Samsung to Curb Android Tweaks at Google’s Request

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.14.52 PM

Today some shocking new details have been revealed regarding how the future of Android will look on Samsung devices like the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone, and the bundled apps. We know fragmentation is an issue, and Google looks to be trying to curb it with Android’s biggest success story. We know the Samsung Galaxy S […]

No More Fragmentation: Apple Pushes Developers to Create for iOS 7


Given the drastic visual overhaul that Apple brought with the latest iOS 7 operating system, Apple is now forcing developers to adopt iOS 7’s visual UI for their apps. The company has advised iOS developers that all apps submitted after February 1, 2014 must be optimized for iOS 7 and built using Xcode 5. The […]

Motorola Blurring Out MOTO BLUR in the Future


After receiving consumer feedback, Motorola has announced that it will phase out the MOTO BLUR name, the trademarked name of its custom Android user interface. Though elements of MOTO BLUR will remain and ship on devices, Motorola will not be referring to its devices as having the MOTO BLUR experience. It’s unclear how the company […]

Windows 8 Tablets: Microsoft Hosts a Game of Musical Chairs, But Will Taiwan Be Left Standing Alone?


As part of the company’s strategy to not only accelerate development of its forthcoming Windows 8 operating system, but also to ensure that everything works according to plan, Microsoft had implemented an Integrated Development Program consisting of PC and tablet-makers as well as chip companies. The Apple-like approach to restrictions to ensure a better, tightly […]

How Microsoft is Trying to Enhance the Windows Tablet User Experience


Microsoft has found itself struggling to remain competitive in the tablet PC market that it helped to usher in with limited success and is now being dominated by market-leading Apple iPad. The Redmond, Washington software giant is trying to change course, and perhaps take an Apple approach into trying to control the hardware and software […]

webOS 3.0 Screenshots Shows Off TouchPad UI


New screenshots of HP’s and Palm’s webOS 3.0 operating system hints at what’s to come in terms of the mobile OS’s user interface for the TouchPad tablet, which we had seen initially at the HP Think Beyond event in San Francisco, California. The interesting thing, aside from the tablet naming number convention between webOS 3.0 […]

Ribbons to Make Windows 8 More Tablet-Ready


While the debate over how ready Microsoft will make its next iteration of Windows–Windows 8–tablet-ready is continuing, Microsoft is continuing to experiment with the ribbons user interface that was present on Windows 7 and its Office suite and extend the paradigm into Windows 8. Gone will be the menu-driven toolbars in favor of the ribbon, […]

SPB Shell 3D Offers a New Way to Navigate Android


Tired of the stale Android UI or aren’t happy with what device-makers are slapping onto Android? SPB Shell 3D may be the solution for those looking to jazz up their device’s user interfaces. As its name implies, SPB Shell 3D offers a 3D user interface through a rotating carousel–sort of similar to what we’ve seen […]

Nokia Shows Refreshed Symbian UI for Nokia N8


In spite of its newfound partnership with Microsoft for upcoming Nokia-branded Windows Phone 7 smartphones, the Finnish phone-maker isn’t abandoning its Symbian platform and had shown off an updated user interface to its Symbian^3-powered Nokia N8 flagship smartphone at MWC. As part of the UI overhaul, Nokia will be adding a thin drop down status […]

Ixonos Brings Windows to Android UI


Ixonos is looking to bring windows–not Microsoft Windows–to the Android user interface, with the aim of bringing better multi- and parallel-tasking support inside the mobile operating system. The innovation brought by Ixonos would allow users to manipulate a second app inside a windows on top of the main Android app window, so for instance a […]

Revised Windows 7 Tablet Interface Rumored


Analysts are now predicting that Microsoft will be using its experience with Windows Media Center and Windows Phone 7 with the Metro user interface to design a Windows-based tablet. The analysts are saying that the tablet will have a more friendly user experience running on top of Windows 7. Given the mention of the Metro […]