Owners of AT&T’s New iPad Take Heed: Tether for iOS Has Returned

Owners of AT&T's New iPad Take Heed: iTether for iOS Has Returned

Back in November, a curious application called iTether snuck into the App Store and allowed iOS devices owners full USB tethering without requiring them to switch their data plans or sign up for an official tethering plan. Almost immediately, Apple pulled the application. However, Tether has made its triumphant return only this time, it’s not […]

Tether Your Android Without Root for Free with ClockworkMod Tether

Tether without Root

Tethering your Mac or PC to your Android phone for internet access just got a lot easier and safer with the release of ClockworkMod Tether for Android. This new app allows you to tether your Android smartphone, including the Galaxy Nexus, to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer to share your phone’s internet connection. Unlike […]

iTether App Sneaks Into App Store, Brings Unlimited Tethering


Those on AT&T’s network and are holding onto their grandfathered unlimited $30 per month data plan and dream of tethering may be happy to know that an app has snuck itself into Apple’s App Store to bring just that exact functionality. As AT&T requires grandfathered unlimited plan owners who wish to gain tethering capabilities to […]

Verizon Joining AT&T in Thwarting Illegal Tethering


After AT&T had announced that it would be sending out notices to iPhone owners and taking action against those who are now illegally tethering without an approved plan–in the interest of fairness, as the carrier claims–it appears that long-time rival carrier Verizon Wireless will also be doing the same and joining AT&T on its quest […]

AT&T to Cut Off Unlimited Data For Jailbroken iPhone Hotspot Accounts

AT&T to Cut Off Unlimited Data For Jailbroken iPhone Hotspot Accounts

AT&T has confirmed to BGR that it will soon start taking away unlimited data access to those on grandfathered data plans using jailbroken iPhones or devices that take advantage of unauthorized tethering or mobile hotspot applications. So, if you don’t currently have an official tethering plan with AT&T, you might want to start thinking about […]

EasyTether on Sale at Amazon Appstore, Doesn’t Require Root


Users who do not wish to a carrier’s more expensive monthly subscription plan for sharing their Android smartphone’s data with other USB- or WiFi-enabled devices can now have another option via EasyTether, an app that’s on sale at half off on the Amazon AppStore. EasyTether, normally a $10 app, is now available for $5. The […]

Verizon Cuts Off Data to Unauthorized Tether Users


Verizon Wireless may be following rival AT&T in making it difficult for users who do not subscribe to an official tethering plan, valued at $20 per month for 2 GB of data, to unofficially connect their WiFi-enabled laptop to share their Android smartphone’s mobile broadband connection. One user noted that his data connection was blocked […]

RIM Brings BBM to PlayBook Via BlackBerry Bridge


The good news is that early adopters of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can now BBM their BFFs to their heart’s content. The bad news, however, is that BlackBerry Messenger on the PlayBook is not a native app and requires a BlackBerry smartphone to be tethered over Bluetooth to the PlayBook in a process called BlackBerry […]

AT&T’s New Fare for Smartphone Data Tethering is More Fair


AT&T has recently announced the pricing for its mobile tethering plan as tethering will be a feature that will be available as an option on the company’s upcoming HSPA+ 4G smartphones, such as the HTC Inspire 4G, Motorola Atrix 4G, and the Samsung Infuse 4G. The company had previously charged for tethering on the iPhone, […]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Demoed at CES (Video)


Research in Motion had a busy and productive week at CES and the company had finally unleashed its PlayBook tablets to the grubby hands of the masses to play, experience and enjoy. The company says that its PlayBook will be running on the BlackBerry Tablet Operating System, which is powered by QNX. QNX, known for […]