iPhone 6: Simultaneous Voice and Data Finally Comes to Verizon iPhones

Verizon VoLTE is coming in 2014 and may come to the iPhone 5s with an iOS 8 update later this year.

The just-announced and all-new iPhone 6 isn’t just a pretty smartphone that’s bigger, better and faster. It’s also much smarter than ever before, and under the hood Apple’s added tons of advancements to WiFi, 4G LTE, as well as VoLTE. Everything from call quality, network speeds while downloading apps or browsing the web, but also […]

iOS and iPhone Timeline: From iPhone to iOS 5 in 5 Years

iPhone 3G goes on Sale

Since the introduction in 2007, the iPhone has shaken up the mobile industry with the iPhone, the largest app store, a tightly controlled but beautiful iOS operating system and yearly upgrades to the iPhone. As we approach WWDC 2011 where Apple will announce iOS 5 and may announce an iPhone 5 or may not announce […]

Verizon Says Its Next iPhone Will Be A World Phone

Verizon iPhone 4

During its earnings conference call earlier today, Verizon’s CFO Fran Shammo confirmed that Verizon’s next version of the iPhone will be a device with global capabilities. While most of the call was focused on sales numbers (the company activated 2.2 million iPhones and sold 250,000 HTC ThunderBolt’s in the first two weeks), the company also […]

Apple Sold 18.65 Million iPhones in Q2 2011

iPhone 4

Apple has released its sales figures for the second quarter of 2011 and the numbers are nothing short of absolutely amazing. In fact, they are record breaking. Apple has announced that it sold a whopping 18.65 million iPhones in Q2 alone. To put that into perspective, Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones in Q4 of 2010. […]

Verizon iPhones Drop Fewer Calls Than AT&T iPhones


Verizon iPhones are more reliable than AT&T iPhones. According to a survey done by ChangeWave Research and published in PCWorld, for the 90 days ending with March 2011 1.8% of reported experiencing a dropped call compared to 4.8% by AT&T iPhone users. Despite that fact customers on each carrier are equally satisfied with their carrier. […]

Report: Verizon iPhone 4 Was February’s Most Popular Phone

Verizon iPhone

According to a report from market research firm comScore, Verizon’s iPhone 4 was the best selling smartphone in the United States during the month of February. The report dubs the Verizon iPhone “the most acquired handset in the month of February” and comes a day after BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk released a report indicating […]

HTC ThunderBolt Reportedly Outselling iPhone 4 at Verizon Stores

HTC ThunderBolt

If analysis from BTIG Research analyst Walter Piecyk is correct, sales of Verizon’s first LTE smartphone, the HTC ThunderBolt, are outpacing those of the Verizon iPhone 4 at many Verizon stores. The data is based on calls that Piecyk and his team put into 150 Verizon stores in 22 of the United States’ biggest cities […]

Verizon iPhone 4 Issues Documented by Consumer Reports


Several people have pointed out that the Verizon version of the iPhone 4 suffers from the same antenna issue we saw on the AT&T iPhone 4, but Consumer Reports did some scientific testing to prove the issue in its lab. The Verizon iPhone 4 has a redesigned antenna layout, but it’s still recommended to use […]

Short Lines for Verizon iPhone 4


If you’re looking to pick up a Verizon iPhone today you’ll probably be able to waltz into your nearest Apple store and just buy one without standing in lines for hours like many AT&T customers did last June. Verizon reportedly sold more than 500,000 iPhone 4 units on February 3, the first day it allowed […]

Walmart to Carry Verizon iPhone 4


Walmart announced that it will be selling the Apple iPhone 4 with Verizon Wireless service starting tomorrow. The Verizon version of the iPhone 4 will be available at almost 600 Walmart stores across the country. Walmart is not offering any discounts or deals on the iPhone 4 and will be offering the 16GB model  model for […]

Verizon iPhone 4 Has Familiar Antenna Problems


Verizon may have sold more than 500,000 iPhones on day one, but the latest iPhone launch is deja-vu all over again. When the iPhone 4 launched on AT&T’s network last year, customers complained of activation problems and reception issues. Apple redesigned the iPhone 4’s antennas before unleashing it on Verizon’s network, but the exposed antennas […]

AT&T Fighting Verizon Over iPhone Users, Offers Microcells


Our own Kevin Purcell received an offer for a free Microcell from AT&T, less than a week before Verizon begins selling the iPhone 4 to new customers. As he wrote over at Notebooks.com, Kevin finds the timing ‘interesting.’ While AT&T has drastically improved reception in some areas since the launch of the iPhone 4, it’s […]

Why the Verizon iPhone Might NOT be Your Best Choice


The Verizon iPhone is now available for pre orders and early Verizon iPhone reviews are already in with loads of praise being piled on the iPhone now that it has a network which actually allows users to make phone calls, but even with the positive reviews not everyone should run out and buy a Verizon iPhone just […]

Why you should or shouldn’t skip the iPhone 4 on Verizon


So the moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: the iPhone has come to the Verizon network. But was it worth the wait, or would you be better off waiting some more? Here are some points to consider based on what we’ve learned today:

Missed that call: No LTE on Verizon iPhone 4


Well, whether or not it was (as previously implied by Verizon’s CEO) an important element in bringing the iPhone to Verizon is unknown, but it has been confirmed the iPhone 4 will not be an LTE device.

Why I Won’t Be Switching to the Verizon iPhone


Reports are that Verizon will be a having a big press even on Tuesday, possibly with Steve Jobs on hand, to help introduce a new Verizon iPhone. That is exciting news for many users who might hate AT&T or need to keep a family plan at Verizon due to other contract dates. In any event, […]

Of course the Verizon iPhone will be LTE


While everyone feels pretty confident Verizon will announce on Tuesday that they will be getting the iPhone, one point up for contention is whether it will run on the newly launched 4G LTE network. I don’t know why. Verizon’s CEO already practically said it would.

Verizon iPhone “confirmed” for early next year


In what is essentially an article on Verizon CEO Ivan ­Seidenberg and his recent activities as he approaches retirement age, Fortune at CNNMoney.com “confirms” Verizon will start offering the iPhone early next year.