More Slates Than You Can Shake a Stylus At


Last week, between packing up the HTC Flyer for return and unwrapping a Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 for review, I found myself in tablet heaven with five – FIVE – slates at my fingertips. How could I not share the marvelous sight with you?

Review: Opera Mobile 11 for Windows on TEGA v2 slate


For a video demo of Opera Mobile 11 for Windows in action, check out my GBM shortcut. For my impressions of how well it works on a slate like the TEGA v2, read on. Opera Mobile 11 may be the best cross-platform tablet web browser around.

GBM Shortcut: Checking Out Google Chrome on a Tablet

GBMShortcut Checking out the Google Web App Store

Don’t let the headline deceive you. This isn’t about hacking the Google Chrome OS onto a Tablet. Instead it is running the Google Chrome browser, and more specifically the Google Web App Store, which in essence offers you most of what the Chrome OS will offer on a Tablet. In this case I’m using the […]

GBM Shortcut: AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens

GBM Shortcut_ AGloves Work Well With Capacitive Touch Screens | GottaBeMobile

I posted about AGloves a week or so ago. Although I don’t think they are actually for me, AGloves actually do work quite well with capacitive touch screens. I got sent a pair for review and so last night my lovely wife, Thomasin and I gave them a try. You can check that out in […]

Wi-Fi fix for Android for TEGA v2 released


Updated: Sorry, the fix is proving unreliable. As shown in the photo, it worked fine yesterday after the initial install, but it isn’t connecting today, tested with multiple routers.

Why You Might Not Want To Buy a Tablet/Slate This Christmas


The floodgates have opened. Everybody and their brother is releasing some form of Tablet this month and next in hopes to capture some of your Christmas dollars. Actually that’s not completely true. Some smart players are waiting until next year before getting into the game. But all are playing a very weird game of follow […]

Gearing up to Rally for Sanity


Finally, after more than a decade of living near Washington DC, someone’s holding a rally with a message I can get behind. Sure, I’ve attended rallies in the past, but that was primarily for the experience. This time I actually care, and I’m prepping my gear to show it.

The Tega v2 Gets Naked


Everybody is used to iFixit’s tear downs of new devices, but I’m guessing they aren’t going to do one for the Tega v2 Slate. Not to worry. Steve “Chippy” Paine decided to open up a defective Tega v2 Slate and do the autopsy himself. You might want to check out the pics on his site […]

GBM InkShow: New iPad Apps Beg for an Inking Comparison


With the release of the Tega v2 and the HP Slate 500 many a Tableteer has been hoping, and some have been praying that the slate form factors will handle Digital Inking well on capacitive screens. Thanks to Windows 7, (yes Windows 7) the experience on the Tega v2 isn’t as bad as I thought […]

Some Interesting Weekend Tablet Reading


Last week our completely unplanned series on the iPad (here, here, and here) generated quite a few comments as do many of the posts we publish that talk about Tablets/Slates/whatever you want to call them. You don’t have to look further than the number of hits on posts about the Tega v2 and the HP […]

Geeking Out Watching the Back to the Mac Event


Here’s a shot of how I’m watching Apple’s Back to the Mac event. I’m using the iMac to watch and listen to Leo LaPorte’s running commentary on one screen, keeping up with the team and with Twitter on a second monitor. The iPad is streaming the event live, and the Tega v2 to follow some […]

jkOnTheRun shares a pair of Windows 7 touch interfaces


Our good friend James Kendrick has a run down of two touch interface overlays for Windows 7 tablets, Thinix Touch and Mirabyte FrontFace, both shown off on his TEGA v2. Slick looking interface environments. Very informative video from James. But ultimately, overlays like these only cover up the problems beneath.

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes on the Tega v2 Slate

GBM InkShow Thomasin Checks out the Tega v2 Slate

Well, you asked for it. Now you’ve got it. I know why they call Thomasin my better half. A number of GBM Readers asked to see and hear my wife’s take on the Tega v2 Slate and here it is in all its unvarnished glory. For those who don’t known, when we do one of […]

Unboxing Photos of the TEGA v2 Tablet/Slate


Here are some unboxing photos of the TEGA v2 Tablet/Slate and some iPad comparison shots. After all that’s the competition. It just arrived via Fedex a few minutes ago. I’m sure there will be more to come over the weekend. Some early notes: Setting up the Tablet with Windows 7 (including a round of Windows […]

US pricing for TEGA v2 leaked


Okay, “leaked” may not be the right word since it’s on Tegatech’s official TEGA v2 website, but the official launch is still two days away (after being bumped by the WinPho7 hubbub), so the order page is ahead of schedule. No surprise, importing from Australia still isn’t cheap.