Steam Link & Steam Controller Coming to Slay the Xbox One


This week at the GDC 2015, Valve, the developer responsible for big-name games like Portal and for the Steam PC gaming service, gave users another look at the hardware and services it hopes will make PC gaming every bit as mainstream as buying a PS4 or Xbox One. The new Steam Link and final Steam […]

Half-Life 3 Confirmed? Not So Fast

Half-Life 3

Valve is one of the most popular game developing studios in the world right now, and big wig Gabe Newell and company decided to answer some of your hankering questions on Reddit yesterday through the website’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) subreddit. Newell and a couple of other Valve guys answered all sorts of questions that […]

Steam Now Has 65 Million Users, Overtaking Xbox Live


The popular gaming digital distribution service known as Steam has hit 65 million users, Valve announced today, making it more popular than Xbox Live, which has just shy of 50 million gamers. This 65 million number is a 30% rise in users since the same time last year, and Valve also said that more than 6 […]

Valve Steam Machines Will Use The Same Tactics that Made Android #1

Steam Machines

Video game developer Valve is ready to share more details about its video game console competitor, or rather, competitors. That’s because Valve isn’t developing a one-to-one competitor for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 exclusively, instead it’s partnering with manufacturers to create multiple Steam Machines. Each one of these machines will have their own array […]

Valve Seeks to Bust Up Sony and Microsoft’s Duopoly with SteamOS


Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 are just two months away from ushering in the next generation of living room gaming, but that isn’t stopping game developer Valve from attempting to muscle in on their territory. Just announced, Valve’s SteamOS is the first step in what the company hopes will lead to a successful […]

Tim Cook Spotted At Valve HQ, Could Be Working on Gaming Partnership


Over the past few years Apple has taken a lot of time during product announcements to talk about gaming. The company has a good relationship with Epic Games, developers of the Infinity Blade series that serves as a showcase for the iOS platform as well as other big names like Namco. Now there’s a possibility […]