the experience-user-interface (XUI) and is […]

Microsoft Surface Getting Demoed at HiMSS09

The healthcare industry is getting a lot of focus these days and Microsoft Surface is right in the mix of it. For our readers interested in healthcare and multi-touch, you might want to checkout Surface at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society HiMSS09   conference where a multitude of applications geared around enhancing the […]

GBM InkShow: Microsoft Surface Demo at Web 2.0

I stopped by the Microsoft booth at Web 2.0 in San Francisco yesterday. Microsoft had several developers showing off their applications and I recorded a couple of demos. In this GBM InkShow Kevin, from Clarity Consulting showed me some apps he developed, including a T-Shirt design application and a wedding-registry application.

Joe Fletcher Talks Touch and Gesture Computing


Over on Channel 9’s show The Knowledge Chamber Joe Fletcher is discussing the presentation he’s going to debut at MIX09 with host Robert Hess. In the presentation he’ll be talking about the future of touch and gesture computing in Windows 7 and Microsoft Surface. If you’re interesting in hearing about some aspect of touch and/or […]

A Microsoft Vision for 2019


Long Zheng of istartedsomething has uncovered video from Microsoft Office Labs that shows the vision for 2019. I have to say what we see in the video looks pretty amazing and I’m sure we’d all like to get where this video shows us going. A number of the technologies we’re seeing in their infancy today […]

Catching Up With Microsoft Surface

The Surface team has been on a blogging roll lately and have published four really good articles and some videos you should take a look at. Here is a quick excerpt from one of them covering natural user interface – head over to their site to read the rest. Have I said lately that I […]

Getting Touchy and Feely with Dis.Play


Add this to the “looks very cool” folder.   What if you take some memory foam and create a touchable surface? Well the folks behind Dis.Play (great name by the way) are showing off some possibilities that might bend and push our ideas about touch interfaces around a bit, at least the ones that rely […]

Point and Do – A Fantastic Natural User Interface Blog

I’m a huge fan of natural user interface technologies (NUI) such as pen, ink, touch, multi-touch, speech, etc. I especially love exploring the technical and usability issues that NUI present. As such, I’ve really been enjoying reading Point & Do – a website devoted to natural user interface technologies. Jonathan, the author of the site, […]

MIT Student Doing Amazing “Sixth Sense” Work

Leave it to those MIT geniuses to wow you – with just $350 in phones, pico projector, a web cam, and some wiz-bang programming, a digital sixth-sense is becoming closer to reality, turning every surface into a display screen. The brains behind this setup is MIT student Pranav Mistry. This sure does give a whole […]

XRay App Marries Microsoft Surface and Apple iPhone

Ok – this is an absolutely cool app from Stimulant – place your iPhone on a Microsoft Surface, and then you’ll see an x-ray type of picture on the phone. Zoom the picture on the Surface, and the picture zooms on the iPhone. Connect multiple iPhones together and pan across multiple pictures on a Surface. […]

Microsoft Surface is Hub for Security at Super Bowl

This Sunday is all about football, food, and commercials. Fortunately, I’ll be kicking back in my recliner taking it all in. For those blessed to have tickets, though, they’ll also have to contend with the normal security issues that come along with such a high profile event. It turns out that Microsoft’s Surface is playing […]

Surface + Education Has Tremendous Potential

Dr. Neil Roodyn, a long time friend of this site and many in the Tablet PC space, met up with the Surface team to go over some new education centered applications built for Microsoft Surface. Dr. Roodyn’s company is called nsquared. Those who follow touch, multi-touch, and education will love what nsquared is working on. […]

Discount Pricing on Surface Extended Through End of November

According to this posting at the Surface team blog, developers looking to get on the PDC special pricing on Surface units have a bit more time. The $13,500 discounted price, which includes 5 licenses of the SDK, has been extended to the end of November. Learn more about

Microsoft Surface Officially Available To Developers


Microsoft’s Surface team has officially unveiled the limited $13,500 pricing for developers interested in taking Surface natural user interface development to the next level. This limited offer, which also includes 5 SDK licenses, will expire on November 15, so interested developers better act fast. In addition to this limited pricing, attendees at PDC2008 Surface sessions […]

Got $13.5k to Spare? Buy a Surface!

At their Professional Developers Conference next week, Microsoft will be making special developer versions of the Surface available for sale at $13,500 each, which includes 5 SDK licenses. Hmm, I wonder what the airlines will charge for that extra piece of luggage……